Call for papers for Special Volume of the Journal of Cleaner Production: Cleaner Production for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, dedicated to the 7th IWACP

The guest editors, Professors Biagio F. Giannetti, Feni Agostinho, Juan Jose Cabello Eras and Zhifeng Yang, are proud to announce that papers of the 7th IWACP are potential candidates for this Special Volume of the JCLP, entitled “Cleaner Production for Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals”.

Authors are invited to transform their ‘conference-ready papers’ into full, peer review-ready, documents based upon the feedback from conference participants and from members of the SV Editorial team. This Call for Papers is also open to colleagues who will not be able to attend the Workshop in Barranquilla during June 2018, but who wish to submit their papers of for potential publication in this SV.

This Special Volume is set to promote a discussion focusing on the role of Cleaner Production to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Manuscript submission

Full papers are invited for potential publication in this SV of the JCLP. Submissions should be between 9000 and 13,000 words for comprehensive, integrative reviews, and between 7000 and 8500 words for full research/theoretical papers with broad empirical studies and case studies.

All authors must follow JCLP’s “Guide for Authors” which can be accessed via the following link: and follow the standard submission procedures of Elsevier’s Editorial System (EES). To submit a manuscript, please access: and select this Special Volume “SV: CP – SDGs”. All submissions will be subjected to thorough peer review, revision, and re-submission processes. The manuscripts may be rejected after these processes due to poor quality.

Papers must be written in good English. Authors with limitations in the command of written English are recommended to have their papers edited by a ‘Native English Scientific Editor,’ before the first submission because poorly written pieces can compromise the decisions during the review process. Similarly, they should have their final document edited by a ‘Native English Scientific Editor,’ before they submit their final document for the final review and for publication within the JCLP.

Tentative schedule:

Initial submission of full papers: 1st October 2018

Manuscript submission deadline: 1st February 2019

Final Decision of accepted papers: 1st August 2019

Final publication of this SI: September 2019

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