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Applicability of Lean and Sustainable Production in Sanitizers and Cosmetic Industries in the State of Goiás - ALMEIDA, S. (PUC-GO); SOUZA, F. F.; PASQUALETTO, A.; TEIXEIRA, D. (IFG)
Assessment of the Integration Between Corporate Social Responsibility Practices and Management Processes in Brazilian Companies - CAZERI, G. T.; ANHOLON, R.; COOPER ORDOÑEZ, R. E.; SILVA, D. (UNICAMP); QUELHAS, O. L. G. (UFF)
Ceramic Incorporated with Ornamental Stones Waste Obtained from the Blocks Sawing Using Multiwire Technology: Environmental Characterization - GADIOLI, M. C. B.; PIZETA, P. P. (Mineral Technology Center); AGUIAR, M. C. (UENF)
Cleaner Production, Social Responsibility and Eco-Innovation as Antecedents of Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Consumption: The Generations's Perception of a Sustainable Future - SEVERO, E. A. (IMED); GUIMARÃES, J. C. F. (UFPEL); DORION, E. C. H. (UCS); GIRARDI, G. (IMED)
Comparative Analysis of the Tensile Properties of Polyester to Epoxy Matrixes Composites Reinforced with Hemp Fibers - MANTOVANI, D. P.; ROHEN, L. A.; NEVES, A. C. C.; VIEIRA, J. S.; PONTES, L. A. P.; VIEIRA, C. M. F. (UENF); MARGEM, F. M. (Faculdade Redentor); MONTEIRO, S. N. (Instituto Militar de Engenharia - RJ)
Criteria for Performance Evaluation in Municipal Solid Waste Management - FERNANDES, M. L.; RODRIGUES, A. P. (UTFPR); SOARES, A. C. (UNISEP); GOUVÊA DA COSTA, S. (UTFPR/PUC-PR); BORTOLUZZI, S. C. (UTFPR); PINHEIRO DE LIMA, E. (UTFPR/PUC-PR)
Different Perceptions of Corporate Citizenship in a Company in the Brazilian Power Sector - PACHECO, L. M. (FGV); KRUGER, C.; LOURENÇÃO, M. T. A.; ALVES, M. F. R.; CALDANA, A. C. F. (USP)
Difficulties and Barriers Observed in Cleaner Production Implementation: Literature Review - MATOS, L. M.; ANHOLON, R.; SILVA, D. (UNICAMP); QUELHAS, O. L. G. (UFF)
Eco-Efficiency in a Metalworking Industry of Campinas/SP Region: Reduction of Setup time and Carbon Footprint - LEME, R. D. J.; LOPES SILVA, D. A. (UFSCar)
Emergy Analysis for Brazilian Cotton Agriculture - BLATT, E. F.; ALMEIDA, C. M. V. B. (UNIP)
Energy Efficiency Assessment of the Brazilian Pre-Salt Petroleum - CLASEN, A. P.; AGOSTINHO, F. (UNIP)
Environmental and Energetic Performance Evaluation of Mouthwashes with Different Sensorial Aspect from a Latin American Plant - LOPES, L. C.; KULAY, L. (USP)
Environmental Performance Evaluation - A New Tool for the Industry - MACENO, M. M. C.; PAWLOSKY, U.; MACHADO, K. S.; SELEME, R. (UFPR)
Evaluation of Cleaner Production Opportunities for the Horizontal Packaging Process - STALTER, C. F.; MORAES, C. A. M. (UNISINOS)
Evaluation of Costs, Benefits and Externalities Associated with the Product Life Cycle in the Context of the Circular Economy: A Study for Aluminum Packaging - ALBUQUERQUE, T. L. M.; MATTOS, C. A.; SCUR, G.; KISSIMOTO, K. (FEI)
Global Efficiency of the Brazilian Soybean Transportation for Exportation: Road Versus Railroad Systems - RICHARD SILVA, T. (UNIP/FATEC); AGOSTINHO, F. (UNIP)
Immobilization Study of Toxic Elements Present in Coal Ash through the Treatment with Immobilizing Agents - CAMPELLO, F. A.; IZIDORO, J. C.; GHILEN, S. N.; FUNGARO, D. D. (IPEN)
Megacity Food-Energy-Water Pathway Analysis Based on a Systems Thinking Dynammic Circular Economy Calculator - JINGYAN XUE; GENGYUAN LIU (BNU - China); CASAZZA, M. (Parthenope University of Naples - Italy)
