Programa sujeto a cambios de acuerdo con el Comité Organizador
08:00 to 09:40
09:40 to 10:30
Opening Ceremony
10:30 to 12:00

Opening Conference

"Do the Limits to Growth Apply to Smart Cities that Have Achieved the Sustainable Development Goals?"

Paul Sutton (University of Denver - USA)

12:00 to 13:30
13:30 to 15:00


"The Paradoxes and Delusions of Economics"

Luca Coscieme (Trinity College Dublin - Ireland)

15:00 to 16:30
Oral Presentation - Session 5B - Room 1 (ENGLISH)
Main SDG
Chairmen: Vladmir Sousa (Universidade de la Costa); Pedro Henrique Bolanho Simões (UNIP); Ana Paula Sene (UEM)
Implementing the SDG15: Business Climate Index in the Context of the Forestry Sector of Tocantins, Brazil - TEIXEIRA, D. M. C.; ZAPATA, C. (UnB - Brazil) [abstract] [paper]
Energy Audits: Ecological Sustainable Research Center - VELAZQUEZ, L.E.; MUNGUIA, N. E.; HERRERA, J.; ESQUER, J.; ZEPEDA, D.(UNISON - Mexico) [abstract] [paper]

Related SDG's

7, 9

Clean Energy or Coal, Jobs and Displaced Carbon Emissions at Any Cost? Assessing Australia’s Brown Coal v. Solar-Produced Liquid Hydrogen Exports to Japan - HANCOCK, L.; RALPH, N. (Deakin University - Australia) [abstract] [paper]

Cleaner production to adapt to climate change: A stakeholder Delphi survey in a heavily affected district in Vietnam - HENS, L. (Vito - Belgium); NGUYEN, A.T. (Hanoi University of Natural Resources and Environment - Vietnam); SAGASTUME, A.; CABELLO, J.J. (Universidad de La Costa - Colombia); BLOCK, C. (2C Ecosolutions - Belgium); VANDECASTEELE, C. (KU Leuven - Belgium) [abstract]
15:00 to 16:30
Oral Presentation - Session 5B - Room 2
Main SDG
Chairmen: Armando Fontavo (Universidad de la Costa); John Grimaldo (Universidad del Norte); Gilmar dos Santos Marques (UnB)
Analysis of yield of Aroeira Vermelha fruit extract via solvent extraction - Factorial Planning 2^03 - SILVA, C.; DIAS, A. B.; MICHALCZUK, J. R.; SAKAI, O. A.; SILVA, L. K.; ROCHA, S. A. (IFPR - Brazil) [abstract] [paper]
Sustainable Development, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Impacts in Coffee Farming Process - SEPÚLVEDA, J,D. (Universidad del Atlántico - Colombia); RIAÑO, N,M. (ASOHOFRUCOL - Colombia); MERIÑO, L,I. (Universidad del Atlántico - Colombia) [abstract] [paper]

Related SDG's

Organic Alternatives for the Achievement of Cleaner Strawberry Production in Pamplona Norte de Santander - CASTELLANOS, L. (Unipamplona - Colombia); CÉSPEDES, N. E. (Granja Agrobiológica Sol Vida, ASPAGRO - Colombia); MÉNDEZ, A. C.; BALDOVINO, A.; MAHECHA, J. G.; CARRILLO, O. S. (Unipamplona - Colombia) [abstract] [paper]
A phenomenologically based airline model of a 2 MW Gas Engine - VALENCIA, G. E. (Universidad del Atlántico - Colombia); CONSUEGRA, F. E. (Universidade del Norte); OSORIO, M. (Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana - Colombia) [abstract] [paper]
15:00 to 16:30
Oral Presentation - Session 5B - Room 3
Main SDG
Chairmen: Dora Rosales (Universidad del Norte); Marcos José Alves P. Jr (UNIP); Geraldo Cardoso de Oliveira (Neto UNINOVE - Brazil)
Evaluation of Key Factors, Productive Losses and Environmental Impacts in Palm Oil Production Process - MERIÑO, L. I.; ABIANTUN, A.; GERMÁN, L.; SEPÚLVEDA, J. (Universidad del Atlántico - Colombia) [abstract] [paper]
Comparison of Environmental Assessment Methods in the Analysis of the Energy Efficiency in Agricultural Production Systems - MÉNDEZ, C.; RENGIFO, C. F; CORRALES, J. C.; FIGUEROA, A. (University of Cauca - Colombia) [abstract] [paper]

