3rd International Workshop | Advances In Cleaner Production
Invited Lecturers
Program - May, 18th
Program - May, 19th
Program - May, 20th
Special Mention

*Alphabetical Order

A Comparative Survey among Emergy Indices and More Usual Sustainability Indexes - P. A. Frugoli, A. P. Z. dos Santos, A. D. Frugoli (UNIP)
Biometric Analysis of Literature on Product Life Cycle Management, Product Development Process and Sustainability and their Interfaces - A. Varandas Junior (USP), P. A. C. Miguel (UFSC), M. M. de Carvalho (USP)
Characterization of Brazilian Red Mud (Bauxite Refinery Residues) and Assessment its Properties for Futures Applications - M. L. P. Antunes, F. T. da Conceição, G. R. B. Navarro (UNESP) 
Cleaner Machining Through a Toolholder with Internal Cooling - L. E. A. Sanchez, V. L. Scalon, G. G. C. Abreu (UNISC)
Cleaner Production as a Corporate Sustainability Tool: An Exploratory Discussion - H. C. D. Pimenta (IFRN), R. P. Gouvinhas (UFRN)
Cleaner Technologies and Sustainable Development: contributions of Brazilian Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Projects - A. Costa, J. C. S. Andrade (UFBA) 
Development of Actions of Socio Environmental University responsibility in semiarid Northeastern - G. D. Silva, Y. M. Paz, C. M. C. Rocha, A. L. Jacob, S. G. El-Deir (UFRPE)
Effect of Extractive Removal on the Calorific Power of Wood Residues - T. Rossi, L. F. de Moura, P. R. Torquato, J. O. Brito (USP) 
Electrochemical Remediation of 17α-Ethinylestradiol under Different Agitation and Electromotive Force - R. C. Batista, D. D. Cordeiro, S. Manzani (UFGO), I. A. Silva, L. Angnes (USP), E. S. Gil (USP/UFGO)
Elimination of Mercury (Hg) in the Health Sector: the Case of a Hospital in the City of Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico - C. R. A. Chávez, M. M. Grano, M. E. A. Corrales, L. E. V. Contreras (UNISON-Mexico), P. Markkanen, C. Galligan (UMass Lowell-USA), M. B. Hernández (UNISON-Mexico), M. M. Quinn (UMass Lowell-USA)
Environmental Accounting in Emergy for the Reserves of Clay, Gypsum and Limestone from the Point of View of the Brazilian Population Deficit - J. G. A. Carvalho, S. H. Bonilla (UNIP)
Environmental Accounting of ABC Paulista Using the Emergy Synthesis - F. Sevegnani, C. M. V. B. Almeida, P. A. Frugoli (UNIP)
Environmental Pollution: Quantitative Analysis of Particulate Matter (PM10) by SR-TXRF - A. S. Melo Júnior, S. Moreira, D. M. Roston, J. E. Paternianni (UNICAMP), P. J. G. Ferreira, F. Camargo (UNIP)
Environmental Regulation to Sustainability: Contributions to Build a Theoretical Reference on the Limits of Traditional Models - F. M. Ribeiro (CETESB), I. Kruglianskas (USP)
Evaluating the Global Productivity of a Medium Size Agribusiness - A. D. Frugoli, C. M. V. B. Almeida, Pedro Américo Frugoli, Ana Paula Z. Santos, Mirtes V. Mariano (UNIP)
Evaluation of the Use of Recyclable Materials for Heating Water in Swimming Pools - D. V. B. Pereira (PUC-GO), A. Pasqualetto, O. R. dos Santos (PUC-GO/IFG)
Evaluation of the Removal of Heavy Metals in Sewage with the use of Wetland - A. S. Melo Júnior (UNICAMP-UNIP), S. Moreira, D. M. Roston, J. E. Paternianni (UNICAMP), P. J. G. Ferreira, A. Frugoli (UNIP)
Feasibility of Using Scrap Tires How the Composition of Concrete Aggregates Sidewalk to Rubber - A. C. A. Romualdo, D. E. dos Santos, L. M. de Castro (IFG), W. P. de Menezes (Furnas Electric Center), A. Pasqualetto, O. R. dos Santos (IFG)
