7th IWACP in Numbers

The 7th International Workshop on Advances in Cleaner Production will begin on June 21st. In the event program we highlight:

  1. 115 works from 20 countries (Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Thailand, UK, USA, Venezuela and Vietnam). All these works will be presented in 36 hours of oral sessions with intense exchange of information among the participants.
  2. 8 conferences focusing on new approaches on the progress of cleaner production worldwide:
    • "Do the Limits to Growth Apply to Smart Cities that Have Achieved the Sustainable Development Goals?" - Paul Sutton (University of Denver – USA)
    • "The Paradoxes and Delusions of Economics" – Luca Coscieme (Trinity College Dublin – Ireland)
    • "Creating Value from Industrial Waste" – Carlos Poveda (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research - TNO)
    • "Managing the Food-Energy-Water Nexus for Achieving the Urban Sustainable Development Goals in China" – Gengyuan Liu (Beijing Normal University – China)
    • "Cleaner Production (in industry and services) to Mitigate Climate Change" – Carlo Vandecasteele (University of Leuven – Belgium)
    • "Circular Economy, a Way to Sustainability?" – Chantal Block (2C Ecosolutions – Belgium)
    • "Cleaner energy production to support sustainable agriculture in the Global South" - Samira Garcia-Freites (University of Manchester - UK)
    • "Education for Sustainability" – Soraya El-Deir (Federal Rural University of Pernambuco – Brazil)
  3. 4 workshops that will bring new insights on environmental issues: 
    • Responsible Consumption and Production
    • Climate Action and Affordable Clean Energy
    • Sustainable Cities and Communities
    • Industry Innovation and Infrastructure 
  4. In total, we will have about 52 hours of planned activities to stimulate the importance of discussion of the topic Cleaner Production for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.
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