* Trabalhos em Ordem Alfabética

Adsorption of Acid Orange 8 from Aqueous Solution onto Zeolites Synthesized from Coal Fly Ashes Modified by Surfactant - BERTOLINI, T. C. R.; MAGDALENA, C. P.; IZIDORO, J. C.; CUNICO, P.; FUNGARO, D. A. (IPEN-CENEN/SP)
Application of Electrochemical Oxidation in the Treatment of Landfill Leachate and Evaluation of Toxicity in Allium cepa - KLAUCK, C. R. (Feevale University); BENVENUTI, T. (UFRGS); SILVA, L. B.; RODRIGUES, M. A. S. (Feevale University)
Best Management Practices and Environmental Management in Aquaculture – Indicators for Monitoring in Multiple Scales - RODRIGUES, G. S.; QUEIROZ, J. F.; FRIGHETTO, R. T. S.; SAMPAIO, F. G. (Embrapa); FRASCA-SCORVO, C. M. D. (APTA); COUTO, K. R.; RODRIGUES, I. A. (Embrapa)
Biogas Production from Manure of the Fish Farming - MACHADO, S. T.; JORDAN, R. A.; SANTOS, R. C.; PAOLETTO, A. M; REIS, J. G. M.; AVÁLO, H. (UFGD)
Characteristics of Environmental Management Systems in the Construction Industry - CAMPOS, L. M. S.; TRIERWEILLER, A. C.; CARVALHO, D. N.; BORNIA, A. C.; SANTOS, T. H. S.; SPENASSATO, D. (UFSC); SELIH, J. (University of Ljubljana-Slovenia)
Cleaner Production with Emphasis on Environmental Sustainability and Organizational Performance: An Empirical Study in Southern Brazil - SEVERO, E. A.; GUIMARAES, J. C. F.; DORION, E.. NODARI, C. H. (UCS)
Combining Sustainability and Quantitative Models - An Analysis for the Countries of The BRICS - SARTORI, S.; CAMPOS, L. M. S.; SAMOHYL, R. (UFSC)
Decision Criteria for the Implementation of Cleaner Production - GUIMARAES, J. C. F.; SEVERO. E. A. (UCS); ROCHA, J. M. (UNIPAMPA); OLEA, P. M. (UCS)
Electricity from Poultry Manure: A Clean Alternative to Direct Land Application - BILLEN, P. (University of Leuven - Belgium); COSTA, J. (BMC Moerdijk - Belgium); VAN CANEGHEN, J.; VANDECASTEELE, C. (University of Leuven - Belgium)
Electrodialysis as an Alternative for Treatment of Nickel Electroplating Effluent: Water and Salts Recovery - BENVENUTI, T. (UFRGS); RODRIGUES, M. A. S. (FEEVALE); KRAPF, R. S.; BERNARDES, A. M.; ZOPPAS-FERREIRA, J. (UFRGS)
Energy Production from Microalgae Biomass: The Carbon Footprint and Energy Balance - MEDEIROS, D. L.; SALES, E. A.; KIPERSTOK, A. (UFBA)
Environmental Accounting in Emergy of Limestone Rock Processing for Agricultural Use - CORSINI, I.; SILVA, C. C.; TAGLIAFERRO, K. (IFSULDEMINAS); RODRIGUES, G. S. (Embrapa); LABIGALINI, I.; FRIMAIO, A. (IFSULDEMINAS)
Environmental Accounting of Data Centers: Traditional Versus Cloud Computing - SALVO, A. (IFSULDEMINAS/UNIP); AGOSTINHO, F. (UNIP)
Environmental Accounting of Strawberry Conventional Production - FRIMAIO, A.; SILVA, C. C.; DALLÓ, A. A. (IFSULDEMINAS)
Environmental Regulation Reform: Case Study for Extended-Responsibility Adoption in São Paulo State Waste Policy - RIBEIRO, F. M.; KRUGLIANSKAS, I. (USP)
Environmental Regulation Reform: Case Study for the Cleaner Production Fostering by CETESB - RIBEIRO, F. M.; KRUGLIANSKAS, I. (USP)
Environmental Regulation Reform: Case Study for the Introduction of the Renewable Operating Permits in Sao Paulo State - RIBEIRO, F. M.; KRUGLIANSKAS, I. (USP)
Environmental Study of Disorder and Social Vulnerability of Santos City after the Arrival of the Production Chain of Oil and Gas - PRANDO, G. (FATEC); VENDRAMETTO, O. (UNIP)
Evaluation of Essential Drivers of Green Manufacturing Using Fuzzy Approach - GOVINDAN. K. A. (University of South Denmark-Denmark); SHANKAR, M. (Anna University-India)
