08:00 to 09:40

Oral Presentations - Session 5A - Room 01

Chairmen: Fernando Jorge Demétrio (UEMA); Antônio Pasqualetto (IFGOIAS); Adilson Rocha (UNIP)

Innovation and Sustainability in the Project of Skyscrapers: A Case Study Focusing an Educational Approach - SOUZA, R. C. F. (UFMG) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

ACS Summer School in Green Chemistry and Sustainable Energy: Fomenting Awareness and Creativity for Innovative Chemistry - FLORÊNCIO, T. M.; MALPASS, G. R. P. (UFTM) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Barriers to the Adoption of Green Buildings on Higher Education Institutions - KASAI, N. (UNESP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Emergy Accounting and CO2 Emissions: Accessing and Remaining in the Physical and in the Virtual Learning Environment - OLIVEIRA, J. H. (IFSULDEMINAS/UNIP); ALMEIDA, C. M. V. B. (UNIP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

08:00 to 09:40

Oral Presentations - Session 5A - Room 02

Chairmen: Fábio Sevegnani (UNIP); Rodrigo Franco Gonçalves (UNIP); Max Wilson Oliveira (IFSULDEMINAS/UNIP)

Environmental Accounting of a Building Used as an English School in Ouro Fino – Minas Gerais - LUPINACCI, D. M. (IFSULDEMINAS/UNIP); BONILLA, S. H. (UNIP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Proposal of Guidelines for Sustainable Buildings Planning - OLIVEIRA, M. L.; QUELHAS, O. L. G.; SIMÃO, V. G. (UFF) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Characteristics of Environmental Management Systems in the Construction Industry - CAMPOS, L. M. S.; TRIERWEILLER, A. C.; CARVALHO, D. N.; BORNIA, A. C.; SANTOS, T. H. S.; SPENASSATO, D. (UFSC); SELIH, J. (University of Ljubljana-Slovenia) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Ecological Recuperation of Palácio dos Leilões - NOLLI, A. C. (UFMG) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

08:00 to 09:40

Oral Presentations - Session 5A - Room 03

Chairmen: José Barroso Souza (UNIP); André Di Salvo (IFSULDEMINAS/UNIP); Roberto Coelho (UNIP)

Optimization of Packaging Raw Materials in Ceramic Refractory Manufacturing Process - SILVA, L. D. (UFPR); WIEMES, L. (UFPR/FAMEC); MERCÊ, A. L. R.; PAWLOSWKY, U. (UFPR) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Structuring Management Processes to Get Cleaner Production Results: A Study in the Plastic Industry - BUCCELLI, D. O.; COSTA NETO, P. L. O. (UNIP)[abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Environmental and Economic Benefits of Implementation of Cleaner Production of Polymers in a Company - OLIVEIRA NETO, G. C. UNINOVE/UFSCar); SHIBAO, F. Y.; CHAVES, L. E. C.; SANTOS, L. C. (UNINOVE); GODINHO FILHO, M. (UFSCar) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Application of Cleaner Production in a Process of Sockets Lighting Package, a Case Study - BENVENUTI, T. (UFRGS); MAFFESSONI, D.; TONIN, B. P. (Ftec) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

P+WATER: A Model for Selecting Sustainable Opportunities of Industrial Wastewater Reuse from Process Integration Approach - MIRRE, R. C.; YOKOYAMA, L.; PESSOA, F. L. P. (UFRJ) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]
08:00 to 09:40

Oral Presentations - Session 5A - Room 04

Chairmen: Mario Mollo Neto (UNIP); Carla Caprara (UNICSUL); Mabel Fior (INTA-Argentina); Marinalva Barboza (UNIP)

The Influence of Cellulase Enzyme on the Energetic-Environmental Performance of Second Generation Ethanol Production – A Preliminary Study - AGOSTINHO, F.; BERTAGLIA, A. B. B. (UNIP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Energy Embodiment on Assembly Phase of Self-Propelled Sugarcane Harvesters - MANTOAM, E. J. (CNH Latin America); ROMANELLI, T. L. (ESALQ) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Development of Industry Sugarcane in Mato Grosso do Sul State: Impacts and Benefits of the Production Energy from Cane Sugar Farming - REIS, J. G. M. (UFGD); COSTA NETO, P. L. O. (UNIP); MACHADO, S. T.; OLIVEIRA, R. V.; SANTOS, R. C.; JORDAN, R. A.; OLIVEIRA, E. R.; DELIBERADOR, L. R. (UFGD) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Productive Potential of Green Manures Aiming Rotation with Sugarcane, in the State of Alagoas - OLIVEIRA, T. B. A. (UFSC/UFAL); BORNIA, A. C. (UFSC); OLIVEIRA, M. W. (UFAL) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Proposed Indicators for Assessing the Environmental Performance of Production Processes of Sugar-Energy Plants - REBELATO, M. G. (UNESP); MADALENO, L. L. (FATEC); RODRIGUES, A. M. (UNESP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

