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An Assessment study of the monthly complementarity of renewable energy resources in Colombia - PEÑA GALLARDO, R. (Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí - Mexico); OSPINO CASTRO, A. (Universidad de La Costa - Colombia)
Business Results of Eco-Innovation in Emerging and Developed Economies - REZENDE, M. D. V.; SANTOS, D. F. L. (UNESP - Brazil); BASSO, L. F. C. (Mackenzie - Brazil)
Carbon footprint of commercial forest plantations (Eucalyptus grandis, Pinus patula) and protection forest plantation (Guadua angustifolia kunth) in Colombia - MARTÍNEZ, L.A.; CUÉLLAR, Y.; PÁEZ, N.J.; PEDRAZA, J.I.; BELÁLCAZAR-CERÓN, L.C. (Universidad Nacional de Colombia)
Chemical Footprint of Brazil: A case of study of Dioxins and Furans - SIMOES, P. H. B. (Lisam Ecoadvisor Systems/UNIP - Brazil), GIANNETTI, B. F. (UNIP - Brazil) 
Clean Energy or Coal, Jobs and Displaced Carbon Emissions at Any Cost? Assessing Australia’s Brown Coal v. Solar-Produced Liquid Hydrogen Exports to Japan - HANCOCK, L.; RALPH, N. (Deakin University - Australia)
Development of Biosorbents from Canola Biomass to Pb2+ Removal - GONÇALVES JR., A. C. (UNIOESTE - Brazil); SCHWANTES, D. (UFPR - Brazil); CAMPAGNOLO, M. A.(PUC-PR - Brazil); BRACCINI, A. L.(UEM - Brazil); CONRADI JR., E.; ZIMMERMAN, J.; MANFRIN, J.; DE OLIVEIRA, V. H. D. (UNIOESTE - Brazil)
Electric supply and autonomous system for a cleaner production of pesticide-free aeroponic food products - HOYOS, F. E.; CANDELO, J. E. (Universidad Nacional de Colombia); CHAVARRIA H. J. (Colombian Aeroponics Company)
Energy planning for the development of the RECP: A case study in the hotel sector - RODRÍGUEZ TOSCANO, A.D.; GARCÍA SAMPER M. (Universidad de la Costa - Colombia) 
Evaluation of the Reverse Logistics Performance in Civil Construction - HAMMES, G.; SOUZA, E.D.; RODRIGUEZ, C.M.T. (UFSC - Brazil); ROJAS, R.H.; MOJICA, J.C. (Universidad de la Costa - Colombia)
Geospatial assessment of the wind energy for an onshore project in the Caribbean region of Colombia - PABÓN HERNÁNDEZ S. M. (Universidad de la Costa - Colombia)
Global Reporting Initiative's Sustainability Report: What Does It Really Indicates? - AMARAL, P.L.; AGOSTINHO, F. (UNIP - Brazil)
Meaningful work: a review of an organizational change towards health and well-being at work - BELLA, R. L. F.; QUELHAS, O. L. G.; FERRAZ, F. T.; HECKSHER, S. D. (UFF - Brazil); ANHOLON, R. (UNICAMP - Brazil)
Organic Alternatives for the Achievement of Cleaner Strawberry Production in Pamplona Norte de Santander - CASTELLANOS, L. (Unipamplona - Colombia); CÉSPEDES, N. E. (Granja Agrobiológica  Sol Vida, ASPAGRO - Colombia); MÉNDEZ, A. C.; BALDOVINO, A.; MAHECHA, J. G.; CARRILLO, O. S. (Unipamplona - Colombia)
Proposal of Calibration of Questionnaire for Evaluation of Happiness - SOUZA, R. R.; ALVES-PINTO JR, M. J. (UNIP - Brazil)
Study of Potential for Energy Recovery in Low-Cylinder Diesel Engines and its Environmental Impact - RAMIREZ, R.; SAGASTUME, A. (Universidad de la Costa - Colombia); VALENCIA, K.; HERNANDEZ, B.; DUARTE, J. (Universidad del Atlántico - Colombia)
Sustainability Assessment of Agribusiness Expansion in the Brazilian Savanna - COSTA, M.; AGOSTINHO, F. (UNIP - Brazil)
Temporary and Typological Series of the Administrative Procedures of the Municipal Environmental System - ALENCAR, S. K. P. (Amaju - Brazil);  EL-DEIR, S. G. (UFRPE - Brazil)
The action research as instrument of enhancement of the materiality process - CARPEJANI, P. (PUC-PR - Brazil); PINHEIRO DE LIMA, E.; GOUVEA DA COSTA, S. E. (PUC-PR/UTFPR - Brazil); MACHADO, C. G. (Chalmers University of Technology – Sweden); SAHEB, D.; VOSGERAU, D.S.A.R.; RIESEMBERG, R. R. C. (PUC-PR - Brazil)
The Materiality as a Competence of Enterprise Transformation under the Perspective of Sustainability  - CARPEJANI, P., PINHEIRO DE LIMA, E., GOUVEA DA COSTA, S. E., MACHADO, C. G. (PUC-PR - Brazil/Chalmers University of Technology - Sweden); BONFIM CATAPAN, B. (PUC-PR - Brazil); DESCHAMPS, F. (PUC-PR/UFPR - Brazil); LOURES, E. R. (PUC-PR - Brazil)
The potential for gasification of coffee stems to provide bioenergy for the coffee sector - GARCIA-FREITES, S.; GILBERT, P.; THORNLEY, P. (University of Manchester - UK)
Verification of the applicability of organic fertilizer, obtained in the composting and biodigestion processes, in the production of American lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) - SILVA, C. (IFPR - Brazil); CARVALHO, J. V. C. (UFMG - Brazil); DELAI, V. M.; DIAS, A. B.; ROCHA, S. A.; SILVA, L. K. (IFPR - Brazil)
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