1st International Workshop | Advances in Cleaner Production

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"Additional Step in PET Recyling to Enhance Properties" - Sandro Donnini Mancini, Jonas Age Saide Schwartzman, Alex Rodrigues Nogueira, Dennis Akira Kagohara
"Adequacy to environmental law and to economic production: a study of Missal municipality (PR) - 2005-2007" - Fred Leite Siqueira Campos, Patrícia Garcia da Silva Carvalho Mena Gomes, Daniela Mondardo, Karini Somine Fernandes, Loana Bergamo dos Santos
"Alternative Fuels and Cogeneration for Reducing CO2 Emissions" - José Antonio Perrella Balestieri
"Application of the Methodology of Cleaner Production in the pré-Printing and Printing Phase in the Graphical Industry in the State of the Rio de Janeiro - Brazil" - Fátima de Paiva Canesin, Maria Bernadete P. dos Santos
"Are Sustainability Management Systems (SMS) really promising?" - Javier Esquer-Peralta, Luis Velazquez, and Nora Munguia
"Assessment of the Environmental Sustainability of a Coffee Farm" - Ogura Y., Giannetti B.F., Almeida C. M. V. B., e Bonilla S.H.
"Challenges in the integrated management of health and the environment: the case of a university campus" - Miranda, Zoraide Amarante I.
"Cleaner Production on Bakeries: Perspectives and Oportunities" - Erly M. M. A. Nóbrega, Thalita Christina Brandão Pereira, Christian Buser, Alessandra Farias Formiga Queiroga, Ester Pires de Almeida, Luhana Reis Porto
"Continuous Improvement of Processes on the Electronic Sector: obtaining Environmental Indicators using Software" - Emanuel F. de Queiroz, Maria Lúcia Pereira da Silva
"Detailed Evaluation of Cleaner Production in a Red Ceramic Industry in the State of Paraíba" - Luhana Reis Porto, Ester Pires de Almeida, Christian Buser, Alessandra Farias Formiga Queiroga, Erly Maria Medeiros de Araujo Nóbrega, Thalita Christina Brandão Pereira
"Eco Industrial Park Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Paracambi EIP" - Lilian Bechara Elabras Veiga, Alessandra Magrini
"Ecodesign and Cleaner Production: Production Inovation at the Furniture Sector" - Marzely Gorges Farias, Ângela da Silva, and Roberto Langer
"Ecodesign in productive chain of sugar cane: cooperative mobilizations" - Ieda Kanashiro Makiya
"Environmental accounting: the change of zinc plating for organometallic coatings to enhance performance and to minimize emissions" - J.F. Faro, Biagio F. Giannetti, Cecília M. V. B. Almeida, Silvia H. Bonilla
"Environmental Impacts Assessment of Biodiesel Production from Soybean in Brazil" - Otávio Cavalett, Enrique Ortega
"Environmental Performance Evaluation as a Tool for Environmental Management" - Danilo Fiori, Marcelo Montaño
"Evaluate the Quality of the Nickel Sulfate Obtained from a wastes of Hydrogenation of Vegetable Oils" - Priscila D. Finato, Luciano F. S. Rossi, Fatima de J. Bassetti, Pedro R. da C. Neto
"Improving Product's Environmental Performance by Integrating Ecodesign Methods into a Reference Model for Product Development Process" - Daniela C. A. Pigosso, Américo Guelere Filho, Henrique Rozenfeld
"Industrial Ecology, Production and Environment: a discussion about interconnectivity of production" - Alessandro Sanches Pereira, Juliana C. Fontes Lima, Emilia Wanda Rutkowski
"Inertialising Thermal Reactor" - Rojas Veloso, Emilio Arturo
"Management of Aspects and Environmental Impacts in the Production and Transport of Chemical Products: Study of Case" - Jonas Álvaro Kaercher, Sara Regina Allebrandt, Jorge André R. Moraes, Ênio Leandro Machado
"Organizational Experience Report on the Industry Butzke" - Marina Otte
"Performance Assessment of a UASB Reactor of an Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant" - B. I. Silveira, M. S. Penafort, C. D. L. Alves
"Study on Hídrica Economy in a based University Campus in the principles of Reduction in the Source" - Jorge Wilson Pereira da Silva, Mara Rúbia da Silva, Marlos Ferreira Silva, Rômulo Rondinelly Mendes Freitas, Samuel Batista de Almeida
"Sustainability tools using as support to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) elaboration" - Cláudia Viviane Viegas, Paulo Maurício Selig
"Sustainable Logistic: An Amplified Concept in behalf of Sustainable Development" - Eliane Martinez Mota Fukunaga, Marcel Oda
"The Environmental Accounting in the Methodology of Ecodesign: Using Emergy as a Quantitative Measure of the Evaluation of Environmental Stress. The Case of the PET Packages." - Antonio José Monteiro Rodrigues, Biagio F. Giannetti, Cecília M. V. B. Almeida, Silvia H. Bonilla
"The Influence of Human Labor on the Environmental Sustainability of the Commercial Cultivation of Bamboo" - R. L. Guarnetti, S. H. Bonilla, C. M. V. B. Almeida, B. F. Giannetti

"Urbanistic-Environmental Regularization of Anthropic Occupation in Water Source Protection Area of the Billings dam: A Public Policy Proposal" - Luiz C. Ribas, Rodrigo T. F. Cagini

"Waste Zero - 3 R" - José Faria Moraes, Nelson Aquino, Renato Ferreira, Tadeu Varella

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