Industrial Cleaning with Ultra-Clean Water According to the Qlean-Method – A Case Study of Printed Circuit Boards - E. Sundin, N. Svensson, M. Lindahl (Linköping University - Sweden)
Initial Evaluation of the Efficiency of Constructed Wetlands in the Post-Treatment of UASB Reactor - V. Cano, B. G. L. A. Gomes, M. A. Nolasco (USP)
Life Cycle Analysis for Cow Beef in Sonora: Slaughtering Stage - C. R. Álvarez-Chávez, A. A. Flores-Soto, R. Pérez-Ríos (UNISON-Mexico) 
Participatory Governance and Decision-Making: Oil and Gas in the Santos (Brazil) Coastal Region - E. S. Monteiro, I. P. A. Campos, E. P. Guerreiro (UNIP)
Performance in Operations Systems: The Contribution of the Sustainable Manufacturing in a Printing Company - O. F. M. da Silva, V. Cavenaghi, G. C. S. Barros (UNESP)
Planning and Production Control in Enterprises Incorporated in the Network Environment: Implications for the Occurrence of a Development with a Sustainable Basis - S. L. Kyrillos (IFSP), J. B. Sacomano (UNIP), J. B. de Souza (IFES), F. J. S. Milreu (USCS) 
Processing Centers in Artisanal and Small-scale Gold Mining: Evolution or More Pollution? - M. M. Veiga (University of British Columbia-Canada) 
Proposal of the New Model for Solid Urban Waste Management - C. F. M. Morejon, J. F. de Lima, W. F. Rocha, R. D. Possa (UNIOESTE)
Proposed Methodology of Cleaner Production with Quality Tools - D. A. L. Silva, B. Barra, A. R. Ometto (USP)
Proposed Structure of the Solid Waste Management in the Corporate Environment - T. S. Pinheiro, R. B. Prota, C. M. C. Rocha, N. S. Cavalcant, G. S. El-Deir (UFRPE)
Reduction in Generation of Scrap Metal by Internal Reuse and External Recycling at Serralheria Montanheza - A. D. Bernardino (UNA), E. N. Aqua (Aquateck Associates Florida-USA), L. R. S. Vieira (SECTES) 
Reverse Flow of Scrap Tires in the City of Santos - J. A. Yemal, N. O. V. Teixeira, C. G. Rodrigues (UNIP)
Scientific Requirements Analysis Focusing the Environmental Dimension of BM&FBOVESPA ISE and Sustainability Indicators Published in Annual Business Sustainability Reports - C. A. Di Agustini, L. P. Vendrametto (UNIP)
Storage of Carbon Dioxide in Geological Reservoirs: Is It a Cleaner Technology? - G. Câmara, A. Silva Júnior (UFBA), P. Rocha (UNIFACS), C. Andrade (UFBA)
Study of Anodic Eletrooxidation of Dimethyl Phtalate Using DSA - F. L. Souza, D. W. Miwa, E. M. Moreira, A. J. Motheo (USP)
Study of Degradation of the complex EDTA-Cu (II) by Electrochemical Methods - V. S. Antonini, J. C. M. Silva, R. F. B. Souza, M. C. Santos (UFABC), G. R. P. Malpass (UFTM)
Sustainability of Bio-based Plastics: General Comparative Analysis - C. R. Álvarez-Chávez, S. Edwards, R. Moure-Eraso, K. Geiser (University of Massachusetts-Lowell-USA)
The Cleaner Production Tool and the Management of Phosphorus in the Environment - W. S. Paganini C. M. G. de Quevedo (FSP/USP -SABESP) 
Treatment of Textile Wastewater by Physical-Chemical and Advanced Oxidation Processes - J. C. Tosato Jr, M. R. T. Halasz (FAACZ)
Untying the Need for Fossil Fuels: The Role of Brazil in Building a Greener Energy Matrix - V. B. Matijascic, D. M. Medeiros (UNESP)
Utilization of Energy in Municipal Solid Waste Landfill - G. F. da Silva, C. M. V. B. de Almeida (UNIP)
Water Management in the Tanning Industry - A Diagnosis under the Cleaner Production Principles in São Paulo State, Brazil - J. W. F. Pacheco (CETESB), D. D. Telles (FAT-SP), F. M. Ribeiro (CETESB)
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