Volume 02 - 2009

“The Role of Energy in Sustainable Development” - José Goldemberg (São Paulo University, Brazil)


“Cleaner Production Research at the University of New Orleans, USA” - Bhaskar Kura (University of New Orleans, USA)


“CNTL-SENAI Participation in Latinoamerican Net of CP” - Paulo Antunes de Oliveira Rosa (CNTL SENAI/UNIDO/UNEP, Brazil)


“A University Centre for CP in Cienfuegos (Cuba) - Luc Hens (Vrje Universiteit Brussels, Belgium)


“Barriers to the Implementation of Cleaner Production as Ecoefficiency Practice in Small and Medium Enterprises in the State of Rio de Janeiro” – Rossi, M. T. B. (UFF); Barata, M. M. L. (IOC/Fiocruz-RJ)


“Aggregating the Environmental Benefits and Economic Benefits: A case study with application of CP” – Faccin, K. (UCS); Benvenuti, T.; Maffessoni, D. (UERGS); Rocha, J. M. (UNIPAMPA)


“Cleaner Production applied to the Hotel Sector” -  López, S. P.; Rodríguez, R. R.; Funes, S. L. (Centro de Producción Más Limpia del Bajío - Mexico)


“Analysis on Cleaner Production policy and its results in China” - Duan Ning, Bai Yan-Ying, Yu Xiu-Ling, Yin Jie, Song Dan-Na (China National Cleaner Production Center)


“Proposal for a construction system based on sustainable use of sawmill waste” – Carvalho, C. S. (Universidád Alberto Hurtado – Chile); Ogura, Y. (UNIP); Grinover, E. (Grinover Associados); Moliterno, C.; Albuquerque, A. P. R. L. (UNIP)


“Reduction In Waste Of Firewood And Raw Material Applying The Methodology Of Cleaner Production In The Sector Of Red Ceramic In Seridó Region” – Almeida, E. P.; Porto, L. P.; Nóbrega, E. M. M. A.; Queiroga, A. F. F. (CEPIS-PB); Costa, I. (IFET-PB)


“Proposal to the Residues Reduction in the Process of the Plasma Cutting of a Manufacturer of Building” – Milan, G. S.; Guedes, G. Z.; Angnes, F. B. (UCS)


“LEGOLEVE Blocks” – Kanning, R.; Cerri, J. A. (UTFPR)


“Fencing Blocks Using Recycled Rubble” – Abreu, R. M.; Lopes, R. W.; Arzak, R.; Salvi, A. E. (UNIP)


“Cleaner Production and Environmental Aspects in Sugar-alcohol Industries” – Alvarenga, P. R.; Queiroz, T. R. (UNESP)


“Crude Coconut Oil for Biodiesel Synthesis” – Araújo, G. S.; Carvalho, R. H. R.; de Sousa, . M. D. B. (UFRN)


“Production Of Biofuels From Cassava Starch Producing wastewater” – Lamaison, F.; Reginatto, V.; Amante, E. R.; Antônio, R. V. (UFSC)


“Environmental Assessments of Transportation Biofuels in Europe: A survey” – Pappis, C. P.; Petrou, E. C. (University of Piraeus - Greece)


“Adsorption of Reactive Black 5 Dye From Aqueous Solution By Coal Fly Ash” – Cunico, P.; Magdalena, C. P.; Carvalho, T. E. M.; Fungaro, D. A. (IPEN-CENEN/SP)


“Thermogravimetric Analysis Of The Polyurethane Biodegradable Foam Of The Project Gasolimp Product As A Power Cogenerating Agent” – Cortez, J. C. V. (UFPB)


“Study of viability of use of a natural polymer (TANFLOC) in substitution to aluminum sulphate in the water treatment for human consumption” – Coral, L. A. (UFSC); Bergamasco, R. (UEM); Bassetti, F, J. (UTFPR)


“Application of electrochemical degradation of wastewater composed of mixtures of phenol – formaldehyde” – Fornazari, A. L. T. (USP); Malpass, G. R. P. (UFABC); Miwa, D. W.; Motheo, A. J. (USP)


“Reuse Of Water And Process Waste From The Dairy Industry” – Brum, L. F. W.; Santos Júnior, L. C. O.; Benedetti, S. (UFSC)


“Waste Management of Salt Solar Distillation” – Souza, M. A. S. B.; Melo, J. L. S.; Melo, H, N, S.; Borges, M. C.; Nunes, A. O. (UFRN)