08:00 to 09:40

Oral Presentations - Session 5A - Room 05

Chairmen: Nilson Carvalho (UNIP); Geslaine Frimaio (UNIP); Maria de Fátima Bueno (IFSULDEMINAS/UNIP); Samuel Dereste (UNICSUL)

Physical Indicators for Conducting Environmental Impact Study in Oceanic Cruises - CAVALCANTI, N. S.; PAZ, Y. M.; EL-DEIR, S. G. (Gampe-UFRPE) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Environmental Dimension Rating of the ISE Member Companies of BM&FBOVESPA in 2013 - DI AGUSTINI, C. A. (USCS); VENDRAMETTO, L. P (UNIP) [abstract] [paper]

Sustainable Development: The Tradeoffs between Corporate Profit and Care for the Environment in Brazilian Automotive Sector - ROCHA, A. (FATEC/UNIP); VENDRAMETTO, O. (UNIP); MONTEIRO JR, J. (FATEC) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Firm’s Sustainable Performance: Proposal of an Evaluation Index for a Chemical Brazilian Company - SCHOLL C. A. (Braskem-SP); HOURNEAUX JUNIOR, F. (UNINOVE) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Sustainable Value and Cleaner Production - HENRIQUES, J.; CATARINO, J. (LNEG-Portugal) [abstract] [paper]

08:00 to 09:40

Oral Presentations - Session 5A - Room 06

Chairmen: José Benedito Sacomano (UNIP); Mirtes Mariano (UNIP); Luciana Faria (IFSULDEMINAS/UNIP); Douglas Wittmann (USP); Jorge Frana (INTA-Argentina)

Potential of Waste from Steam Treatment in Eucalyptus Wood as Natural Dye for Dyeing Cotton - ROSSI, T.; BRITO, J. O. (ESALQ); TRINDADE, N. B.; ARAÚJO, M. C. (USP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Adsorption of Acid Orange 8 from Aqueous Solution onto Zeolites Synthesized from Coal Fly Ashes Modified by Surfactant - BERTOLINI, T. C. R.; MAGDALENA, C. P.; IZIDORO, J. C.; CUNICO, P.; FUNGARO, D. A. (IPEN-CENEN/SP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Proposition of Implementation EMS and CP Actions in a Textile Machinery Industry, Curitiba-PR - MACENO, M. C. M. (UFPR); VELOZO, T. G. (UTP); CANEDO, P. L. R.; SILVA, M. C. (UTFPR) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Alternative Sustainable Dyeing of Textiles with Ionic Liquid - RIBEIRO, F. R. G. (UEM/UTFPR); CABRAL, V. F.; SILVA, C. (UEM); ANDREAUS, J. (FURB); CARDOZO-FILHO, L.; CROSCATO, G. S.; SILVA, A. B.; MORAES, M. R. (UEM) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

08:00 to 09:40

Oral Presentations - Session 5A - Room 07

Chairmen: Luiz Cláudio de Oliveira (UNIP)

Municipal Competency and the Environmental Licensing: the Complementary Law n. 140/2011 and the Forestry Resources - RIBAS, L. C.; PROSDOCINI, R. M. (UNESP); BRAUER, A. L. (FSP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Public Politics: The Reality in the Practice of Management Agreements - VIEIRA, L. L. (Ministry of Planning/UnB) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Fiscal Stimulus to the Green Economy. A case Study about a Tax Incentive for PET Recycling - DENNY, D. M. T. (USP/Pinheiro Pedro Lawyers); PEDRO, A. F. P.; MEKHITARIAN, K. C.; SILVA, E. M.; FIORINI, K.; LIBARDI, I.; ONOHARA, A.; MEDICI, F. (Pinheiro Pedro Lawyers) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Environmental Regulation Reform: Case Study for the Cleaner Production Fostering by CETESB - RIBEIRO, F. M.; KRUGLIANSKAS, I. (USP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

09:40 to 10:00
10:00 to 12:00


Room 1: If We Have Wrong Measures, We Will Strive for the Wrong Things - Simone Bastianoni (University of Siena - Italy)

Room 2: Environmental Management Systems - Jeffrey Burke (National Pollution Prevention Roundtable - USA) [supplementary material]

