• Conference Title: Circular Economy beyond technology. Lessons, narratives and research directions.

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  • Profile: Dr. Federico M. Pulselli is Researcher in Environmental and Cultural Heritage Chemistry at the University of Siena (Italy). He has a MS degree in Economics and a PhD in Chemical Sciences – environmental curriculum.


    Since 1999, he is member of the Ecodynamics Group, a transdisciplinary research team at the University of Siena, established by Professor Enzo Tiezzi. Within the research group he deals with the multidimensional aspects of the concept of sustainability, its scientific bases, epistemological and biophysical foundations, and indicators.


    He develops his research activity in the fields of sustainable development; ecological economics; environmental modelling and assessment; sustainability indicators and environmental chemistry. In particular he is interested in the development and practical application of the main environmental and ecological-economic assessment tools and accounting methods and instruments such as Emergy Synthesis, Ecological Footprint, Life Cycle Assessment, Greenhouse Gas Inventory, ISEW, GPI, and calculation of sustainability indicators. Recent applications of these instruments and methods, also in cooperation with other researchers, focus on the assignment of environmental responsibility, the development of macroeconomic accounting according to the “beyond GDP” research line, the life cycle costing as a complement of the LCA, the ecosystem services evaluation at the territorial level.


    Since 2005, he has been teaching environmental sustainability theory and sustainability indicators within the MS degree program in “Ecotoxicology and Environmental Sustainability” and other programs.


    He is co-author of 2 books, about 90 articles in international scientific journals, collective books and Encyclopediae, and book chapters.


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