This page is a logbook that contains the memories of this special event, in a special year, and is useful to amplify the IWACP Experience: Conference proceedings with 274 abstracts; video of webinar broadcasted on May 26th, 2020; selected videos between all the stimulating submitted works; conferences of the high-end researchers of our community.


Welcome Speech


 Julie Owens

Deakin University

Fethi Mansouri

UNESCO and Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation

Gordon Wallace

Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science

Linda Hancock

Deakin University

Biagio Fernando Giannetti

Paulista University-UNIP and Founder of ACPN



Benjamin Sovacool

Sussex University

Title: Conceptual Frameworks and New Frontiers in Energy Justice


Plenary Presentations


Saleen Ali

University of Delaware

Title: The Energy Budget of Large-Scale Land Acquisitions: The Potential role of Cleaner Production in Mitigating Climate Impacts

Marilyn Brown

Georgia Institute of Technology

Title: First Mover Advantages Amid a Clean Energy Boom

Maria Forsyth

Deakin University

Title: Electrochemical Energy Storage - Beyond 2020

Lauren Rickards

RMIT University

Title: Beyond Physical Flows to Cultural Complexities in Nexus Thinking: The Case of Biosolids-to-Biochar Transformation


Oral Presentations

Special Mentioned Papers


Session 01


Shapley-Shubix Index Incorporated Debottlenecking Framework for Sustainable Food-Energy-Water Nexus Optimised Palm Oil-Based Complex

Presented by:Yue Dian Tan

Valuable Utilizations of Ecosystem Service, A Case Common Reed Water-Energy Nexus

Presented by: Yoram Krozer

Water Footprint of a Tropical Beef Cattle Production System: The Impact of Individual-Animal and Feed Management

Presented by: Júlio Palhares

Risk Knowledge and Social Perception of Natural Hazards on Coffee Farmers in Brazil

Presented by: Rodrigo Ribeiro


Oral Presentations

Special Mentioned Papers


Session 02


Achieving Cleaner Production and Sustainable Industrial Development Goals through Effective Deployment of Concentrating Solar Thermal Technologies: Role of Providing Emission Reduction Credits

Presented by: Muhammad Rafique

Operationalising Natural Capital Credit Risk Assessment in Agricultural Production

Presented by: Francisco Ascui

Green Jobs: An Ethical Alternative to Achieve a Low Carbon Economy

Presented by: Patrick Schneider

How Green Marketing Can Help to Mitigate the Waste of Perishable Products

Presented by: Luiz Trento


Oral Presentations

Special Mentioned Papers


Session 03


Assessment of Energy Storage Technologies in the Smart Grid

Presented by: Alireza Aslani

Key Aspects on the Transition to a New Electric Mobility Paradigm: Impact on Electric Vehicles Servicing, Maintenance and Repairing

Presented by: Jonathan Borja

How are Energy-Intensive Industries Affected by Carbon Tax? Case of Finnish Industries

Presented by: Alireza Aslani

The Role of Wind Energy in Brazil in the Context of Mitigating Climate Change and the Country's Related NDC under the Paris Agreement

Presented by: André Felipe Simões

Technical Report 9th

Technical Report

Proceedings 9th

Proceedings Book


Special Keynote Speech

Advances in Cleaner Production Awardees


Zhifeng Yang
Beijing Normal University

Title: China-US: Integrated Systems Modeling of Food-Energy-Water (FEW) Nexus for Urban Sustainability


Alexis Sagastume Gutierrez
University of the Coast

Title: From Energy Efficiency to Cleaner Production. The Need to Widespread Environmental Concern.


Plenary Presentations


Adrian Panow

Deakin University

Title: The Deakin Waurn Ponds Microgrid

Susan Park

University of Sydney

Title: Protecting Environmental Rights through International Grievance Mechanisms?

Greg Trencher

Tohoku University

Title: Developing and Diffusing Fuel-Cell Vehicles: Governance Strategies and Experiences in Japan

Doug MacFarlane

Monash University

Title: Towards to "Ammonia Economy"


Oral Presentations

Special Mentioned Papers


Session 04


Management of Organic Waste Fraction in a Brazilian Food Wholesale Market: Environmental Impacts Through a Life Cycle Assessment Perspective

Presented by:Federico Sulis

The Multiscale Fund-Flow Decomposition Analysis: Europe and China between 2000-2015

Presented by: Raúl Velazco-Fernández

Carbon Footprint Evaluation of Coal Supply Chain in China: A Life Cycle Perspective

Presented by: Li-Ting He

Development of Photocatalytic Reactors for Water and Air Pollutant Treatment

Presented by: Jinfeng Wang

Oral Presentations

Special Mentioned Papers


Session 05


Analyzing the path Towards Meeting Absolute Sustainability by Cross Investigation on Companies' Carbon Budget and Cost Figures: A Case of Gear Manufacturing in Automotive Industry

Presented by: Babak Kianian

A Case Study from Austria: Material Efficiency Laboratory to Enhance Resource Efficiency in SMEs

Presented by: Johannes Fresner

Why Sustainable Concrete Can Not Penetrate Concrete Markets?

Presented by: Lateef Assi

Circular Economy Paths in the Olive Oil Industry: A Life Cycle Assessment Look into Environmental Performance and Benefits

Presented by: Amos Ncube


Oral Presentations

Special Mentioned Papers


Session 06


Application of Quality Function Deployment to Green Hotel Design: Towards Water and Energy Efficiency

Presented by: Inês Monteiro

Clean Mobility, Health and Environmental Education: Contributions of Urban and Peri-Urban Trails to Quality of Life in Municipalities

Presented by: Maria Luiza Longo Ribeiro

Business Operation Management Applied to Electric Scooter Recharging Industry

Presented by: Minjeong Kim

Development of an Urban Food-Energy-Water Nexus Model to Support Urban Planning

Presented by: Jingyan Xue


Adani Watch's Geoff Law interviews Indian Journalist Paranjoy Guha Thakurta


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'Cleaner Production' is a concept that aims at preventing the production of waste, while increasing efficiencies in the uses of energy, water, resources, and human capital.


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Journal of Environmental Accounting and Management publishes original research results in the field of environmental and ecological science with focus on applications to the sustainable management of natural, human-dominated, and man-made ecosystems.


The aim of the journal is to provide a place for a rapid exchange of new ideas and concepts for scientists and engineers in the fields of environmental accounting, human and systems ecology, and environmental management. Manuscripts on environmental accounting and managements are solicited, including: mathematical modeling; computational and management techniques in environmental, ecological, energy and information science; environmental technology and engineering; human managed ecosystems such as agricultural, urban, coastal, riparian, and wetland ecosystems.



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