“WSD as a Sustainable Tool for the CP Practices: Water/Wastewater Minimization in Industrial Processes” – Mirre, R. C.; Yokoyama, L.; Pessoa, F. L. P. (UFRJ)


“Case Study for Recovering of Landfill Landscape of Toledo-PR” – Meinerz, C. C. (UNIOESTE); Klein, J. C.; Dimbarre, S. (UNIPAR); Mondardo, D.; Bellon, P. P.; Santos, L. B.; Scherer, F. (UNIOESTE)


“Evaluation of the Pollutant Removal Mechanisms of a Reed Bed System: Biochemical Parameters” – Islam, A. M.; Tudor, T.; Bates, M. (University of Northampton)


“Environmental Requirements on the Product Process Development Applied in Furniture Industries” – Azevedo, P. S.; Nolasco, A. M. (ESALQ)


“CO2 Flow Accounting in a Commercial Bamboo Plantation Aiming the Paper Production” – Ghelmandi Netto, L.; Giannetti, B. F. (UNIP) 


“The Cleaner Production Applied to a Small  Industry  of the Furniture Sector: Economic and Environmental Efficiency” – Oliveira, M.; Araújo, F. A. (UFJF) 


“New Weld Fume Chamber Design to Assess HAP Emissions Potential and Promote Cleaner Production” – Kura, B.; Jackens, J. (University of New Orleans-USA) ; Keay, J. (Pennsylvania State University-USA)


“Management of the Use of Vegetable Oils in Order to Restaurant Cleaner Production” – Schneider, R. C. S.; Santos, E.; Klamt, R. A.; Machado, E. L. (UNISC)


 “Used Cooking Oil Recycling: a Contribution to Increase the Process Productivity” – Pitta Junior, O. S. R. (FATEC-BS); Nogueira Neto, M. S.; Sacomano, J. B.; Lima, J. L. A. (UNIP) 


“Comparative Study with Emphasis on Emergy Environmental Sustainability of food with nutritional similarity” -  Guarnetti, R. L.; Bonilla, S. H.; Almeida, C. M. V. B.; Giannetti, B. F. (UNIP)


“Organic Food Consumers in Vitória da Conquista, Bahia” – Trevisan, S. D. P. (UDESC); Casemiro, A. D.  (UESB)


“Segregation of Waste Health Services as a Cleaning Production Process: Case Study of the 7th Region of São Paulo” – Pavelowski, E. M.; Hamada, J. (UNESP)


“The Solid Waste treatment used by Port of Santos administration” – Monteiro Junior, J.; Vendrametto, O. (UNIP)


“The contribution of Cleaner Production in the improvement of work conditions and workers health: a case study” – Batiz, E. C. (SOCIESC); Farias, M. G. (UDESC)   


“Sustainable Production: an approach of occupational health and safety in the auto parts industry in Hermosillo, Mexico” – Marín, A.; Munguía, N.; Velázquez, L. (Universidad de Sonora-Mexico)


“The Correct Fate of the wastes of a cheese manufacture - an Analysis of Economic Viability” – Serpa, L.; Priamo, W. L.; Reginatto, V. (UFSC)


“Matter study case: the present situation of recycle selective of Sorocaba City and study for partners between zone factories to more cleaning production” – Carvalho, M. (CENPRA/UNIP); Lopes, M. (UNIP/UNICAMP); Simões, G. (UNIP)


“Public Environmental Management: Risks and Problems of Garbage in the City of Pelotas / RS” – Kautzmann, A. S. S.; Nogueira, M. G. S.; Casalinho, G. D. O. (UFPel)


“Accounting Contributions in Emergy for the National Solid Waste Policy” – Di Agustini, C. A.; Vendrametto, L. P. (UNIP) 


“Sustainable Development and Participation Governance: Local Productive Arrangement and Technological Park of the Santos” – Guerreiro, E. P.; Monteiro, E. S.; Nanni, H. C. (UNIP) 


“Proposal for Integration of Sustainability in the Process of Rational Planning” – Silva, L. C.; Quelhas, O. L. G. (UFF) 


“Investing in Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Projects” – Kerr, R. B.; Perera, L. C. J.; Kimura, H. (Mackenzie); Lima, F. G. (USP) 


“CP Promoting Systems and its Results in China” - Yu Xiuling (National Cleaner Production Center - NCPC, China)


“Industrial Water Management” - Cam Metcalf (University of Louisville, USA)


“Principles Of Thermoelectric In Small Properties” – Silva, L. L.; Alves, M. S.; Silva, V. C.; Rocha, A. L. (IFAL-AL) 


