3rd International Workshop | Advances In Cleaner Production
Invited Lecturers
Program - May, 18th
Program - May, 19th
Program - May, 20th
Program - May 20th
08:00 to 09:40

Oral Presentations- Session 6A - Room 01

Chairmen: Gislaine V. B. Simóes (UNIP); Flávio Hourneaux Junior (UNIP); Minerva Gallardo Ybarra (UNISON-Mexico)

Reverse Logistics in Practice: Economic Study of Returnable Packing on the Transport of Machined Engine Heads - G. W. S. Renó, O. M. S. Truzzi (UFSCar), G. Sevegnani (SOCIESC), D. A. L. Silva (USP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Reverse Logistic: Destination of Expanded Polystyrene Expanded (Isopor®) Post Consumption from a Catarinense Industry - F. H. C. Chagas, A. L. Berretta-Hurtado, C. A. K. Gouvêa (SOCIESC) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Reverse Flow of Scrap Tires in the City of Santos - J. A. Yemal, N. O. V. Teixeira, C. G. Rodrigues (UNIP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Industrial Ecology: contributions to the Reverse Logistics Post-Consumer - J. C. F. Lima, A. Avoleta, O. F. Lima, E. W. Rutkowski (UNICAMP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Recycling Management Considering the Dispersion of Supply Sources - Collection, Storing, Selection, Classification and Distribution of Waste Discarded Scrap for Reprocessing - A Study of Reverse Logistic - E. Lopes (Independent Researcher) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

08:00 to 09:40

Oral Presentations- Session 6A - Room 02

Chairmen: Antonio Henrique Q. Conceição (UNIP); José A. Yemal (UNIP)

Structuring of Environmental Area in a Transport Company Sector of Pernambuco through Enterprise-University Partnership - Y. M. Paz, R. Prota, N. S. Cavalcanti, S. G. El-Deir (UFRPE), V. L. L. Bezerra (Grande Recife Transports Consortium) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Development of Actions of Socio Environmental University Responsibility in Semiarid Northeastern - G. D. Silva, Y. M. Paz, C. M. C. Rocha, A, L. Jacob , S. G. El-Deir (UFRPE) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Undergraduate Student Understanding of Green Chemistry Concept - V. S. Antonin, A. C. Morashashi (UFABC), G. R. P. Malpass (UFTM) [abstract] [paper]

The Cleaner Production in a Research and Education Institute: Bibliometric Study - J. A. Guedes, G. C. De-Simone, M. M. L. Barata (Oswaldo Cruz Foundation) [abstract] [paper]

Challenges of Teaching Corporate Environmental Management in Brazil: The “5 Ls” - C. J. C. Jabbour (USP-FEARP) [abstract] [paper]

CP: Sustainable Development and Environmental Higher Education - P. A. O. George (Independent Researcher) [abstract] [paper]

08:00 to 09:40

Oral Presentations- Session 6A - Room 03

Chairmen: Fábio Sevegnani (UNIP)

Water Management in the Tanning Industry – A Diagnosis under the Cleaner Production Principles in Sao Paulo State, Brazil - J. W. F. Pacheco (CETESB), D. D. Telles(FAT-SP), F. M. Ribeiro (CETESB) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Water Demand Management through Partnerships with SABESP and Government Sectors - R. R. Chahin (SABESP) [abstract] [organizational report]

Covenants and Partnerships with Municipalities Ran by SABESP North Business Unit for Water Resource Management - E. G. V. Souza (SABESP) [abstract] [organizational report] [presentation]

Mitigating actions for the Drug Industry in the Comarca de Londrina-PR, Brazil: Environmental Impact of Waste Dump in Water Bodies - I. D. Zapparoli, M. R. G. da Camara, C. Beck (UEL) [abstract] [paper]

Waste Water Minimization of Starch Industry Using Water Pinch Technology - M. Dakwala, B. Mohanty, R. Bhargava (Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee-India) [abstract] [paper]

