I am a committed, cheerful and passionate person who strives to always add a beneficial and positive contribution. I specialise in the field of demand forecasting, and analysing demand trends within the power industry, with my focus on Utility long term demand forecast as input to grid expantion plans. I conduct constant research on the changing power paradigm and integration of renewable technology. Business improvement and process implementation is a natural output to ensure efficiency of work outputs. I consolodate an integrate on a provincial and national level to ensure allignment and validation of different forecasts. Additional time is spent on contributing to local an international work groups.

I completed my Bachelors Degree in Industrial Engineering with first class distinction in 2006 at the University of Pretoria and my BEng. Honors (Industrial Engineering) in 2011. I further copleted my Masters in Industrial Engineering Part Time at University of Stellenbosch where I developed an integratde ISED forecasting framework for use in yhe strategic energy forecasting environment. I am registered as a Profesional Engineer at the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) and a full member of the South African Institute for Industrial Engineers (SAIIE), Member of Council for Large Electrical systems(CIGRE) where I currently contribute as the C1 South African Representative, also member of International Institute of Forecasting (IIF).

I strive towards making a difference and being part of the exciting new paradigm the energy industry and supply chain is heading towards!


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