The Organizing Committee is extremely grateful to the invited speakers and their kind participation.

Paul Sutton
University of Denver - USA

Luca Coscieme
Trinity College Dublin - Ireland

Carlos Poveda
Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO)

Gengyuan Liu
Beijing Normal University - China

Carlo Vandecasteele
University of Leuven - Belgium

Chantal Block
2C Ecosolutions - Belgium

Samira Garcia-Freites
University of Manchester - UK

Soraya El-Deir
Federal Rural University of Pernambuco - Brazil

Thank you the authors and to all the participants who have made this event possible. Special thanks are addressed to the Universidade Paulista and Universidaded de La Costa support committees.

Thank you to all the staff of the Universidad de la Costa who has contributed to the preparation of the event, especially the Rector, Dr. Tito José Crissien Borrero who, from the beginning, fully supported this project.

Special thanks are addressed to Dr. Yugo Okida, the Vice-Rector of Post Graduation and Research of Universidade Paulista, Dr. Marília Ancona-Lopez, the Vice-Rector of Graduation of Universidade Paulista, and to Dr. Marina Soligo, Main Coordinator of Post Graduation and Research of Universidade Paulista, for their unconditional support.

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