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A Lean & Green Model for a Value Stream - PAMPANELLI, A. B. (GKN Driveline Americas)  
Adsorption of Rhodamine B Dye from Aqueous Solution by Surfactant Modificed Zeolite from Coal Bottom Ash - ALCÂNTARA, R. R., IZIDORO, J. C., FUNGARO, D. A. (IPEN - CNEN/SP)
Air Treatment Station: A Proposal Air Pollution Reduction - BREJÃO, A. S., MORAES, M. O., VENDRAMETTO, O. (UNIP), BREJÃO, L. F. (UFABC)
Ambiental Valoration and Energy Generation with System Subproduct of Urban Solid Waste for Pirolysys - FRIMAIO, G. (IFAC); FRIMAIO, C. A. (UFABC) 
Analysis of Bordering Counties in Sao Paulo State and Oil Exploration from the Perspective of Integral Sustainability - COSTA, H. K. M.; BARBOSA, L. G. N.; SIMÔES, A. F. A.; SANTOS, E. M. (USP)
Analysis of Metal Chip Recycling Methods Contaminated Considering Approaches to Eco-Efficiency and Eco-Effectiveness - MORAES, C. A. M. (UNISINOS/PPG); SIMON, L.; VARGAS, M. (UNISINOS)
Assessment of Energy, Global, and CO2 Emission Efficiencies of Sand Production from Construction and Demolition Materials - BORGES, R. F. M., AGOSTINHO, F. (UNIP)
Assessment of the Viability of Production of Ceramic Tiles from Waste Generated in the Casting Process Using Plasma Electrolytic Oxide of Aluminum Alloy - SOUZA, C.S., ANTUNES, M.L.P. (UNESP), DALLA VALENTINA, L.V.O. (UDESC), RANGEL, E.C., CRUZ, N.C. (UNESP)
Building an Ecodesign Transition Framework toward Sustainable Product Innovation - BRONES, F. A.; CARVALHO, M. M.; ZANCUL, E. S. (USP)
Cleaner Energy Production and Sustainable Investments: A Portfolio Analysis in the Italian Electricity Market - CUCCHIELLA, F.; GASTALDI M.; TROSINI M. (University of L'Aquila, Italy)
Cleaner Production : A Bibliometric Study in Scopus Data Base - GIACCHETTI, M. C. M.; AGUIAR, A. O. (UNINOVE)
Cleaner Production and Environmental Management as a Sustainable Product Innovation Antecedents: A Survey in Brazilian Industries - SEVERO, E. A.; GUIMARÃES, J. C. F. (IMED); DORION, E. C. H. (UCS)
Cleaner Production Criteria and Project Management Maturity: A Structural Equation Modeling Analysis in Brazilian Industries - GUIMARÃES, J. C. F.; SEVERO, E. A. (IMED); SENNA, P. (CEFET/RJ)
Comparative Study of Methods for the Synthesis of Silica Gel from Biomass Residue Ash of Sugarcane - HELENO, R. A.; REIS, T. V. S.; FUNGARO D. A. (IPEN/CNEN-SP)
CP As a Competitive Advantage of the Product: The Consumer’s Point of View - MORAES, W. L. (UNIBRATEC/IMI); BAUDEL, R. M.; PONTES, V. R. (UNIBRATEC); LIMA, S. C. (IMI)
Cradle to Cradle: An Analysis of Certified Cleaning Products and Clothes Washing - ALIGLERI, L. (UEL/USP); ALIGLERI, L. A. (UEL/FACCAR); KRUGLIANSKAS, I. (USP)
Data Envelopment Analysis in the Sustainability Context - a Study of Brazilian Electricity Sector by Using Global Reporting Initiative Indicators - SARTORI, S.; ALVARENGA, T. H. P.; GIBIM, C.; CAMPOS, L. M. S. (UFSC)
Early Stage Investment and Cost Calculation Methodologies for NOx Reduction Measures in Large Combustion Plants - MAYER, C.; MUELLER, A.-K.; FROEHLING, M.; SCHULTMANN, F. (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
Emergy Accounting of a Course of Management  at the Federal Institute of Southern Minas Gerais: A Case Study - OLIVEIRA, J. H. (IFSULDEMINAS/UNIP); ALMEIDA, C. M. V. B. (UNIP)
Emergy Accounting of Milk Production System: Is the Organic Label a Synonymous with Sustainable Production? - OLIVEIRA, M.W. (UNIP/IFSULDEMINAS); AGOSTINHO, F. (UNIP) 
Energy Efficiency; A Step Towards Cleaner Production. An Integrative Case Study of the Meat Processing Industry in Hermosillo, Sonora - MUNGUIA, N. E.; POOM, T. G.; VELAQUEZ, L.; ESQUER. J. (UNISON, Mexico)
Environmental and Economic Assessment of the Replacement of Grease based on Mineral Oil for Fiberglass fabric with Teflon® as Release Agent in Dubbing  Process - STALTER, C. F.; MORAES, C. A. M. (UNISINOS)
Environmental Friendly Food. Choice Experiment to Assess Consumer’s Attitude Toward “Climate Neutral” Milk: The Role of Information - LOMBARDI, G. V.; BERNI, R.; ROCCHI, B. (University of Florence, Italy)
