Francesco Degli-Innocenti is Ecology of Products and Environmental Communication Director in Novamont (Novara, Italy).


The group deals with sustainability of bioplastics; biodegradability, ecotoxicity, LCA, regulatory and certification, food contact, safety issues, Corporate Social Responsibility, etc.


He is also personally involved in standardisation at ISO, CEN, ASTM, UNI. In 2008 FDI was appointed by the European Commission DG Enterprise as an expert in the ad-hoc advisory group created for the implementation of the Lead Market Initiative for bio-based products where he served as Chairman of the Standardisation working group. He is member of the European Bioplastics Board.


He is biologist (University of Florence). Main professional experiences:
- 1982-1984: Max-Planck fellowship at Max-Planck Institut für molekulare Genetik, Berlin, Germany.
- 1984-1988: Fermentation Group Supervisor at the Biotechnology Development Centre at SCLAVO (Vaccines and Pharmaceuticals – today: Novartis), Siena, Italy
- 1988-1991: Group-Leader of the Laboratory of Industrial Microbiology at the Biotechnology Research Centre for Agriculture, AGRIMONT located in Massa-Carrara, Italy.
- 1991: Environmental Affairs in NOVAMONT, located in Novara, Italy.


[Novamont S.p.A.]