08:00 to 09:40

Oral Presentations- Session 6A - Room 04

Chairmen: Ieda K. Makiya (UNICAMP)

Cleaner Production Opportunities in a Dairy Farm and Cheese Factory - J. Esquer, C. D. Cordero,  L. E. Velazquez, N. E. Munguía (UNISON-Mexico) [abstract] [paper]

Evaluating the Global Productivity of a Medium Size Agribusiness - A. D. Frugoli, C. M. V. B. Almeida, Pedro Américo Frugoli, Ana Paula Z. Santos, Mirtes V. Mariano (UNIP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

The Integrated Production of Fruits in Brazil and the Interface with a Cleaner Production - L. P. Vendrametto, C. A. Di Agustini, S. H. Bonilla (UNIP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Clean Technologies (Bio-Fertilizers) Alternative to Urea for Production of Basil in and Out of Season - C. Cabanillas, D. Stobbia, A. Ledesma (National University of Córdoba-Argentina) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Study on Clean Technology Energy Production and Feed the Use of Agricultural Residues on Sugarcane and Integrated Biosystems - M. C. A. Neto, M. M.Cansian, A. H. F. Costa, J. M. Santos, P. V. Pannirselvam (UFRN) [abstract] [paper] [paper] [presentation]

08:00 to 09:40

Oral Presentations- Session 6A - Room 05

Chairmen: Pedro L. O. Costa Neto (UNIP); José B. Sacomano (UNIP); Fernando J. C. Demetrio (UEMA); Geraldo C. Oliveira Neto (UNINOVE)

Bibliometric Analysis of Literature on Product Life Cycle Management, Product Development Process and Sustainability and their Interfaces - A. Varandas Junior (USP), P. A. C. Miguel (UFSC), M. M. de Carvalho (USP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Cleaner Production at an Environmental Agency: 15 Years of Experience at CETESB, Sao Paulo - Brazil - F. M. Ribeiro, J. W. F. Pacheco (CETESB) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Proyecto Piloto Implementación de la Metodología de Producción Más Limpia en la Universidad de la Salle Bajío Escuela de Turismo y ECEA - S. P. López, M. A. M. Centeno, L. M. V. Castillo, F. G. Olvera (Salle Bajio University-Mexico) [abstract] [paper]

Caso Cuba. Un Camino al Desarrollo Sostenible - J. J. C. Eras (UCf-Cuba), D. G. Lorenzo, A. S. Gutiérrez, L. Hens (Free University of Brussels-Belgium), C. Vandecasteele (K. U. Leuven-Belgium) [abstract] [paper]
08:00 to 09:40

Oral Presentations- Session 6A - Room 06

Chairmen: Tânia M. G. Gasi (CETESB); José B. de Souza (UNIP)

Incineration: An Inevitable Alternative for Waste Disposal - R. M. C. Coutinho (UNIP), A. L. O. Coutinho, L. C. Carregari (Independent Researchers) [abstract] [paper]

Proposed Structure of the Solid Waste Management in the Corporate Environment - T. S. Pinheiro, R. B. Prota, C. M. C. Rocha, N. S. Cavalcanti, G. S. El-Deir (UFRPE) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Post-consumer Packing Residue Management:  a Case-study on McDonald's - T. N. Lopes, V. A. Belo, M. R. Henrique (Unicastelo), A. Formigoni, E. F. Rodrigues, I. P. A. Campos (UNIP) [abstract] [paper]

Environmental Impacts of the Brazilian Shrimp Culture - K. R. Tancredo, R. O. Nobrega, T. Dias, K. R. Lapa (UFSC) [abstract] [paper]

Shellfish Clams use Possibility - D. Chierighini, R. Bridi, A. A. da Rocha, K. R. Lapa (UFSC) [abstract] [paper]

08:00 to 09:40

Oral Presentations- Session 6A - Room 07

Chairmen: José G. A. Carvalho (UNIP); Jorge Creso C. Demetrio (UNIP)

