Dr. Cecilia Maria Villas Bôas de Almeida is a Professor at Institute of Exact Sciences and Technology (ICET) and in the Post-Graduation Program in Production Engineering at Universidade Paulista – São Paulo, Brazil. As a researcher at LaProMA (Laboratory of Production and Environment) of the Paulista University, she develops research in Cleaner Production, Industrial Ecology and Environmental Assessments, in which concepts, tools and techniques for the calculation of environmental indicators and sustainability indicators are analyzed and developed. She is an active member of the Advances in Cleaner Production Network (ACPN) and member of the executive council of International Society for the Advancement of Energy Research (ISAER). She is the Co-Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Cleaner Production (Impact Factor 9.297) and Editor-in-Chief of Cleaner and Responsible Consumption.


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