“Determination of Relevant Environmental Impacts and Benefits Caused by Balbina Hydropower at Amazon” – Wittmann, D.; Bonilla, S. H. (UNIP)  


“Energy Efficiency Management” – Godoi, J. M. A.; Oliveira Junior, S. (USP)  


“Solutions for Energy Savings and Environmental Compliance Leading to Cleaner & Lower Cost Production” – Basu, A. J. (JNE Consulting Ltd. - Canada); Dutta, V. B. (Advenient Technology - USA); Datta, D. (M&I Power Technology, Inc. – Canada)


“New paint without the use of Coal Tar” – Solera, C.; Gnecco, C.; Drunelli, D. L. S. (Sherwin-Williams)  


“Application of Cleaner Production tool in Plastic Recycling Process” – Faria, F. P.; Pacheco, E. B. V. A. (UFRJ)


“The Implementation of the Cleaner Production in the rubber industry - a case study” – Oliveira Neto, G. (UNINOVE); Chaves, L. E. C.; Vendrametto, O.; Sacomano, J. B. (UNIP)


“Substitution of Non-Biodegradable Surfactants Used in Emulsion Polymerizations - A Study of the Polymerization Process and Performance of Products Obtained” – Buono, C.; Bittencourt, E. (UNICAMP) 


“Glycerol: An Innovative Energy Source From Biodiesel Production” – Gonçalves, B. R. L.; Perez, L.; Ângelo, A. C. D. (UNESP)  


“Energetic & Environmental Framework of Biofuels Plants” – Soler, F. D. (Siqueira Castro Advogados) 


“Obstacles for Brazil’s Consolidation in Cleaner and Renewable Energy Production” – Santini, G. A.; Pinto, L. B. (UNESP)


“Environmental Impacts and Biodiesel Production in Pilot Scale” – Kaercher, J.; Schneider, R. C. S.; Klamt, R. A.; Silva, W. L. T.; Schmatz, W. L. (UNISC) 


“Industrial Ecology as strategic tool for environmental policy-making process in Brazil” – Pereira, A. S. (UNICAMP); Vilela Jr, A. (SENAC-SP); Rutkowski, E. W. (UNICAMP) 


“Comparative Study of the Sustainability and the Human Development Index” – Demétrio, F. J. C.; Giannetti, B. F.; Almeida, C. M. V. B. (UNIP) 


“Environmental Public Policy and Performance Improvement Induction: an Initial Review” – Ribeiro, F. M. (USP/CETESB); Kruglianskas, I. (USP) 


“CP Promoting System in China” – Yin Jie, Duan Ning, Yu Xiuling, Bai Yanying (China National Cleaner Production Center) 


“Assessment of the Presence of Ecodesign Principles in a Chemical Company” – Borchardt, M.; Sellitto, M. A.; Pereira, G. M. (UNISINOS); Wendt, M. H. (Artecola Indústria Químicas) 


“LCA of Public Luminaires: Proposal for Mapping Production Flow for Inventory” – Sanchez Júnior, O. (IPT-SP) 


“Saving Productive Resources through Simulation Models Studies” – Nogueira Neto, M. S. (UNIP); Barros, R. C. (FEI); Sacomano, J. B.; Lima, J. L. A. (UNIP) 


“Physical-chemical characterization of residues from plum (Prunus salicina) orchards – Podestá, R.; Vieira, M. A.; Pagliosa, C. M. (UFSC); Simas, K. N. (UNIP); Maraschin, M (UFSC).


“Minimization of Foundry Sand Generation Using Tools From the Cleaner Production Program” – Maciel, C. B. (Tecnoambi); Moraes, C. A. M. (UNISINOS); Teixeira, C. E. (UCS); Schneider, I. A. (UFRGS) 


“Sustainable Raw material use and Reduction of Effluent Residues and: Cases of Success” – Ley, S. G. G.; Batista, D. S. A.; Fittipaldi, A. P.; Amorim, A. J. (SENAI-RJ); Sym, C. A. (FIOCRUZ) 


“Cleaner Production in Sector for the Manufacture of Leather Artifacts: Overview and Considerations” – Mattos, K. M. C.; Monteiro, M. R. (UFSCar) 


“Environmental Technology for Tanneries and their Adequacy for Projects of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)” – Ananial, E. A.; Pacca, S. A. (USP) 


“Environmental Performance Evaluation Based on  the Concept of Cleaner Production” – Coelho, A.; Macedo, M. A.; Vidal, L. N. L..; Correia, E. S. (SENAI-BA) 


