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Researchers are invited to submit contributions on all topics related to teaching, research, and practice on Cleaner Production. Authors devoted to correlated themes are also welcome. Contributions should focus on Cleaner Production and especially on the theme: “Ways forward to promote resource equity: The role of cleaner prodduction and ciscular economy as moderator. Action or reaction to save the planet?”. Submission closes at June 23th, 2023.


Contributions for the 12th IWACP can be submitted in the two following formats:


1. Abstract: The abstracts must have title, keywords, and maximum length of 800 words.


2. Academic Work: The academic work MUST INCLUDE an abstract (with keywords and, at maximum, 400 words) and maximum length of 10 pages. It should include the structure of regular scientific articles such as introduction, methods, results, and conclusions.


The contributions must be sent to: The authors must specify if their submissions are for PHYSICAL or VIRTUAL CATEGORY.


Only the approved submissions from registered participants will be published in the 12th IWACP Proceedings Book. Both Abstracts and Academic Works must respect the templates below:


Template for ABSTRACT

Template for ACADEMIC WORK


It is mandatory that at least one of the authors must be registered for the 12th IWACP until September 4th, 2023. Only the presented papers will receive the presentation certificate.

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