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Biagio F. Giannetti

Aldo Muro Júnior - Federal Insitute of Goiás

With a multidisciplinary approach, Prof. Aldo Muro Junior has the titles listed below:

- Postdoctoral from University of Pisa, Italy;

- PhD in Environmental Sciences from the Federal University of Goiás;

- Graduation on Law (1998) with specialization in Constitutional Law (2000). Both from Federal University of Goiás;

- Master Science in Materials Science and Graduation in Mechanical Enginnering from the Military Institute of Engineering (IME);

- Occupational Safety Engineering from International Labor Organization (Turim, Italy).

He is currently a full professor at the Federal Institute of Goiás - IFG, and coordinates the Environmental Undergraduation.

He works in the areas of of ​​Environmental Law, International Law, Labor Law and Labor Environment. Coordinates researches in the Environmental field, with emphasis in Environmental Policies and Legislation, Work Environment and Solid Wastes.

Prof. Aldo also is General Councilor of Regional Council of Engineering and Agronomy from State of Goiás (CREA-GO) and coordinator of Professional Ethics Committee.

Prof. Aldo also is a Visiting Professor of University of Pisa (Italy).