Related SDG's

Verification of the applicability of organic fertilizer, obtained in the composting and biodigestion processes, in the production of American lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) - SILVA, C. (IFPR - Brazil); CARVALHO, J. V. C. (UFMG - Brazil); DELAI, V. M.; DIAS, A. B.; ROCHA, S. A.; SILVA, L. K. (IFPR - Brazil) [abstract] [paper]
Obtaining and Evaluation of Synthesis Gases from Biomass Gasification using Finite Element Analysis - FABREGAS, J.; FONTALVO, C.E. (Universidad Autónoma del Caribe - Colombia); VALENCIA, G.E.; OBREGON, L.G. (Universidad del Atlántico - Colombia); CARDENAS, Y.D. (Universidad de la Costa - Colombia) [abstract] [paper]
15:00 to 16:30
Oral Presentation - Session 5B - Room 4
Main SDG
Chairmen: Eliana Noriega (Universidad de la Costa); Otávio Sakai (IFPR); Andressa D'Agostin (UPF)
Optimal Planning of Drinking Water Production - GARCÍA-CÁCERES, R. G. (UPTC - Colombia); CASTAÑEDA-GALVIS, M.T.; SUÁREZ-FAJARDO, J.F. (UPB - Colombia) [abstract] [paper]
As simple improvements affect the eco-efficiency of road freight transport - VISCARDI, T.B.; HAMMES, G.; SOUZA, E.D.; RODRIGUEZ, C.M.T. (UFSC); ROJAS, R.H ; MOJICA, J.C. (Universidad de la Costa - Colombia) [abstract] [paper]

Related SDG's

6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 17
A Survey about Multi-Objective Optimization for Green Vehicle Routing Problems - FERREIRA, J. C.; STEINER, M. T. A.; CANCIGLIERI JR, O. (PUC-PR - Brazil) [abstract] [paper]
Energy planning for the development of the RECP: A case study in the hotel sector - RODRÍGUEZ TOSCANO, A.D.; GARCÍA SAMPER M. (Universidad de la Costa - Colombia) [abstract] [paper]
Social Reverse Logistics of Used, Non-Expired Medicines (UNEM) with Public Economic Burden? An Impact Appraisal from a Municipal Program - BERTOLO, R. J.; VIEGAS, C. V. (UNISINOS - Brazil); BOND. A. (University of East Anglia - UK/North-West University - South Africa); BORCHARDT, M.; PEREIRA, G. M. (UNISINOS - Brazil) [abstract] [paper]
15:00 to 16:30
Oral Presentation - Session 5B - Room 5
Main SDG
Chairmen: Kelly Sarmiento Berdugo (Universidad de la Costa); Wagner Cezar Lucato (UNINOVE)

Related SDG's

1, 3, 8, 9, 10, 16
Temporary and Typological Series of the Administrative Procedures of the Municipal Environmental System - ALENCAR, S. K. P. (Amaju - Brazil); EL-DEIR, S. G. (UFRPE - Brazil) [abstract] [paper]
Proposal of Calibration of Questionnaire for Evaluation of Happiness - SOUZA, R. R.; ALVES-PINTO JR, M. J. (UNIP - Brazil) [abstract] [paper]
Meaningful work: a review of an organizational change towards health and well-being at work - BELLA, R. L. F.; QUELHAS, O. L. G.; FERRAZ, F. T.; HECKSHER, S. D. (UFF - Brazil); ANHOLON, R. (UNICAMP - Brazil) [abstract] [paper]
15:00 to 16:30
Oral Presentation - Session 5B - Room 6
Main SDG
Chairmen: Flavia Spala Garcia (UNIOESTE); Eliezer Henker (UNISC); Lucas Goecks (UNISINOS/UNIPAMPA)
The Materiality as a Competence of Enterprise Transformation under the Perspective of Sustainability - CARPEJANI, P., PINHEIRO DE LIMA, E., GOUVEA DA COSTA, S. E., MACHADO, C. G. (PUC-PR - Brazil/Chalmers University of Technology - Sweden); BONFIM CATAPAN, B. (PUC-PR - Brazil); DESCHAMPS, F. (PUC-PR/UFPR - Brazil); LOURES, E. R. (PUC-PR - Brazil) [abstract] [paper]
Remanufacturing process for mechanical transmissions of commercial vehicles: Case study in automotive company - TUNES, G.; HANDA, J.; GERALDI, R.; COOPER, R. E.; ANHOLON, R. (UNICAMP); GRANADA, L. F. (Universidad Libre - Colombia) [abstract] [paper]

