This page is a logbook that contains the memories of this special event, in a special year, and is useful to amplify the IWACP Experience: Conference proceedings; selected videos between all the stimulating submitted works; conferences of the high-end researchers of our community.


Welcome Speech


Biagio Fernando Giannetti

Paulista University-UNIP and Founder of ACPN


Keynote Speech


Roberto Zoboli

Catholic University of Milan


Title: A New Phase of Signals for Eco-Innovators and Cleaner Production: Decreasing or Increasing Uncertainty?



Fernando Díaz López
Innovation for Sustainable Development Network & Stellenbosch University


Plenary Presentations


Cecília Almeida

Paulista University

Title: Assessing Sustainability

Linda Wollersheim

Deakin University

Title: Mapping the Main Discourses in Approaches to Climate Resilience and Sustainable Development


Oral Presentations

Special Mentioned Papers


Session 01


The relevance of gender equality for a more sustainable future: factors for career decisions of women in engineering

Presented by:Isabela Rampasso

'Measuring the needs and compliance of production processes of ethnic enterprises in Prato industrial district

Presented by: Lisa Braito

Energy, Climate Change and Social Inequalities in Brazil: Reflections in the Context of the Pandemic of COVID-19

Presented by: André Simões

Survivability, Resilience and Sustainability of Supply Chains: COVID-19 Pandemic

Presented by: Akram El korchi


Oral Presentations

Special Mentioned Papers


Session 02


Construction & Demolition Waste Management in the Context of a Circular Economy

Presented by: Tatjana Tambovceva

Minimizing barriers in the implementation of Product-Service Systems through the Circular Economy

Presented by: Eloiza Kohlbeck

Perception of circular economy approach in Agricultural Cooperatives of Argentina

Presented by: Gloria Rótolo

Sustainable fashion and consumer behavior: a study of Italian consumers

Presented by: Rosa Maria Dangelico


Oral Presentations

Special Mentioned Papers


Session 03


Uncovering inter-sectoral energy-water-land flows of Chinese metropoles in multiscale economies

Presented by: Dongfang Wang

Co-creating resilient and sustainable cities. Citizen initiatives as catalysts for a new economic and energy model

Presented by: Fanny Beriguete

Ecosystem functions and benefit value of urban trees. A joint application of Emergy Accounting and i-tree Tools in the Metropolitan City of Napoli

Presented by: Mariana Oliveira

A system dynamics-based model to evaluate best municipal solid waste management practices for medium cities: a case of Itatiba, Brazil

Presented by: Vinícius Gottschall Criscuolo


Oral Presentations

Special Mentioned Papers


Session 04


Measuring Circularity Index of Single Use Plastic Products

Presented by: Samira Hossain

Guidelines for Cleaner Prodcution: A Case Study of Plastic Recycling Industries in Bangladesh

Presented by: Tasfia Mubashshirat

Unleashing the new plastics economy and total circular economy

Presented by: Nelly Arias Ocaña

Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Single-Use Plastic Bags Produced from Renewable and Non-Renewable Bases

Presented by: Matheus Lacerda


Oral Presentations

Special Mentioned Papers


Session 05


Resilience and Circularity in the context of Energy, Water and Food: a case study in agriculture

Presented by: Geraldo Cardoso de Oliveira Neto

Net emergy in Brazilian meat trade: who is the biggest beneficiary?

Presented by: Rafael Nacimento

Multiyear impact analysis and its contribution for wine sustainable production

Presented by: Arthur Saraiva

Emergy Assessment of Soy´s Trade Produced in Brazil

Presented by: Claudia Leão


Oral Presentations

Special Mentioned Papers


Session 06


Study on Ecological Value Accounting and Capital Transformation Mechanisms for Water Metabolism Targets in River Basin

Presented by: Gengyuan Liu

Sustainable practices in Water Treatment Plants

Presented by: Thiago Zanchetta

Subcritical water pretreatment enhanced the methane-rich biogas production from anaerobic digestion of brewer’s spent grains

Presented by: William Sganzerla

The efficiency of waste sector in Italy: An application by SFA

Presented by: Agnese Rapposelli


Oral Presentations

Special Mentioned Papers


Session 07


The evolution of Local Economic Systems towards Circular Economy: the ALYCE project

Presented by: Raffaella Taddeo

An SDG approach to developing Sustainable Circular Design

Presented by: Roberth Villazon Montalvan

Circular Economy and Eco-efficiency: a graphic model to assess the impact of circular businesses on the economy and the environment

Presented by: Abelino Guimarães

Development of blends of high-density polyethylene with post-industrial polyurethane foam aiming at circular economy

Presented by: Karen Prado


Oral Presentations

Special Mentioned Papers


Session 08


Political decision to support the feasibility of renewables

Presented by: Marianna Rotilio

Technology Assessment of current status and future of Photovoltaic Technologies

Presented by: Alireza Aslani

Comparative assessment on maritime alternative bio-fuels according to logistics aspects

Presented by: Pedro Di Pietro

Assessment of the Sustainable Resilience in Textile Industry that Migrates from Cleaner Production to Circular Economy

Presented by: Geraldo Cardoso de Oliveira Neto

Technical Report 10th

Technical Report

Proceedings 10th

Proceedings Book


Special Keynote Speech

Advances in Cleaner Production Awardees


Linda Hancock
Deakin University

Title: Interdiscipinary? What Can Political Science Bring to Electromaterials Solar, Batteries and Hydrogen?