Feasibility of Using Scrap Tires How the Composition of Concrete Aggregates Sidewalk to Rubber - A. C. A. Romualdo, D. E. dos Santos, L. M. de Castro (IFG), W. P. de Menezes (Furnas Electric Center), A. Pasqualetto, O. R. dos Santos (IFG) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Characterization of Waterworks Sludge and Coal Ashes Aiming its Use in Manufacture of Brick - M. V. da Silva, D. A. Fungaro (IPEN/CNEN-SP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Study of Incorporation of Wind Blades Waste in Portland Cement - M. P. M. Bini, M. L. P. Antunes, L. Sottovia (UNESP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Tunnels and Non-Destructive Methods of Multi-Utility: Benefits for the Sustainability of the Networks of Urban Infrastructure - E. L. de Oliveira, M. T. Salles (UFF) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Analysis of the Application of AQUA Certification in Civil Construction in Brazil - M. L. Oliveira, C. B. da Silveira, O. L. G. Quelhas, V. J. Lameira (UFF) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

08:00 to 09:40

Oral Presentations- Session 6A - Room 08

Chairmen: Rodrigo L. Guarnetti (USP); C. A. Tassinari (UNIP)

Level of Disclosure of Environmental Information in the Electricity Sector: an Empirical Study of Brazil and Iberian Peninsula - C. Braga (UFCE), P. P. Silva (Coimbra University-Portugal), G. P. Santos (UFCE) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

The Nuclear Option to Contribute to a Cleaner and Sustainable Production of Electricity - L. S. Guimarães (Eletronuclear-RJ), J. R. L. de Mattos (Development Center of Nuclear Technology-MG) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Participatory Governance and Decision-Making: Oil and Gas in the Santos (Brazil) Coastal Region - E. S. Monteiro, I. P. A. Campos, E. P. Guerreiro (UNIP) [abstract] [paper]

Sustainability and the Allocation of Oil Royalties: A Theoretical Contribution - H. K. M. Costa, E. M. dos Santos (USP) [abstract] [paper]

Environmental Management System and the Pillar of the Environment - Eletronorte Rondônia Experience for the Sustainable Production of Electricity - F. I. B. S. Bastos, J. M. Degan, E. Temporim Filho (Eletrobrás Eletronorte-Brasil) [abstract] [paper]

09:40 to 10:00
10:00 to 12:00


Room 1: Industrial Ecology in Practice - Leo Baas (Linköping University – Sweden)

Room 2: Sustainable Farming - Gloria C. Rótolo (National Institute of Agricultural Technology – Argentina); Clara Rosalia Alvarez-Chavez – (Sonora University – Mexico); Irenilza Nääs (Paulista University - Brazil)

Room 3: Tools for Sustainability - André Coimbra Felix (Federal University of São Carlos - Brazil); Carlos A. Di Agustini (Getúlio Vargas Foundation - Brazil); João S. Furtado (Jatobás Institute - Brazil) [suplementary material]

Room 4: Emissions Registration and Transfer of  Pollutants (RETP) - Marcus E. M. da Matta (Intertox, Scientific Consulting and Research Company – Brazil)
Mirtes Vieitas Boralli (Ministry of Environment – Brazil)
[suplementary material]

12:00 to 13:30
13:30 to 15:00


"Sustainability practices performed at the Mexican Maquiladora Industry:  A case study in the state of Sonora and Baja California, Mexico"

Nora Munguía (Universidad de Sonora - Mexico) [conference]

15:00 to 16:30

Oral Presentations- Session 6B - Room 01

Chairmen: Lilian Vendrametto (UNIP); Cleber Kouri de Souza (IFSULDEMINAS)

