09:30 to 11:30


"Industrial Water Management"

Cam Metcalf (University of Louisville, USA) [presentation]

09:30 to 11:30


"Preventive Strategies and Expanded Supply Chain"

Alcir Vilela Junior (SENAC, Brazil) [presentation]

09:30 to 11:30


"Systems Approach Tools for Pollution Prevention"

Javier Esquer Peralta (Sonora University - UNISON, Mexico) [presentation]

11:30 to 13:00
13:00 to 14:30


"Global Warning and Sustainable Development"

Phillip Fearnside (National Research Institute of Amazonia - INPA) [abstract] [presentation]

14:30 to 16:00

Oral Presentations - Session 6A - Room 1

Chairmen: Yoshisuke Ogura (Pascaltec); Antonio Pasqualetto (FATESG); Jose L. A. Lima (UNIP); Marco A. Madureira (UNIP)

Water Quality Management: the Brazilian and the American Models - L. B. E. Veiga; A. Magrini (UFRJ) [abstract] [paper] **
Valorization of Solid residues: egg shell as raw material to new products development - D. A. Oliveira; P. Benelli; E. R. Amante (UFSC) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Organic Food: Challenges for a Public Domain of a Concept - A. D. Casemiro (UESB); S. D. P. Trevizan (UESC) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

14:30 to 16:00

Oral Presentations - Session 6A - Room 2

Chairmen: Norton R. de Freitas Junior (Instituto de Botânica-SP); Marzely G. Farias (UDESC); Olavo T. Ito (UNIP); Roberto A. Komatsu (CEFET)

Promoting Cleaner Production through Innovative University Research Methods - B. Kura (University of New Orleans) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Development of a Environmental Methodology for Solid Wastes Management in Higher Education Institutions - C. R. Vaz; A. B. Fagundes; P. C. Machado; I. L. Oliveira; J. L. Kovaleski (UTFPR) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]
Emergy–based Environmental Accounting of the Engineering Course at a Paulista University Campus - A. P. Z. Santos; A. D. Frugoli; C. M. V. B. Almeida, P. A. Frugoli, C. A. F. Lima(UNIP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]
Sustainable Water Management in the University of Sonora, Mexico - N. Munguía; M. Ojeda; L. Velázquez (UNISON - Mexico) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]
14:30 to 16:00

Oral Presentations - Session 6A - Room 3

Chairmen: José A. S. Ribeiro (UNIP); Tânia M. S. Costa (SENAI); Carlos A. Di Agustini (FGV)

Model of analysis of Performance of Healthcare Waste (HW) Management by indicators, São Carlos-SP, Brazil - K. S. Ventura; L. F. R. Reis (USP - São Carlos-SP); Angela M. M. Takayanagui (USP - Ribeirão Preto-SP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]
Contributions of Environmental Accounting in Emergy for  Understanding of Soybean Production System on the Perspective of Sustainable Agriculture - L. P. Vendrametto; S. H. Bonilla (UNIP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]
Environmental Impact Assessment under the view of the elaborators and their Knowledge Management activities - C. V. Viegas; C. S. C. R. Coelho; P. M. Selig (UFSC) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Contribution of Packaging to Cleaner Production Goals - G. Radonjič (University of Maribor - Slovenia) - Presented by: G. Radonjič [abstract] [paper] **

14:30 to 16:00

Oral Presentations - Session 6A - Room 4

Chairmen: Emilia W. Rutkowski (UNICAMP); Vitor J. Brum (CEFET-SP); Fabio Sevegnani (UNIP)

Cleaner Production Evaluation System (SAPmaisl): Encouraging The Continuous Improvement - R. F. W. Neetzow; J. M. Oliveira (SENAI-RS); A. V. Souza (Apoio Consultoria) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]
Infrastructure as a Key Factor for the Sustainability of Logistic Agricultural Production - I. K. Makiya; R. C. Traballi (UNIP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]
The cleaner prodution applied in a group of restaurants in Paraíba - L. R. Porto; A. F. F. Queiroga; E. M. M. A. Nóbrega; E. P. Almeida; T. C. B. P. Silva (CEPIS-PB); I. Costa (IFET-PB) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Proposals for the Recovery of Waste Processing of Orange Juice - K. Rezzadori; S. Benedetti (UFSC) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