Firm’s Sustainable Performance: Proposal of an Evaluation Index for a Chemical Brazilian Company - SCHOLL C. A. (Braskem-SP); HOURNEAUX JUNIOR, F. (UNINOVE)
Implementing Sustainability Strategies in Emerging Economies: Challenges and Opportunities for Supply Chain Management - SILVESTRE, B. S. (University of Winnipeg-Canada)
Innovation and Sustainability in the Project of Skyscrapers: A Case Study Focusing an Educational Approach - SOUZA, R. C. F. (UFMG)
Integrating Life Cycle Assessment and Input-Output Analysis for the Assessment of Ethanol Greenhouse Gases Emission in Brazil - WATANABE, M. D. B.; CHAGAS, M. F.; CAVALETT, O. (CTBE); CUNHA, M. P. (UNICAMP); BONOMI, A. M. (CTBE)
International Workshop Advances in Cleaner Production: Bibliometric Analysis of the Years 2007, 2009 and 2011 - OLIVEIRA NETO, G. C. (UNINOVE/UFSCar); SHIBAO, F. Y.; GONÇALVES, A. C.; MORA, R.; LAMDIM, F. C. S (UNINOVE); GODINHO FILHO, M. (UFSCar)
Life Cycle Assessment of Biobutanol Production Integrated to Sugarcane Biorefineries in Brazil - PEREIRA, L. G.; CHAGAS, M. F; DIAS, M. O. S.; CAVALETT, O.; BONOMI, A. (CTBE/CNPEM)
Life Cycle Assessment of Steel Framing Wall Systems: Hotspots for Environmental Improvements and Possible Trade-offs - BUENO, C.; ROSSIGNOLO, J. A.; OMETTO, A. R. (USP)
Life Cycle Assessment of Wardrobe Made of Medium Density Particleboard (MDP) - SILVA, D. A. L.; IRITANI, D. R.; GRAEL, P. F. F.; OMETTO, A. R. (USP)
Pollution Prevention Opportunities in the Brazilian Auto Refinishing Industry - ZAVALA, A. (UNISON-Mexico); VELÁZQUEZ, L. (UNISON-Mexico/Lowell University-USA); GIANNETTI, B. (UNIP); Y MONTES, A. (UNISON-Mexico)
Potential Environmental and Economic Savings by Using Rainwater in Subprefeitura Capela Do Socorro – São Paulo - COELHO, R. C. M.; BONILLA, S. H. (UNIP)
Safe Thermal Decomposition of Organochloride Pesticides by Submerged Oxidation in Molten Salts - LAINETTI, P. E. O. (IPEN-CNEN/SP)
Silicon Sludge Co-Processing for Industrial Symbiosis: A Study Case in a Semiconductor Company - BREJÃO, A. S.(FAPPES); SHIKI, M. P.; CALDANA, A. E.(Smart Modular Technologies); SILVA, M. L. P. (FATEC/POLI-USP)
Structuring Management Processes to Get Cleaner Production Results: A Study in the Plastic Industry - BUCCELLI, D. O.; COSTA NETO, P. L. O. (UNIP)
Sustainability in the Hotel Industry, Efficient Use of Water and Electricity Resources. Case: Hotel San Angel - VELÁZQUEZ, L. E.; SÁNCHEZ, N. E.; MUNGUÍA, N. E.; ZAVALA, A. (UNISON-Mexico)
Sustainable Bioeconomy Using Ecological Industrial Biorefinary Design for Food, Feed and Fuel from Wastes: System Innovation and Techno Economic Analysis Using Process Simulation Tools - PANNIRSELVAM, P. V.; CARDOSO, M.; MIRANDA, A. S.; CANSIAN, M. M. (UFRN); MORENO, M. (UNOPAR); GÓIS M. C. (UFRN); SANTOS, J. M. (Public School-SP); KEMPEGOWDA, R. S. (NTNU-Norway)
The Influence of Cellulase Enzyme on the Energetic-Environmental Performance of Second Generation Ethanol Production – A Preliminary Study - AGOSTINHO, F.; BERTAGLIA, A. B. B. (UNIP)
The Maintenance Function and its Impact on the Development of Corporate Sustainability: A Theoretical-Analytical Reflexion - SOUZA, J. B.; SACOMANO, J. B. (UNIP)
Using the Method Adapted TRIZ as a Tool to Support the Implementation of Cleaner Production - OLIVEIRA, J. M.; SOUTO, L. B.; TORRES, M. S. (SENAI-RS)
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