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Adsorption of Reactive Black 5 Dye From Aqueous Solution By Coal Fly Ash - P. Cunico; C. P. Magdalena; T. E. M. Carvalho; D. A. Fungaro (IPEN-CENEN - São Paulo)
Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Projects and Generation of Clean Technologies in Brazil - C. Andrade (UFBA); A. Costa (UFBA); L. Nápravnik-Filho (UNIFACS); A. C. Telésforo (UFBA); A. Ventura (UFBA)
Cleaner Production applied to the Hotel Sector - S. P. López; R. R. Rodríguez; S. L. Funes (Centro de Producción Más Limpia del Bajío - Mexico)
Cleaner Production Evaluation System (SAPmaisl): Encouraging The Continuous Improvement - R. F. W. Neetzow; J. M. Oliveira (SENAI-RS); A. V. Souza (Apoio Consultoria)
Comparative Analysis of Houses Construction Using Emergy Accounting - C. S. Carvalho (Universidad Alberto Hurtado - Chile), Y. Ogura (UNIP), E. Grinover (Grinover Associados), A. R. P. L. Albuquerque (UNIP)
Comparative Study with Emphasis on Emergy Environmental Sustainability of food with nutritional similarity - R. L. Guarnetti; B. F. Giannetti (UNIP)
Contributions of Environmental Accounting in Emergy for Understanding of Soybean Production System on the Perspective of Sustainable Agriculture - L. P. Vendrametto; S. H. Bonilla (UNIP)
Cryogenics Containers for Cargo Transport - J. L. A. Lima; M. S. Nogueira Neto; J. B. Sacomano; J. P. A. Fusco (UNIP)
Environmental Benefits of Water Recovery in a Tilapia Production System, by Using Emergy Environmental Accounting - J. L. Pierobom; S. H. Bonilla (UNIP)
Environmental Impacts and Biodiesel Production in Pilot Scale - J. Kaercher; R. C. S. Schneider; R. A. Klamt; W. L. T. Silva; W. L. Schmatz (UNISC)
Environmental Public Policy and Performance Improvement Induction: an Initial Review - F. M. Ribeiro (CETESB); I. Kruglianskas (USP)
Environmental Technology for Tanneries and their Adequacy for Projects of Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) - E. A. Ananias; S. A. Pacca (USP)
Evolution of Industrial Environmental Approaches - J. C. F. Lima, E. W. Rutkowski (UNICAMP)
Investing in Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Projects - R. B. Kerr; L. C. J. Perera; H. Kimura (Mackenzie); F. G. Lima (USP)
Managing I/O material flows in industrial processes – A key step towards sustainable production - P. J. Partidário; J. M. Figueiredo (INETI - Lisbon-Portugal)
Modelling of a DR Shaft Operated with Pure Hydrogen Using a Physical-Chemical and CFD Approach - A. R. Costa (Institut Jean Lamour - Nancy, France); D. Wagner (Arcelor Mittal - Metz, France); F. Patisson (Institut Jean Lamour - Nancy, France)
New Weld Fume Chamber Design to Assess HAP Emissions Potential and Promote Cleaner Production - B. Kura; J. Jackens; J. Keay (University of New Orleans)
Obstacles for Brazil’s Consolidation in Cleaner and Renewable Energy Production - G. A. Santini; L. B. Pinto (UNESP - Tupã-SP)
Physical-chemical characterization of residues from plum (Prunus salicina) orchards - R. Podestá; M. A. Vieira; C. M. Pagliosa (UFSC); K. N. Simas (UNIP); M. Maraschine (UFSC)
Production Of Biofuels From Cassava Starch Producing Wastewater - F. Lamaison; V. Reginatto; E. R. Amante; R. V. Antônio (UFSC)
Promoting Cleaner Production through Innovative University Research Methods - B. Kura (University of New Orleans)
Reduction In Waste Of Firewood And Raw Material Applying The Methodology Of Cleaner Production In The Sector Of Red Ceramic In Seridó Region - E. P. Almeida; L. R. Porto; E. M. M. A. Nóbrega; A. F. F. Queiroga (CEPIS-PB); I. Costa (IFET-PB)
Solutions for Energy Savings and Environmental Compliance Leading to Cleaner & Lower Cost Production - A. J. Basu (JNE Consulting Ltd. - Canada); V. B. Dutta (Advenient Technology - USA); D. Datta (M&I Power Technology, Inc. - Canada)
Substitution of Non-Biodegradable Surfactants Used in Emulsion Polymerizations - A Study of the Polymerization Process and Performance of Products Obtained - C. R. S. Buono; E. Bittencourt (UNICAMP)
Sustainable Development and Participation Governance: Local Productive Arrangement and Technological Park of the Santos - E. P. Guerreiro; E. S. Monteiro; H. C. Nannic (UNIP)
Sustainable Production: an approach of occupational health and safety in the auto parts industry in Hermosillo, Mexico - A. Marín; N. Munguía, L. Veláquez (UNISON - Mexico)
The contribution of Cleaner Production in the improvement of work conditions and workers health: a case study - E. C. Batiz (SOCIESC); M. G. Farias (UDESC) 
The Correct Fate of the wastes of a cheese manufacture - an Analysis of Economic Viability - L. Serpa; W. L. Priamo; V. Reginatto (UFSC)
Thermogravimetric Analysis Of The Polyurethane Biodegradable Foam Of The Project Gasolimp Product As A Power Cogenerating Agent - J. C. V. Cortez (UFPB)
Valorization of Solid residues: egg shell as raw material to new products development - D. A. Oliveira; P. Benelli; E. R. Amante (UFSC)
WSD as a Sustainable Tool for the CP Practices: Water/Wastewater Minimization in Industrial Processes - R. C. Mirre; L. Yokoyama; F. L. P. Pessoa (UFRJ)
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