Related SDG's

6, 8, 11, 12, 17
Improving Cleaner Production through Biologically Inspired Urban-Industrial Networks - MORRIS, Z.; BRAS, B. (Georgia Institute of Technology - USA) [abstract] [paper]
15:00 to 16:30
Oral Presentation - Session 5B - Room 7 (ENGLISH)
Main SDG
Chairmen: Zamir Umaña (Universidad de la Costa) Feni Agostinho (UNIP)
The potential for gasification of coffee stems to provide bioenergy for the coffee sector - GARCIA-FREITES, S.; GILBERT, P.; THORNLEY, P. (University of Manchester - UK) [abstract]
Solid Fuel Produced from Mandarin Peels and Rice Husks - EZIRIO, M. J.; COSTA, S.; CREMONA PARMA, G. O.; BARCELOS, R. L.; MAGNAGO, R. M. (UNISUL - Brazil) [abstract] [paper]

Related SDG's

9, 11, 12, 13, 17
Thermodynamic and economic simulation of organic Rankine cycle coupled with natural gas stationary engines - FONTALVO-LASCANO, A. (Universidad de la Costa - Colombia); ROMERO, C. (Universidad del Atlántico - Colombia); TEHERAN, O.; BARROS, P.; BALBIS-MOREJON, M.; SAGASTUME-GUTIÉRREZ, A. (Universidad de la Costa - Colombia) [abstract] [paper]
Life Cycle Assessment of the production of biodiesel from the Seeds of Tabaco Solaris - CARVALHO, F. S.; FORNASIER, F.; LEITÃO, O.M.; SCHNEIDER, R. C. S.; MORAES, J. A. R.(UNISC - Brazil) [abstract] [paper]
15:00 to 16:30
Oral Presentation - Session 5B - Room 8
Main SDG
Chairmen: Marcio Costa (UNIP); Raísa Prota Lins Bezerra (UFPE)
An Assessment study of the monthly complementarity of renewable energy resources in Colombia - PEÑA GALLARDO, R. (Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí - Mexico); OSPINO CASTRO, A. (Universidad de La Costa - Colombia) [abstract] [paper]
Colombian Clean Fuel Matrix: Current Scenario and Opportunities for Biofuels Enhancement - LUNA-DELRISCO, M. A.; QUINTERO SUAREZ, F.; GONZÁLEZ PALACIO, M.; VILLEGAS MONCADA, S.; ARREDONDO OROZCO, C.A.; CUATINDIOY IMBACHI, J.; GONZÁLEZ PALACIO, L.(Universidad de Medellin - Colombia) [abstract] [paper]

Related SDG's

8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

Geospatial assessment of the wind energy for an onshore project in the Caribbean region of Colombia - PABÓN HERNÁNDEZ S. M. (Universidad de la Costa - Colombia) [abstract] [paper]
External Auditing of Corporate Social Responsibility Projects: Case Study of CSR projects for Energy Company in Thailand - NIYOMMANEERAT, W.; BOONPRAMOTE, T.; CHAVALPARIT , O. (Chulalongkorn University,Bangkok - Thailand) [abstract] [paper]
16:30 to 16:50
Coffee Break
16:50 to 18:50

Plenary Presentations

‘Creating Value from Industrial Waste" - Carlos Poveda (Netherlands Organisation for applied Scientific Research (TNO) - Netherlands)

‘Circular Economy, a Way to Sustainability?" - Chantal Block (2C Ecosolutions - Belgium)

‘Cleaner Energy Production to Support Sustainable Agriculture in the Global South" - Samira Garcia-Freites (University of Manchester - UK)

‘Education for Sustainability" - Soraya El-Deir (Federal Rural University of Pernambuco - Brazil)

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