Multi-Objective Optimization of a New Sustainable Methanol Plant with Cogenerated Energy - ROCHA, L. B.; GIMENES, M. L.; FARIA, S. H. B.; SILVA, R. O. (UEM); ESTELLER, L. J. (Universitat Rovira i Virgilli - Spain)
Multi-Objective Optimization of an Industrial Ethanol Distillation System Using Direct and Indirect Heating - SILVA, R. O. (UEM); TORRES, C. M. (Universitat Rovira i Virgili - Spain); ROCHA. L. B.; LIMA, O. C. M. (UEM); COUTU, A.; BRUNET, R.; JIMÉNEZ, L. (Universitat Rovira i Virgili - Spain); JORGE, L. M. (UEM)
Performance of Operations Sustainables of Process of Public Procurement - LINDNER, A. P.; BORTOLUZZI, S. C. (UTFPR)
Planned Obsolence and Sustainability - SATYRO, W. C.; SACOMANO, J. B.; CONTADOR, J. C.; CARDOSO, A.; SILVA, E. P. (UNIP) 
Portland Cement Production with Dregs and Grits from Kraft Pulp Mills Incorporation to the Clinker - TORRES, C. M. M. E..; SILVA, C. M.; PEDROTI, L. G.; FERNANDES, W. E. H.; BALLOTIN, F. C.; ZANUNCIO, J. C. (UFV) 
Proposal of a Template to Sustainability Management by Integrating Triple Bottom Line and Balanced Scorecard from the Quality Management - NICOLETTI JR., A. (UNIMEP); OLIVEIRA, M. C.; HELLENO, A. L. (UNIMEP/Mackenzie)
Proposing Robustness Index for Emergy Accounting - BUENO, M. F. F. (UNIP/IFSULDEMINAS)
Sensibility Analysis of Biodiesel use in a Commercial Bamboo Plantation in Alternative to Diesel Oil - GHELMANDI NETTO, L. (UNIP)
Soft Sensors to Assess the Energy Consumption in the Formatioj of Lead-Acid Batteries - CABELLO, J. J.; SAGASTUME, A.; SOUSA, V.; HERRERA, H.; BALBIS, M.; SILVA, J. (Universidad de la Costa - Colombia)
Street Lighting Management with Eco-Efficiency - SANCHEZ JUNIOR, O. (IPT-SP)
Suatainability Strategies for Coastal Aquifer Analysis: Hermosillo Coast - ZEPEDA QUINTANA, D. S.; LOEZA RENTERIA, C. M.; OJEDA DE LA CRUZ, A.; VELÁZQUEZ CONTRERAS, L. E. (UNISON - Mexico)
Sustainable of tomatoes supply chain management – Cases of study - CAMILO, R.; MANO, T. B.; ROCHA, L. B.; ALMEIDA, R. A. de; REZENDE, R. V. de P.; RAVAGNANI, M. da a. S. S. (UEM)
The Artisan Recycling on UNIOESTE - Foz do Iguaçú Campus - GARCIA, F. S.; MARTINES, A. I. T. (UNIOESTE) 
The Bullwhip Effect in Closed Loop Supply Chain: A Systematic Literature Review - BRAZ, A. C.; DE MELLO, A. M.; VASCONCELOS GOMES, L. A.; NASCIMENTO, P. T. S. (USP) 
The Influence of Enterpeneurial and Market and Knowledge Management Orientations about a Cleaner Production and the Sustanable Competititve Advantage - GUIMARÃES, J. C. F. (UFPel); SEVERO, E. A. (IMED); VASCONCELOS, C. R. M. (UnP)
Transforming an Industrial District into na Ecological Industrial Park: A Methodological Proposal - TRAMA, C. P.; MAGRINI, A. (UFRJ)
Use of Experimental Design in the Study of Water Absorption of Ceramic Incorporated with Red Mud - BABISK, M. P. (UENF); BUROCK, I. P. (UFES); RIBEIRO, L. S. (UENF); PRADO, U. S. (Lining - Repr. Consult. & Projetos Ltda); MONTEIRO, S. N. (Instituto Militar de Engenharia - RJ); VIEIRA, C. M. F. (UENF)
Use of Red Mud Activated at Different Temperatures as a Low Cost Adsorbent of Reactive Dye - ANTUNES, M. L. P.; CONCEIÇÃO, F. T.; NAVARRO, G. R. B.; FERNANDES, A. M.; DURRANT, S. F. (UNESP)
What is materiality in GRI G4? A Discussion and Agenda for Future Research - CARPEJANI, P. (PUC-PR); PINHEIRO DE LIMA, E. (PUC-PR/UTFPR); MACHADO, C. G. (PUC-PR)
Wood Construction and Circular Building: Potential for Sustainability - TAVARES, S. F.; INO, A.; OMETTO, A. R. (USP)
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