Hans Schnitzer

Graz University of Technology, NAWI - Áustria

Keynote: Resource Efficient and Clean Urban Technologies


Jeremy Hall

Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University - Canadá

Editor-in-Chief of 'Journal of Engineering and Technology Management'

Keynote: Developing and Diffusing New Technologies through Eco-value Propositions


Donald Huisingh

Tennessee University - EUA

Editor-in-Chief of 'Journal of Cleaner Production'

Keynote: Why do YOU think YOU can change the future of society? 


Steve DeVito

Environmental Protection Agency - EUA

Keynote: Defining the Role of Pollutant Release and Transfer Registries (PRTR's) in Global Sustainability


Sergio Ulgiati

Parthenope University - Itália

Editor-in-Chief of 'Journal of Environmental Accounting and Management'

Keynote: Growth, De-growth and Circular Economy. A Resource-based Perspective on Sustainability


Marcus Emmanuel Mamana da Matta

Ecoadvisor Associated - Brasil

Keynote: Pollutant Release and Transfer Register in Brazil


Massimo Gastaldi

Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Management and Network Economics and University of L’Aquila - Itália

Keynote: A WTE Strategic Analysis in Italy


Weslynne Ashton

Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) and Stuart School of Business - EUA

Keynote: Cleaner Production in the Americas: Education Challenges and Outlook

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