• Roundtable: Bioplastics Compared to Fossil-Based Plastics


  • Profile: Sergio Ulgiati is Associate Professor of Environmental Chemistry and Life Cycle Assessment at Parthenope University of Naples, Department of Science and Technology. His research focuses on energyconversion systems, energy and emergy analysis, life cycle assessment and sustainability indicators. He advocates for a new sustainability discourse: a newmodeloforganizing knowledge, ideas, experiences and language around shared values basedon qualitative and not quantitative growth. He is one of the Coordinatorsof the project “Analysis of the metabolism of urban conglomerates and cooperative strategy of the circular economy”, supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the China National Natural Science Foundation, a joint research between the Parthenope University of Naples and the Beijing Normal University, project that also involves the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and other Chinese universities. He is the founder of the Matteo Ricci Network, a connective network for Italian and Chinese universities, laying the foundations for an increasingly fruitful international collaboration with the chinese academic world.


[Parthenope University of Naples]