• Conference Title: Circular Economy beyond Technology. Lessons, Narratives and Research Directions.

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  • Profile: Maddalena Ripa is researcher at Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain) where she is co-leading an H2020 project named JUST2CE (JUst Transition TO the Circular Economy) whose aim is to explore the economic, environmental, justice, gender and policy implications of CE paradigm in the Global South. Before that, she worked as postdoc at Parthenope University of Naples, Italy (2014-2016) on environmental assessment methodologies (such as energy analysis, life cycle assessment, emergy accounting, carbon footprint, societal metabolism) and as researcher at the Institute of Environmental Science & Technology (ICTA-UAB), Spain (2016-2020) on the analysis of social challenges and stakeholders’ perceptions related to the climate-water-food-energy nexus. She has more than ten years international experience in academia and her articles have appeared in journals such as Journal of Cleaner Production, Resources Conservation & Recycling, Energy Research & Social Science, Energy, Journal of Responsible Innovation, among others. By mixing quantitative and qualitative research methods, her latest research primarily focuses on interfacing debates on socio-ecological transitions with concerns on justice, gender, labour and participation. A full list of publications is available at: SCOPUS or ORCID.


[Autonomous University of Barcelona]