Reduction in Generation of Scrap Metal by Internal Reuse and External Recycling at Serralheria Montanheza - A. D. Bernardino (UNA), E. N. Aqua (Aquateck Associates Florida-USA), L. R. S. Vieira (SECTES) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Cleaner Production Philosophy Applied to Metal Covers Packaging Industry of Seafood - S. M. Kakuda A. L. Berreta-Hurtado, C. A. K. Gouvêa (SOCIESC) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Environmental and Economic Benefits in the Implementation of Cleaner Production in a Galvanic Company - G. C. de Oliveira Neto (UNINOVE), O. Vendrametto (UNIP), L. E. C. Chaves (UNINOVE) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

15:00 to 16:30

Oral Presentations- Session 6B - Room 02

Chairmen: Tibor Raboczkay (USP); Celso A. Tassinari (UNIP)

Development of Catalytic Materials for Degradation Photoelectrochemical of Pesticides - G. R. P. Malpass (UFTM), S. Aquino Neto, A. R. de Andrade, A. L. T. Fornazari, D. W. Miwa, A. J. Motheo (USP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Mechanistic Study of the Fenton and Cupro-Fenton Reactions by Voltammetric Analysis in situ - L. C. Friedrich (USP), C. L. P. S. Zanta (UFAL), A. Machuleck Jr (UFMS), F. H. Quina (USP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Study of Stability of C19H23N3 (Amitraz) through Analysis FT-IR Spectroscopy - T. M. B. Farias, J. C. C. Santana , F. A. Calarge (UNINOVE) [abstract] [paper]

Electrochemical Remediation of 17α-Ethinylestradiol under Different Agitation and Electromotive Force - R. C. Batista, D. D. Cordeiro, S. Manzani (UFGO), I. A. Silva, L. Angnes (USP), E. S. Gil (USP/UFGO) [abstract] [paper]

15:00 to 16:30

Oral Presentations- Session 6B - Room 03

Chairmen: Carlos Cézar da Silva (IFSULDEMINAS)

Analysis of National Policy on Climate Change in Confrontation with the State Policy on Climate Change in the State of São Paulo - L. C. Ribas (UNESP), A. L. Brauer (FSP), I. F. Barbosa (UFSCar) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Determination of the Amount of Emitted Carbon Dioxide Due to the Construction and Operation of Refrigerating Cycle with Ammonia Vapor Compression and Evaporation Temperature between -30ºC and 5ºC - P. S. G. Carvalho (UNIP), M. M. Pimenta (USP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Cleaner Technologies and Sustainable Development: contributions of Brazilian Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Projects - A. Costa, J. C. S. Andrade (UFBA) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Environmental Performance Comparison of Carbon Black Production Process with the Implementation of Environmental Control Actions - C. P. Monteiro (Axia Value Chain-SP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

15:00 to 16:30

Oral Presentations- Session 6B - Room 04

Chairmen: Rodrigo L. Guarnetti (USP)

Extraction of Caffeine from the Husk of Coffea arabica - C. R. Cardoso, F. F. G. Telles, J. V. Nicolini, R. Santório, M. R. T. Halasz (DEQ / FAACZ) [abstract] [paper]

Coagulation/Flocculation Process with Seeds of Moringa oleifera Lam for the Removal of Giardia Cysts and Cryptosporidium Oocysts from Water - L. Nishi, G. S. Madrona, A. M. S. Vieira (UEM), F. J. Bassetti (UFTPR), G. F. Silva (UFSE), R. Bergamasco (UEM) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Characterization of Brazilian Red Mud (Bauxite Refinery Residues) and Assessment its Properties for Futures Applications - M. L. P. Antunes, F. T. da Conceição, G. R. B. Navarro (UNESP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Metal Removal in a Sewage Treatment System by Slow Filter - A. S. Melo Júnior, S. Moreira, D. M. Roston, J. E. Paternianni (UNICAMP), P. J. G. Ferreira, M. Wagner (UNIP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

15:00 to 16:30

Oral Presentations- Session 6B - Room 05

Chairmen: Fernando J. C. Demetrio (UEMA); Mirtes V. Mariano (UNIP); Antonio Henrique Q. Conceição (UNIP); Ricardo Ferrá Valencia (UNISON-Mexico)

