11th IWACP Experience

This website is the result of the academic community's efforts to make progress in Cleaner Production and Sustainability. Thanks to all the participants, for joining us in this journey, as we all are exploring a new territory and the challenges of converting a conference to an online version.

With more than 123 registrations and 51 contributions included in the conference proceedings, the conference fulfilled its goal of continuing the important work of communicating important subject ‘’Environmental Challenges: Action or Reaction to Save the Planet? Local and Global Strategies for Ecological and Societal Transition’’.

This page contains the memories of this special IWACP, in a special year: conference proceedings, technical report, videos of awarded works submitted in 11th IWACP and videos of speeches of the high-end researchers of our community.



The Organizing Committee is extremely grateful to the invited speakers and their kind participation.


Sergio Ulgiati
Parthenope University of Naples – Italy

Feni Agostinho
Paulista University-UNIP - Brazil

Francesco Degli Innocenti
Italian Network of Bioplastics Producers - Italy

Sara Falsini
University of Florence - Italy

Cecília M. V. B. Almeida
Paulista University-UNIP - Brazil

Bernardo Piccioli Fioroni
National Network of Public Water, Environment and Energy Enterprises – Italy

Soraya El-Deir
Federal Rural University of Pernambuco – Brazil

Gabriella Maselli
University of Salerno - Italy

Annalisa Mauro
International Land Coalition - Italy

Rosaria Chifari
Fundació ENT - Spain

Imke de Koch
Stellenbosch University – South Africa

Maddalena Ripa
Autonomous University of Barcelona - Spain

Federico Pulselli
University of Siena – Italy


Thank you, the authors, and to all the participants who have made this event possible. Special thanks are addressed to the Universidade Paulista and University of Florence support committees.


Thank you to all the staff of the University of Florence who has contributed to the preparation of the event, especially Ilaria Colivicchi and Ginevra Virginia Lombardi who, from the beginning, as co-organizers, fully supported this project. Special thanks are addressed to the Head of the School of Economics and Management, Prof. Andrea Paci, and the Head of the Department of Economics and Business Sciences, Prof. Maria Elvira Mancino, for hosting and unconditionally supporting the workshop.


Special thanks are addressed to Prof. Dr. João Carlos Di Genio (in memorian)and Sandra Rejane Gomes Miessa, the Rector and Rector in Exercise of Universidade Paulista, Prof. Dr. Marília Ancona-Lopez, the Vice-Rector of Universidade Paulista, and to Prof. Dr. Marina Soligo, Vice-Rector of Post Graduation and Research of Universidade Paulista, for their unconditional support. 


General Chair and Founder of ACPN

Biagio F. Giannetti (Paulista University-UNIP, Brazil)

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