Here is a brief write-up of the objectives for the two-day course on Writing of First Quality Scientific Manuscripts. This course will provide you systematic insights into the key elements of an excellent manuscript with special focus upon:

01 - The elements of a good document title;

02 - The elements of a good abstract with highlights on typical mistakes that should be avoided;

03 - The key features of appropriate key words;

04 - The important features of an excellent introduction to a manuscript;

05 - The crucial features of the theoretical framework, the objectives, methods and the relevant contextual literature review for a good scientific document;

06 - The essential elements of presentation of the empirical data that were gathered, how the data were gathered, how they were analyzed and how the author built the new findings and upon the work of others in the same or related fields;

07 - The crucial elements of excellent discussions, recommendations and suggestions of highly relevant aspects that should be addressed in the future to help to ensure further progress on the area addressed in the document;

08 - The use of proper literature citation protocol for diverse types of manuscripts from peer-reviewed journals, governmental reports, website derived materials, etc.;

09 - Key elements in proper usage of all literature in the literature list, within the document being prepared;

10 - Key problems such as plagiarism, improper citation usage, inappropriate attribution or lack of attribution of credit and many related problems will be addressed;

11 - Key elements of the 'Peer Review' process will be addressed, including: being responsive to the reviewer's and editor's inputs in making revisions of the manuscripts, proofing the uncorrected proofs and publication of the excellent quality manuscript;

12 - Key elements in being a good 'Peer Reviewer;

13 - Key elements and procedures in performing systematic literature reviews as the backbone and foundation for preparing an excellent manuscript will be addressed as a framework for the entire process. 

Additional notes:

Key differences and similarities between the principles of writing an excellent scientific manuscript and the writing of an excellent M.Sc. or PhD. thesis will also be addressed.

All participants should bring the following with them to the two-day workshop:

A - Two hard copies of each of two excellent quality documents they have found to have been helpful for their work, thus far;

B - Two hard copies of a draft document that course participant is working on and for which s/he wishes to seek advise/assistance on the journey to transforming it into an excellent scientific document.

C - An open mind and a willingness to work hard, have fun and learn very, very much!

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Universidade Paulista - UNIP