Daniela Pigosso
Technical University of Denmark

Title: Enhancing the Sustainability of Circular Economy


Plenary Presentations


Gloria Rótolo

INTA - Argentina

Title: Study of Circular Economy Approach in an Agricultural Cooperative Context

Alan Brent

Victoria University of Wellington

Title: Materials cycles and the low carbon transition of the energy sector: Considerations for Aotearoa - New Zealand

Alessio D'Amato

University of Rome Tor Vergata

Title: Economic Policy for the Circular Economy transition in the EU

Giovanni Marin

University of Urbino

Title: The Employment Impact of a Green Fiscal Push: Evidence from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

Massimiliano Mazzanti

University of Ferrara

Title: The Ecological and Just Transitions through Innovations and Policies


Oral Presentations

Special Mentioned Papers


Session 09


Identification of optimal offshore areas for sustainable wind energy projects considering engineering and environmental features

Presented by:Juan Rueda-Bayona

Analyses of Energy Consumption and CO2 Emission in Long-term Low-carbon Transition of Beijing

Presented by: Lisi Guo

Fueling the future: Impact of hydrogen in heavy-duty vehicles as a new transport energy mix

Presented by: Luís Serrano

How affect the SESS support on the EV charging stations business. Battery ageing and economic study in Barcelona

Presented by: Beatriz Amante

Oral Presentations

Special Mentioned Papers


Session 10


Emergy-based Ternary Valuation Theory and Global Coastal Ecosystem Services Evaluation

Presented by: Chang Liu

'Environmental evaluation of an integrated multiproduct agri-food system through Emergy and LCA

Presented by: Gaia Esposito

Deforestation in the Legal Amazon in the context of climate change mitigation: the interrelationships between scientific and traditional knowledge of Amazonian people’s knowledges

Presented by: Estela Catunda Sanseverino

Exploring the waste management hierarchy concept under eMergy accounting lens: the case of non-marketable food

Presented by: Federico Sulis


Oral Presentations

Special Mentioned Papers


Session 11


Flood Resilience Quantification Using Dynamic Bayesian Network model for Housing Infrastructure

Presented by: Mrinal Kanti Sen

A method for feasibility evaluation of food waste treatment technologies in small urban centers

Presented by: Rodrigo Urban

Study of adsorption process of three different pesticides on SWCNT applying Monte Carlo simulation

Presented by: Norma Rangel

Food Acquisition in Brazil: emergy as a tool for environmental accounting

Presented by: Cristiano Turim


Oral Presentations

Special Mentioned Papers


Session 12


Integrated Landscape and Soundscape Management for Agricultural Sustainability: Rethinking Food Production and Forest Conservation

Presented by: Hayashi Kiyotada

Macro-environmental factors that influence the development of the electric and hybrid vehicles industry in Brazil

Presented by: Gabriel Souza

Historical relationship between Institution-Based View and bioethanol fuel in the world

Presented by: Rebeca Vicente Perin

Energy Poverty in Mexico: The Case of the Northwestern State of Sonora

Presented by: Alan De La Torre


Oral Presentations

Special Mentioned Papers


Session 13


Going circular: Process circularity in a vehicle assembly industry

Presented by: Murillo V. Barros

Application of Pollution Prevention and Control Instruments and Industrial Ecology - Case Study in a Brazilian Company of the Pulp and Paper Sector

Presented by: Larissa Aragão

Industry 4.0 Tools Applied to the Transport Sector: Mitigating Barriers towards Sustainability

Presented by: Fernanda Delgado


Oral Presentations

Special Mentioned Papers


Session 14


Framing R&I for transformative change towards sustainable development in the European Union

Presented by: Andrea Ferraninni

GHG spatial visualization and identification of climatic action zones for emission reduction: the case of a municipality in Central Italy

Presented by: Michela Marchi

Using Circular Economy Indicators to Sustainabillity Evaluation on Aesan, Mercosul and EU

Presented by: Luiz Terra

Highlighting Circular Economy Aspects in the BRICS Countries

Presented by: Murillo V. Barros


Oral Presentations

Special Mentioned Papers


Session 15


Circular Economy: Independence from Commodities, Competitive Advantages, and New Business Strategies

Presented by: André Navarro

Applying circular economy principles in the management of green information technology: a case study in the electronics supply chain

Presented by: Victor Pedroso Lima

Beyond circularity: the reverse flows of medicines in Brazilian solidary pharmacies as collaborative consumption

Presented by: Claudia Viegas

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