14:30 to 16:00

Oral Presentations - Session 6A - Room 5

Chairmen: Silvia Manfredi (ANAB); Ana E. Salvi (UNIP); Alexandre Frugoli (UNIP)

Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Projects and Generation of Clean Technologies in Brazil - C. Andrade (UFBA); A. Costa (UFBA); L. Nápravnik-Filho (UNIFACS); A. C. Telésforo (UFBA); A. Ventura (UFBA) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Proposal of Environmental Recovery of the Urban Area of the Ouro Monte River Watershed - D. Mondardo; P. P. Bellon; L. B. Santos; C. C. Meinerz (UNIOESTE); A. F. Haoui (UTFPR) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Environmental Management on the Project of Serra do Mar´s New Immigrants Highway: Study case - D. A. Fungaro (IPEN-CNEN-São Paulo); L. Martins (UniABC); A. F. Margarido (Figueiredo Ferraz Consultoria e Eng. de Projetos) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Environmental Performance of Cement Industry in Vietnam: The Influence of ISO 14001 Certification - N. Q. Ahn; L. Hens (Vrije Universiteit Brussels - Belgium) [abstract] [presentation]

14:30 to 16:00

Oral Presentations - Session 6A - Room 6

Chairmen: Oduvaldo Vendrametto (UNIP); Carlos C. da Silva (USP)

Cleaner Production in Construction Sector: a proposal of minimization of residues in the source - C. Mattosinho (UFPE); P. Pionório (FASETE) [abstract] [paper] **
Environmental accounting in emergy for a house construction - J. G. A. Carvalho; S. H. Bonilla; C. M. V. B. Almeida (UNIP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]
Sustainability and Cleaner Production in Construction Sites - J. Gehlen (UnB) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]
Sustainability index to civil construction: A brazilian check-list proposal - L. S. Goron (UFRGS); J. M. Oliveira (SENAI-RS); R. M. C. Tubino (UFRGS) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Comparative Analysis of Houses Construction Using Emergy Accounting - C. S. Carvalho (Universidad Alberto Hurtado - Chile), Y. Ogura (UNIP), E. Grinover (Grinover Associados), A. R. P. L. Albuquerque (UNIP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

14:30 to 16:00

Oral Presentations - Session 6A - Room 7

Chairmen: Rodrigo Guarnetti (USP); Mario Mollo (UNIP); Carlos M. D. dos Santos (UNIP); Fernando J. C. Demetrio (UEMA)

Modification of the Sour Cassava Starch Production Process to Improve Organic Acids in the Wastewater - V. Reginatto; D. Kurtz; M. J. A. Marcon; J. J. M. Xavier; V. M. Scussel; E. R. Amante (UFSC) - Presented by: V. Reginatto [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Environmental Benefits of Water Recovery in a Tilapia Production System, by Using Emergy Environmental Accounting - J. L. Pierobom; S. H. Bonilla (UNIP) - Presented by: J. L. Pierobom [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Factors Analysis on Promotion of Cleaner Production in Compulsory Enterprises - Dan Zhigang; Duan Ning; Yu Xiuling; Yin Jie; Bai Yanying; Song Dan-na (National Cleaner Production Center - China) [abstract] [paper] **
SusUrbia – Sustainable Urban Life Beyond Peak Oil - D. A. Bergquist (Uppsala CSD - Sweden) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]
16:00 to 16:30
Coffee Break
16:30 to 18:00

Closing Conference

"Strategies for Changing the Future"

Enrique Ortega Rodriguez - (UNICAMP) [abstract] [presentation] [complementary material]

18:00 to 19:30
Closing Ceremony and Cocktail

* Unavailable presentation

** Paper not presented

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