Cell Layout Application in Product Recovery: a Lean Proposal to Increase Efficiency in Remanufacturing - M. Bouzon, C. M. T. Rodriguez, A. A. de Queiroz (UFSC) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]
Environmental Assessment of the Production of Sunflower Oil Epoxidized Esters Seeking Employment in the Machining - A. L. Klafke, F. Bock, M. Schneider, R. C. S. Schneider, J. A. R. Moraes (UNESP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]
Cleaner Machining Through a Toolholder with Internal Cooling - L. E. A. Sanchez, V. L. Scalon, G. G. C. Abreu (UNISC) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]
15:00 to 16:30

Oral Presentations- Session 6B - Room 06

Chairmen: Minerva Gallardo Ybarra (UNISON-Mexico); Jorge Creso C. Demetrio (UNIP); Marcio Saito (UNIP); Flavio Hourneaux Junior (UNIP)

Performance Factors for the design of Sustainable Logistic Platforms - C. C. Carvalho. J. C. F. Lima, O. F. Lima, E. W. Rutkowski (UNESP) [abstract] [paper]

Planning and Production Control in Enterprises Incorporated in the Network Environment: Implications for the Occurrence of a Development with a Sustainable Basis - S. L. Kyrillos (IFSP), J. B. Sacomano (UNIP), J. B. de Souza (IFES), F. J. S. Milreu (USCS) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Selection Process Theoretical Framework: Environmental Performance Evaluation - A. C. Trierweiller, B. C. S. Peixe, L. M. S. Campos, A. C. Bornia (UFSC) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]
15:00 to 16:30

Oral Presentations- Session 6B - Room 07

Chairmen: Marzely G. Farias (UDESC); Mário Mollo Neto (UNIP); Rodrigo L. Guarnetti (USP)

The Utilization of Wood Industry Waste for Use in Small Solidarity Economic Enterprises - J. C. Barbosa, C. I. de Campos, J. S. Vasconcelos, V. A. de Araujo, M. K. Wakabayashi, J. P. Regli (UNESP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]
Assessment and Implementation of a Cleaner Production Opportunity Furniture Industry in a Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais - C. H. R. Massote (e2 Environmental Consulting), A. M. M. Santi (UFOP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]
Effect of Extractive Removal on the Calorific Power of Wood Residues - T. Rossi, L. F. de Moura, P. R. Torquato, J. O. Brito (USP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]
Sustainability of Operations for the Timber Industry of Mato Grosso - M. C. Nehme (UCS) [abstract] [paper]
15:00 to 16:30

Oral Presentations- Session 6B - Room 08

Chairmen: Mirtes V. Mariano (UNIP); Fernando Jorge C. Demétrio (UEMA)

Environmental Accounting in Emergy for the Reserves of Clay, Gypsum and Limestone from the Point of View of the Brazilian Population Deficit - J. G. A. Carvalho, S. H. Bonilla (UNIP) [abstract] [paper]
Sustainability in Civil Construction - J. A. Yemal, N. O. V. Teixeira, I. A. Nääs (UNIP) [abstract] [paper]
Installation of the Head Office of the Superintendence of Environmental Management of SABESP from the Reuse of an Operational Building - M. F. S. Minucci (SABESP) [abstract] [paper]
The Use of Computer Resources for Improving Performance Improvement in Energy Efficiency in Construction in Brazil - D. Moreira, O. L. G. Quelhas (UFF), V. J. Lameira (INESC Coimbra- Portugal) [abstract] [paper]
The Importance of Certifications and Construction Management Systems - A. P. R. Alipio, G. C. Bruna (Mackenzie) [abstract] [paper]
16:30 to 16:50
Coffee Break
16:50 to 18:50

Closing Conference

"Five Challenges We Must Address IF We Are to Make Progress Toward Truly Sustainable Societies!"

Donald Huisingh (University of Tennessee-USA) [conference]

18:50 to 19:50

Closing Ceremony and Cocktail

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Universidade Paulista-UNIP - Brazil
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