The Organizing Committee is extremely grateful to the invited speakers and their kind participation.

José Goldemberg
Universidade de São Paulo - Brazil

 Yu Xiuling
National Cleaner Production Center - China

 Cam Metcalf
University of Louisville – USA
 Carlos Fernando Zinola
Universidad de la Republica – Uruguay
Phillip M. Fearnside
Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazônia – Brazil
Enrique Ortega Rodriguez
Universidade Estadual de Campinas - Brazil

Bhaskar Kura
New Orleans University - USA

Paulo Antunes de Oliveira Rosa

Luc Hens
Vrje Universiteit Brussels - Belgium

Thank you the authors and to all the participants who have made this event possible.  

Special thanks are addressed to the UNIP’s support committee, Prof. Alessandra Ancona de Faria and the Post-Graduate and Research team.  We are sincelery grateful to students, teachers and coordinators of the UNIP’s Tourism course, Prof. Marília Gomes dos Reis Ansarah, Prof. Célia Maria dos Santos and Prof. Luana Cunha Palma. Special thanks are addressed to Dr. Marilia Ancona-Lopez, the Vice-Rector of Post Graduation and Research of Universidade Paulista, by her unconditional support.

We could not refrain from expressing our gratitude to the SENAC, Banco do Brasil, FAPESP, and CAPES for the financial support.

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