Paul Sutton

University of Denver - USA

Paul Sutton is Professor of Geography in the Department of Geography at the University of Denver and one of the most influential researchers on the development of Ecological Economics. His research interests span from Geography to Ecology, Economics and Philosophy. Most of Prof. Sutton´s research focuses on applied issues associated with the Human-Environment-Sustainability problematic. 

His ongoing research activities include his participation to the NASA NightSat Mission which is providing novel data informing the understanding of urban growth and land use patterns, and the characterization of the impacts of urbanization on ecosystems. Prof. Sutton is doing a great deal of work with night-time satellite imagery and valuation of ecosystem services.

He authored more than 68 publications in top-level scientific journals such as Nature and Global Environmental Change, with an h-index of 25.  He co-authored together with Robert Costanza and others the paper “The value of the world’s ecosystems and natural capital” that, with over 7000 citations, is the most ever cited paper on ecosystem services. 

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