Exploring the Potentialities of Emergy Accounting in Studying the Limits of Growth for Urban Productive Systems - BALASTRERO JR., O. (IFSP); AGOSTINHO, F. (UNIP)
Geochemical of Volcanic Rock Powder Sample from Serra Geral Formation: An Important Remineralizer - DALMORA, A. C., RAMOS, C. G., SILVA, L. F. O.; KAUTZAMNN, R. M. (La Salle Universitary Center) 
Global Productivity and Ecoefficiency on Sustainable Performance of Agroindustrial Chains - PREVEZ, L.; BONILLA, S. H.; GIANNETTI, B. F. (UNIP)
Green Issues in the Supply Chain Management Training - TRAMARICO, C. L.; SALOMON, V. A. P.; MARINS, F. A. S. (UNESP)
Incorporation of Industrial Wastes in Bricks - WIEMES, L. (IEL/UFPR); PAWLOWSKY, U. (UFPR); MYMRIN, V. (UTFPR)
Landfill Leachate Treatment by Constructed Wetland: Operation Strategies - CANO, V. (USP); VICH, D. V. (UFBA); NOLASCO, M. A. (USP)
LCA of MSW Management. The Environmental Impacts of Wrong Choices - RIPA, M.; FIORENTINO, G.; VACCA, V. (Partenope University of Naples, Italy); ULGIATI, S. (Parthenope University of Naples, Italy/Beijing Normal University, China)
Lean and Green: Study on Integrated Practices - SANT’ANNA, P. R.; CAMPOS, L. M. S. (UFSC) 
Life Cycle Assesment – Comparative study of extruded Aluminium profile and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) - ESPITIA, A. C.; GONDAK, M. O.; SILVA, D. A. L. (USP)
Life Cycle Assessment of Composite Wood-Based Panels: Case Study in OSB - FERRO, F. S.; BRUGNERA, R. R.; SILVA, D. A. L.; ROCCO LAHR, F. A. (UFSCar)
Life Cycle Assessment of Wastewater Treatment Systems for Conventional Activated Sludge and UASB Reactor followed by Activated Sludge - RESENDE, J. D., RODRIGUES, P.F.M.A., PACCA, S. A., NOLASCO, M. A. (USP)
Linking Sanitation to Agriculture: Recycling Nutrients from Human Excreta in Food Production - CHRISPIM M. C.; SALINAS, D. P.; CANO, V.; NOLASCO, M. A. (USP)
Mitigation of Barriers to Implement Cleaner Production in a Small Metallurgical Company - OLIVEIRA NETO, G. C.; LEITE, R. R.; LUCATO, W.C.; SHIBAO, F. Y. (UNINOVE)
Pathways to Cleaner Production in the Americas: Educational initiatives towards a Sustainable Transition - ASHTON, W. S.; HURTADO MARTIN, M.; KHALILI, N. (Illinois Institute of Technology, USA); PANERO, M. (New York Institute of Technology, USA)
Physical Arrangement (layout) and Cleaner Production (CP): A Theoretical Discussion - LINS, P. S. (IFAL/UFBA); CÉSAR, S. F. (UFBA)
Potential of Generation and Recovery of Hospital Solid Reject in the Western Paraná Region - JEBAI, G. T.; MOREJON, C. F. M. (UNIOESTE)
Recyclability in Wind Power Area and the Consequent Economic and Environmental Impact - LIMAD, W. G. N.; SILVA, M. L. P. (USP/CEETEPS)
Stimulating the Market: Incentives for Cleaner Production and Energy Efficiency in Latin America - ASHTON, W. S. (Illinois Institute of Technology, USA); IZQUIERDO-CRUZ, C. A. (World Environment Center, USA/Mexico); PANERO, M. A. (New York Institute of Technology, USA);  ARIAS, A. L. (Costa Rica Technological institute, Costa Rica); BELFIELD, J. Rafael Lendívar University, Guatemala); BENTIN, J. (San Ignacio de Loyola University, Peru); DE LA CRUZ, G. Rafael Landívar University, Guatemala); DUECKER-AGUILAR, S. (Illinois Institute of Technology, USA); SALAZAR de TOBAR, Y. (Cleaner Production Center, El Savador); HURTADO, M. (Illinois Institute of Technology, USA); MARTINEZ-GREEN, T.; PANCHAME, S. (Honduras Autonomous University, Honduras); URIARTE, M. (National University of Engineering, Nicaragua)
Sustainability in the Process of Nail Care and Beauty in Beauty Salons in São Paulo - OZUNA, G. Y.; VELAZQUEZ, L. E. (UNISON, Mexico); GIANNETTI, B. F. (UNIP); MUNGUÍA, N. E. (UNISON, Mexico)
Sustainable Supply Chains and Carbon Footprint, the Costa Rican Case - ROBLES, N. (Costa Rica Tecnological Institutte, Costa Rica)
The Contribution of Sustainability In Project Success: Managers’s Perpective in Brazilian Companies - MARTENS, M. L.; CARVALHO, M. M. (USP)
The Organic Agriculture and New Conscious Consumption Patterns - SHIMADA, W. K. (UFGD); REIS, J. G. M. (UFGD/UNIP); OLIVEIRA, E. R. (UFGD)
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