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Biagio F. Giannetti

Dr. Carlos Montalvo, TNO - Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research

Dr. Carlos Montalvo works as Senior Scientist on Strategy and Innovation Policy at TNO. He has extensive practice as engineer in project and R&D management and in multidisciplinary and international policy research. Previous to joining TNO he held a number of engineering and management positions in industry and international organisations. His experience in industry, R&D, and policy research built a profile to coordinate large scale multidisciplinary and inter-sectoral applied research and consultancy. Over the last 15 years his research output gives support to European Commission in several key Research and Innovation actions and policy. From 2005-2011 he was member of the board of European Industrial Research Monitoring and Assessment of the European Commission DG JRC.

Currently manages and is lead scientist in large scale multiple Framework Contracts on behalf of TNO with the European Commission, European Parliament and European Investment Bank. He is the Coordinator of the Global Network of Innovation for Sustainable Development ( during the period 2016-2018. He was Subject Editor on Innovation and the Environment for the Journal of Cleaner Production in 2001-2013. He has widely published in topics of innovation policy in reputed academic journals (e.g., Journal of Cleaner Production, Technovation, Intereconomics – European Policy Review, European Journal of Transport and Geography, Journal of Economics of Innovation, New Technology, and International Journal Automotive, amongst others). His work on Behavioural Innovation Economics has been recently recognised as pioneering in the literature of innovation studies. Dr. Montalvo current activities and research interests on innovation spread across: Acceleration of sustainable innovation, smart industry, evaluation research, innovation and RTD policy, sectorial R&D and structural change, business models innovation, technology diffusion analyses, and behavioural dynamic models in innovation systems.