“Diagnosis of the Forest Fragmentation on Watershed Córrego Poço Grande, Ouro Verde do Oeste City, Paraná” – Mondardo, D.; Uhlein, A.; Castagnara, D. D.; Klein, F. G.; Feiden A.; Meinerz, C. (UNIOESTE)


“The Search for Sustainability of PET through the Supply Chain Sustainability” – Formigoni, A. (UNESP); Rodrigues, E. F. (UMC) 


“Evolution of Industrial Environmental Approaches” – Lima, F. C. F.; Rutkowski, E. W. (UNICAMP) 


“Application of the Concept of Industrial Ecology to the Integrated Management System: Advantages and associated environmental improvements” – Gameiro, J. (Siemens); Silva, M. L. P. (USP) 


“Innovation and Cleaner Production: The MONGEE SYSTEM – GREEN GASES TRACKING INFORMATION SYSTEM” – Farias, M. G. (UDESC); Bueno, T. C. D. (Instituto I3G); Nicolini, A. T.; Bedin, S. P. M.; Oliveira, T. P. S. (UDESC)


“Managing I/O material flows in industrial processes – A key step towards sustainable production” – Partidário, P. J.; Figueiredo, J. M. (INETI-Portugal) 


“Analysis of phenolic compounds, methylxanthins and antioxidant activity of erva-mate (Ilex paraguariensis A. St. Hil.) residue: a new potential source of antioxidants” -   Vieira, M. A.; Maraschin, M.; Pagliosa, C. M.; Podestá, R.; Amboni, R. D. M. C. (UFSC)


“Zero discharge of galvanoplasty's effluent - Use of a reactor for high efficiency of electrocoagulation-flotation combined with ion exchange resins for plating wastewater treatment” – Araújo, P.; Katz, J. (EFIL)


“Plasma Processes as a Cleaner Alternative for Cleaning, Corrosion Resistance, and Functionalization of Metallic Surfaces” – García, T.; Nascimento, E.; Bittencourt, E. (UNICAMP)  


“Modelling of a DR Shaft Operated with Pure Hydrogen Using a Physical-Chemical and CFD Approach” – Costa, A. R. (Institut Jean Lamour - Nancy, France); Wagner, D. (Arcelor Mittal - Metz, France); Patisson, F. (Institut Jean Lamour - Nancy, France) 


“Cleaner Production Applied in Sealer Process of Paint Shop from na Automotive Company” – Wiemes, L. (FAMEC); Pawlowsky, U. (UFPR) 


“Cleaner Production: The Case of the Automotive Metal-mechanic Local Productive Arrangement from Serra” – Severo, E. A.; Olea, P. M.; Milan, G. S.; Dorion, E. (UCS) 


“Cryogenics Containers for Cargo Transport” – Lima, J. L. A.; Nogueira Neto, M. S.; Sacomano, J. B.; Fusco, J. P. A. (UNIP) 


“Pollution Prevention in an Auto Assembly Plant in Hermosillo, Mexico” – Esquer-Peralta, J.; Elenes, N.; Zavala, A. (Universidad de Sonora - Mexico)


“Modification of the Uruguayan Energy Matrix with the Use of Non-Conventional Energies” - Carlos Fernando Zinola (Universidad de la Republica – Uruguay)


“Global Warning and Sustainable Development” - Phillip Fearnside (National Research Institute of Amazonia – INPA)


“Water Quality Management: the Brazilian and the American Models” – Veiga, L. B. E.; Magrini, A. (UFRJ) 


“Waste Generation Diagnosis in Furniture Production as Subsidies for Enterprise Management” – Uliana, L. R.; Nolasco, A. M. (USP)


“Valorization of Solid residues: egg shell as raw material to new products development” – Oliveira, D. A.; Benelli, P.; Amante, E. R. (UFSC) 


“Organic Food: Challenges for a Public Domain of a Concept” – Casemiro, A. D. (UESB); Trevisan, S. D. P. (UESC) 


“Promoting Cleaner Production through Innovative University Research Methods” – Kura, B. (University of New Orleans - USA) 


“Development of a Environmental Methodology for Solid Wastes Management in Higher Education Institutions” – Vaz, C. R.; Fagundes, A. B.; Machado, P. C.; Oliveira, I. L.; Kovaleski, J. L. (UTFPR)  


“Emergy–based Environmental Accounting of the Engineering Course at a Paulista University Campus” – Santos, A. P. Z.; Frugoli, A. D.; Almeida, C. M. V. B.; Frugoli, P. A.; Lima, C. A. F. (UNIP)  


