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Biagio F. Giannetti

Fábio Sevegnani - Paulista University

Fábio holds a degree in Automation and Control Engineering - Mechatronics from Paulista University (2001), a postgraduate degree in Occupational Safety Engineering from Paulista University (2003), a master's degree in Production Engineering from Paulista University (2008) and a Doctorate in Production Engineering (2013) in the research line of Cleaner Production and Industrial Ecology. He developed the sandwich doctorate in 2012 at the University of Florida. Fábio has been a teacher of the Bachelor of Engineering course at Paulista University since 2005, developing teaching activities in the courses: mechanical engineering, automation and control engineering, mechanical production engineering, production engineering and aeronautical engineering. He is a professor in the Technology of Work Safety course at Paulista University. Fábio participates in the Individual Research Program for Teachers at Paulista University since February 2014.

Production and Environment Laboratory - UNIP