Dr. Donald Huisingh

University of Tennessee - Tennessee - USA

Donald Huisingh is skilled in interdisciplinary education and holistic approaches to defining and solving society's problems to effective and equitable progress to be made toward Sustainable Societies. He is skilled in course and curriculum development and curriculum evaluation in topics ranging from Sustainable Development, in the broadest dimensions, to more detailed issues such as: toxic use reduction, life cycle thinking, industrial ecology, pollution prevention, & eco-efficiency. He also addresses issues such as the philosophical, ethical, and political implications of improper eco-system management, human population growth and human capacity building. Donald Huisingh is the author or co-author of more than 300 professional publications, audio-video productions and simulations. He is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of the JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION and co-founder of “The International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education”. Donald Huisingh was Awarded The Most Valuable Contributions to Pollution Prevention Award in the U. S., in 2008. Awarded the “International Environmental Leadership,” Award by the Banksia Environmental Foundation of Australia in September 2000. Awarded North Carolina State Government’s Public Service Award (Spring 1982), among numerous other awards and honors.

[Journal of Cleaner Production]

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