Room 3: Evaluacion Ambiental de los Agroecosistemas y Estrategias que Contribuyan a su Resiliencia - Gloria Rótolo, Jorge Frana, Mabel Fior (INTA - Argentina), Carlos C. Silva (IFSULDEMINAS) and Feni Agostinho (UNIP) [supplementary material]

Room 4: Improving Cleaner Production through Brazilian Polluant Release and Transfer Register - Marcus E. M. da Matta (Intertox)

12:00 to 13:30
13:30 to 15:00


"Emergy and the Economy: Reflections on Sustainability"

Mark T. Brown (University of Florida - USA)

15:00 to 16:30

Oral Presentations - Session 5B - Room 01

Chairmen: Rodrigo Franco Gonçalves (UNIP); Dalton Bucelli (UNIP); Jorge Creso C. Demétrio (UEMA); Luciana Faria (IFSULDEMINAS/UNIP); Marinalva Barboza (UNIP)

Environmental Regulation Reform: Case Study for Extended-Responsibility Adoption in São Paulo State Waste Policy - RIBEIRO, F. M.; KRUGLIANSKAS, I. (USP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Assessment of Demand and Potential Associated with Solid Waste Management in Emerging Cities: The Case of the City of Rio das Ostras, RJ - VALLEJO, F. M. A.; MONTEIRO, L. P. C. (UFF) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Recycable Waste Grinding Container - SOUZA, M. C.; NORONHA, V. T.; SANTANA, R. C. A.; CARVALHO, P. S. G. (UNIP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Analysis of the Emergy Indicators for the Installation of a Landfill in the Southern Region of Minas Gerais - FRIMAIO, C. A. (UFABC); FRIMAIO, G.; CECÍLIA, M. V. B. (UNIP); FRIMAIO, A.; SILVA C. C. (IFSULDEMINAS) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

15:00 to 16:30

Oral Presentations - Session 5B - Room 02

Chairmen: Oduvaldo Vendrametto (UNIP); Carla Caprara (UNICSUL); André Di Salvo (IFSULDEMINAS/UNIP)

Electrodialysis as an Alternative for Treatment of Nickel Electroplating Effluent: Water and Salts Recovery - BENVENUTI, T. (UFRGS); RODRIGUES, M. A. S. (FEEVALE); KRAPF, R. S.; BERNARDES, A. M.; ZOPPAS-FERREIRA, J. (UFRGS) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Application of the Principles of Cleaner Production in a Galvanizing Company - KITZBERGER, J.; PIRES NETO, V. S. (CatolicaSC); FRAZON E. M. (UFSC); DUCLÓS, L. C. (PUC-SC) [abstract] [paper]

Method for Data Collection and Analysis of Environmental Performance Assessment Inmetal Mechanic Industries - ANTUNES, C. V.; UGAYA, C. M. L. (UTFPR) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Searching Cleaner Production through Lean Production: Case Studies in Foundry Industries - MANZAN, R.; CAMPANA, R. C. (POLI-USP); DE BARROS, T. R. (PSA Peugeot Citroën-SP); MIYAKE, D. I. (POLI-USP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

15:00 to 16:30

Oral Presentations - Session 5B - Room 03

Chairmen: Luiz Cláudio de Oliveira (UNIP); Cláudia Viegas (UFSC); Samuel Dereste (UNICSUL); Mabel Fior (INTA-Argentina); Daniel Lupinacci (IFSULDEMINAS/UNIP); Giancarlo Pereira (UNISINOS)

Minimization of Mass Flow in District Heating Network Equipped with One Stage Domestic Hot Water Production Substations - ŻARSKI K. (University of Technology and Life Sciences, Bydgoszcz-Poland) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Sustainability in the Hotel Industry, Efficient Use of Water and Electricity Resources. Case: Hotel San Angel - VELÁZQUEZ, L. E.; SÁNCHEZ, N. E.; MUNGUÍA, N. E.; ZAVALA, A. (UNISON-Mexico) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Preliminary Assessment of Potential water Savings through Actions of CP in Cementos Cienfuegos AS - ALVARES, A. (Cementos Cienfuegos SA-Cuba); CABELLO, J. J. (Universidad de Cienfuegos-Cuba); ROMERO, J. L. (Cementos Cienfuegos SA-Cuba); SAGASTUME, A. (Universidad de Cienfuegos-Cuba) [abstract] [paper]

Toward a Beneficial Sanitation - KROZER, Y. (University Twente-The Netherlands); KROZER, M. (Sustainable Innovations Academy-The Netherlands); VOS, T. (Brinkvos water BV-The Netherlands) [abstract] [paper]