“Sustainable Water Management in the University of Sonora, Mexico” – Munguía, N.; Ojeda, M.; Velázquez, L. (Universidad de Sonora – Mexico)


“Model of analysis of Performance of Healthcare Waste (HW) Management by indicators, São Carlos-SP, Brazil” – Ventura, K. S.; Reis, L. F. R.; Takayanagui, M. (USP) 


“Contributions of Environmental Accounting in Emergy for Understanding of Soybean Production System on the Perspective of Sustainable Agriculture” – Vendrametto, L. P.; Bonilla, S. H. (UNIP)  


“Environmental Impact Assessment under the view of the elaborators and their Knowledge Management activities” – Viegas, C. S.; Coelho, C. S. C. R.; Selig, M. (UFSC) 


“Contribution of Packaging to Cleaner Production Goals” – Radonjic, G. (University of Maribor - Slovenia) 


“Cleaner Production Evaluation System (SAPmaisl): Encouraging The Continuous Improvement” – Neetzow, R. F. W.; Oliveira, J. M. (UNIDO/UNEP); Souza, A. V. (Apoio Consultoria)


“Infrastructure as a Key Factor for the Sustainability of Logistic Agricultural Production” – Makiya, I. K.; Traballi, R. C. (UNIP)


“The cleaner prodution applied in a group of restaurants in Paraíba” – Porto, L. R.; Queiroga, A. F. F.; Nóbrega, E. M. M. A.; Almeida, E. P.; Silva, T. C. P. B. (CEPIS-PB); Costa, I. (IFET-PB) 


“Proposals for the Recovery of Waste Processing of Orange Juice” – Rezzadori, K.; Benedetti, S. (UFSC)


“Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Projects and Generation of Clean Technologies in Brazil” – Andrade, C.; Costa, A. (UFBA); Nápravnik Filho, L. (UNIFACS); Telésforo, A. C.; Ventura, A. (UFBA) 


“Proposal of Environmental Recovery of the Urban Area of the Ouro Monte River Watershed” – Mondardo, D.; Bellon, P. P.; Santos, L. B.; Meinerz, C. C. (UNIOESTE); Haoui, A. F. (UTFPR) 


“Environmental Management on the Project of Serra do Mar´s New Immigrants Highway: Study case” – Fungaro, D. A. (IPEN/CNEN-SP); Martins, L. (UNIABC); Margarido, A. F. (Figueiredo e Ferraz Consultoria e Engenharia) 


“Environmental Performance of Cement Industry in Vietnam: The Influence of ISO 14001 Certification” – Anh, N Q.; Hens, L. (Vrije Universiteit Brussels - Belgium)


“Cleaner Production in Construction Sector: a proposal of minimization of residues in the source” – Mattosinho, C. (UFPE); Pionório, P. (FASETE)


“Environmental accounting in emergy for a house construction” – Carvalho, J. G. A.; Bonilla, S. H.; Almeida, C. M. V. B. (UNIP) 


“Sustainability and Cleaner Production in Construction Sites” – Gehlen, J. (UNB)


"Sustainability index to civil construction: A brazilian check-list proposal" – Goron, L. S. (UFRS); Oliveira, J. M. (CNTL/SENAI-RS); Rubino, R. M. C. (UFRS)


“Comparative Analysis of Houses Construction Using Emergy Accounting” – Carvalho, C. S. (Universidad Alberto Hurtado – Chile); Ogura, Y.; Grinover, E. (Grinover Associados); Albuquerque, A. R. P. L. (UNIP)


“Modification of the Sour Cassava Starch Production Process to Improve Organic Acids in the Wastewater” – Reginatto, V.; Kurtz, D.; Marcon, M. J. A.; Xavier, J. J. M. ; Scussel, V. M.; Amante, E. R. (UFSC)


“Environmental Benefits of Water Recovery in a Tilapia Production System, by Using Emergy Environmental Accounting” – Pierobom, J. L.; Bonilla, S. H. (UNIP)


“Factors Analysis on Promotion of Cleaner Production in Compulsory Enterprises” – D. Zhigang, Ning, D.; Xiuling, Y.; Jie, Y.; Yanying, B.; Danna, S. (National Cleaner Production Center – China)  


“SusUrbia – Sustainable Urban Life Beyond Peak Oil” – Bergquist, D. A. (Uppsala CSD - Sweden)


“Strategies for Changing the Future” - Enrique Ortega Rodriguez (Campinas University, UNICAMP, Brazil)


Download - Conference Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop