Rede de Parceiros
Rede de Parceiros
Structure and Contact

The Advances in Cleaner Production Network (ACPN) is an international network of researchers in different disciplines involved in sustainability issues. Currently, the ACPN involves approximately 150 educational and research institutions from 37 countries. The partner list can be found at:


The ACPN is organized in the form of network formed by Sustainability Centers, which are administered by researchers at the Paulista University (UNIP) and its partners. The Inter-University Centre for Sustainability of UNIP is connected to several Sustainability Regional Centers: Beijing Normal University (Asia and Africa), Deakin University (Oceania), Firenze University (Europe), Sonora University (Latin America and Caribbean) and Manitoba University (North America). The UNIP has agreements of academic cooperation with all these universities and new partners can contact directly with any of the Sustainability Centres to join the ACPN.

Sustainability ACPN centers

Global Center

Director: Biagio F. Giannetti

Paulista University

Address: Rua Luís Goes, 2211

Mirandópolis - São Paulo - SP - CEP 04043-200 - Brazil

Phone/Fax: 55-11-5586-4129



Regional Center: Africa

Director: Adolf Acquaye

University of Kent

Address: University of Kent, Room 310, Sibson Building

Canterbury, Kent, CT2 7FS, UK

Phone: +44 (0)1227 827710



Regional Center: Asia

Director: Gengyuan Liu

Beijing Normal University

Address: No. 19, XinJieKouWai St., HaiDian District 

Beijing 100875, P. R. China

Phone: 86-10-5880-6183



Regional Center: Europe

Director: Ginevra Virginia Lombardi

University of Firenze

Address: Dipartimento di Scienze per l'Economia e l'Impresa

Via delle Pandette, 9 - 50127 - FIRENZE - Italy

Phone: 39-55-275-9592

Fax: 39-55-275-9737



Regional Center: Latin America and Caribbean

Director: Juan José Cabello- Eras

Universidad de la Costa, CUC

Address: Calle 58 # 55 - 66. Barranquilla, Colombia

Phone: 57-5-336-2222     



Regional Center: North America

Director: Luís Eduardo Velázquez Contreras

University of Sonora

Address: Edificio 5 "O", Campus URC, UNISON, C.P. 83000, Hermosillo, Sonora, México

Phone: 52-662-259-2252     

Fax: 52-662-259-2253



Vice-Director: Bruno Silvestre

University of Manitoba

Address: 620 Drake Centre, 181 Freedman Crescent, Winnipeg, MB, R3T 5V4, Canada

Phone: 1-204-474-9431



Regional Center: Oceania

Director: Linda Hancock

Deakin University

Address: 221 Burwood Highway

Burwood Victoria 3125 Australia

Phone: 61-3-9244-3871