15:00 to 16:30

Oral Presentations - Session 5B - Room 04

Chairmen: Nilson Carvalho (UNIP); Jorge Frana (INTA-Argentina)

Energy Analysis of the Productive Life Cycle of the MDP Wood-Based panel In Brazil - SILVA, D. A. L.; VARANDA, L. D.; ROCCO LAHR, F. A. (USP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Integrating Life Cycle Assessment and Input-Output Analysis for the Assessment of Ethanol Greenhouse Gases Emission in Brazil - WATANABE, M. D. B.; CHAGAS, M. F.; CAVALETT, O. (CTBE); CUNHA, M. P. (UNICAMP); BONOMI, A. M. (CTBE) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Energy Production from Microalgae Biomass: The Carbon Footprint and Energy Balance - MEDEIROS, D. L.; SALES, E. A.; KIPERSTOK, A. (UFBA) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

15:00 to 16:30

Oral Presentations - Session 5B - Room 05

Chairmen: Mario Mollo Neto (UNIP); Maria de Fátima Bueno (IFSULDEMINAS/UNIP); Max Wilson Oliveira (IFSULDEMINAS/UNIP); José Hugo de Oliveira (IFSULDEMINAS/UNIP); Jorge Frana (INTA-Argentina)

Treating Input Data Uncertainty in LCA: Monte Carlo and Fuzzy Approaches - SANTOS, T. B.; ARRUDA, J. R. F. (UNICAMP); BRISSAUD, D. (Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble-France) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Evaluation of Essential Drivers of Green Manufacturing Using Fuzzy Approach - GOVINDAN. K. A. (University of South Denmark-Denmark); SHANKAR, M. (Anna University-India) [abstract] [paper]

Web-Based Application for Calculation and Analysis of Environmental Sustainability in Emergy - FRANÇA, W. L. M.; DEMETRIO, F. J. C. (UEMA); GIANNETTI, B. F.; ALMEIDA, C. M. V. B. (UNIP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Business Certifications for ISO 14001: Descriptive and Comparative Study of the Evolution Over the Period 2000 to 2010 - PEIXE, B. C. S.; TRIERWEILLER, A. C.; SPENASSATO, D. (UFSC); TEZZA, R. (UDESC) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

15:00 to 16:30

Oral Presentations - Session 5B - Room 06

Chairmen: Douglas Wittmann (USP); José Barroso de Souza (UNIP)

Towards a Cleaner Vehicle Fleet: the Dynamics of the Swedish Biofuel System - SANCHES-PEREIRA, A.; GÓMEZ, M. F. (KTH Royal institute of Technology-Sweden) [abstract] [paper]

Study of Vehicular Emission of Greenhouse Gases (GEE) in Gasoline-Powered Vehicles - MELO JÚNIOR, A. S. (USP/UNIP); GATTI, L. (IPEN/USP); SEVEGNANI, F.; SATIE, I.; IZIDRO, J.; IANNUZZI, A. (UNIP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Cleaner Production and Innovative Processes for an Industry of Re-Manufacturing Automotive Plastic Parts in Hermosillo, Sonora - MUNGUIA, N. E.; POOM, T. G.; VELAZQUEZ, L. E.; ESQUER, J. (UNISON-Mexico) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Biogas Production from Manure of the Fish Farming - MACHADO, S. T.; JORDAN, R. A.; SANTOS, R. C.; PAOLETTO, A. M; REIS, J. G. M.; AVÁLO, H. (UFGD) [abstract] [paper]

15:00 to 16:30

Oral Presentations - Session 5B - Room 07

Chairmen: José Benedito Sacomano (UNIP); Marcelo Nogueira (UNIP)

Safe Thermal Decomposition of Organochloride Pesticides by Submerged Oxidation in Molten Salts - LAINETTI, P. E. O. (IPEN-CNEN/SP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Characterization of Resultant Effluent of the Washing Process of Plastic Film Evaluating Treatment Application for Electrolytic Process - ORSI, M. C. V. L. (UNESP/FATEC); MANCINI, S. D.; LESSA, S. S.; GONÇALVES, L. B. F. (UNESP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Suggestions for Implementation of Cleaner Production in Cassava Starch Industry - BOHN, C.; GEITENES, S.; OLIVEIRA, L.; MEES, J. B. R; (UFTPR) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

16:30 to 16:50
Coffee Break
16:50 to 19:50


"Beyond GDP to Happiness, Wellness, Quality of Life, Living Planet and other indices: Guides for establishing Post Fossil Fuel Societies"

Donald Huisingh (University of Tennessee) [supplementary material]

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Universidade Paulista - UNIP
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