08:00 to 09:40

Oral Presentations - Session 6A - Room 01

Chairmen: Pedro Luiz de O. Costa Neto (UNIP); Mirtes Mariano (UNIP); Angelo Iannuzzi (UNIP)

Environmental Accounting of Strawberry Conventional Production - FRIMAIO, A.; SILVA, C. C.; DALLÓ, A. A. (IFSULDEMINAS) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Environmental Impact of Agriculture: Ecological Aspects and Need for Changes - DEUS, R. M. (Independent Researcher) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Is Healthy Eating, Healthy For The Environment? Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition Double Food Pyramid - RUINI, L.; CIATI, R. (Barilla G. e R. FratelliS.p.A.-Italy); PRATESI, C. A.; PRINCIPATO, L. (Roma TreUniversity-Italy); MARINO, M.; PIGNATELLI, S. (StudioLCE-Italy) [abstract] [paper]

REVIEW ARTICLE. Reconsidering some of the Earth`s Biophysical Limits to the Long Term Sustainable Development of Humanity - HARIZAJ, P. (Agricultural University of Tirana-Albania) [abstract] [paper]
08:00 to 09:40

Oral Presentations - Session 6A - Room 02

Chairmen: Rodrigo Franco Gonçalves (UNIP); Paulo Sérgio G. Carvalho (UNIP); Adilson Rocha (UNIP); Luciana Faria (IFSULDEMINAS/UNIP); Geraldo Cardoso de Oliveira Neto (UNINOVE/UFSCar)

LCA as Support for P+L in the Lighting Industry - SANCHEZ JUNIOR, O. (IPT) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Life Cycle Assessment of Wardrobe Made of Medium Density Particleboard (MDP) - SILVA, D. A. L.; IRITANI, D. R.; GRAEL, P. F. F.; OMETTO, A. R. (USP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

08:00 to 09:40

Oral Presentations - Session 6A - Room 03

Chairmen: Geslaine Frimaio (UNIP); Marinalva Barboza (UNIP)

Potential Environmental and Economic Savings by Using Rainwater in Subprefeitura Capela Do Socorro – São Paulo - COELHO, R. C. M.; BONILLA, S. H. (UNIP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Rainwater Use in Modular Green Roof System for Application in Drainage Systems - ARAÚJO, A. P. C. S.; PUZZI, L. C. M.; BALDIN, M. G.; SQUIZZATO, R.; SOTTI, G.; COSTANZI, R. N. (UFTPR) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Quality Control in Water Treatment Plant - HONORATO, T. Z.; COSTANZI, R. N. (UFTPR) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Benefits of Optimization Process in Water Treatment Plants - Case Study SANASA Campinas - SIQUEIRA, S. L. (UNICAMP/SANASA-Campinas); ISAAC, R. L. (UNICAMP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

08:00 to 09:40

Oral Presentations - Session 6A - Room 04

Chairmen: Mario Mollo Neto (UNIP); Max Wilson de oliveira (IFSULDEMINAS/UNIP)

Environmental Accounting of Data Centers: Traditional Versus Cloud Computing - SALVO, A. (IFSULDEMINAS/UNIP); AGOSTINHO, F. (UNIP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Optimization of Electricity and Natural Gas Consumption in Automobilistic Industry - WIEMES, L. (UFPR/FAMEC); PAWLOWSKY, U. (UFPR) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Energy Efficiency Based on Cleaner Production Approach on an A/C System within a Wire Harness Industry in the State Of Sonora - ESQUER, J.; JUAREZ, B.; ZAVALA, A. (UNISON-Mexico) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Analysis of Energy Consumption in the Computer Section of the Group Libra - MUNIZ, A. G. L.; NOGUEIRA, M.; AMARAL, F. V. (UNIP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

08:00 to 09:40

Oral Presentations - Session 6A - Room 05

Chairmen: Fernando Cutrim Demétrio (UEMA); Daniel Lupinacci (IFSULDEMINAS/UNIP); Euclides Reuter de Oliveira (UNIP)

Analyzing Important Corporate Social Responsibility Activities with help of Analytical Hierarchy Process - GOVINDAN, K. (University of South Denmark-Denmark); MATHIYAZHAGAN, K. (National Institute of Technology-India) [abstract] [paper]

Evaluation of Mercury-Free Alternatives in Hospitals of Sonora, Mexico - ÁLVAREZ CHÁVEZ, C. R.; LOUSTAUNAU PELLAT, A.; ARCE CORRALES, M. E.; MUNGUÍA VEGA, N. E. (UNISON-Mexico); GALLIGAN, C. (University of Massachussets Lowell-USA); QUINN, M. (UNISON-México) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Waste Minimization in an Aircraft Maintenance Process: Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing and Cleaner Production Approaches - FONTES, C. O. (IPT/Estre); ALVES, J. F. (Ambientacy Engineering); TEIXEIRA, C. E. (IPT/UNINOVE) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

KAIZEN Management Model and its Application in the Fertilizer Industry - ASSUNÇÃO, D. S.; MOURA, L. B.; MAMEDES, T. C.; SIMÕES, T. F. (USP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Using the Method Adapted TRIZ as a Tool to Support the Implementation of Cleaner Production - OLIVEIRA, J. M.; SOUTO, L. B.; TORRES, M. S. (SENAI-RS) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

08:00 to 09:40

Oral Presentations - Session 6A - Room 06

Chairmen: Luiz Cláudio de Oliveira (UNIP); Fábio Vieira do Amaral (UNIP); Maria de Fátima Bueno (UNIP); Ariston Melo Junior (UNIP); José Hugo de Oliveira (IFSULDEMINAS/UNIP)

Reflection on the Concept of Sustainability and its Completeness Proposition - COSTA, H. K. M.; SIMÕES, A. F.; SANTOS, E. M.; BECK, R. T. (USP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

An Introduction to the Nature of Wicked Problems - Ecological Challenges as Super Wicked - BITTENCOURT, E. (UNICAMP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Sustainable Bioeconomy Using Ecological Industrial Biorefinary Design for Food, Feed and Fuel from Wastes: System Innovation and Techno Economic Analysis Using Process Simulation Tools - PANNIRSELVAM, P. V.; CARDOSO, M.; MIRANDA, A. S.; CANSIAN, M. M. (UFRN); MORENO, M. (UNOPAR); GÓIS M. C. (UFRN); SANTOS, J. M. (Public School-SP); KEMPEGOWDA, R. S. (NTNU-Norway) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]
08:00 to 09:40

Oral Presentations - Session 6A - Room 07

Chairmen: Fábio Sevegnani (UNIP); Douglas Wittmann (USP)

The Role of Health in Impact Assessment and Related Initiatives: A Literature Review - VIEGAS, C. V.; RADOS, G. J. V.; SELIG, P. M. (UFSC) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Systematic Literature Review on Cleaner Production and Quality Tools and Techniques - POLTRONIERI, C. F.; OLIVEIRA, J. A.; KOMESU, A. S. (USP); CARRILLO-REYES, J. (Instituto Potosino de Investigación Científica y Tecnologica-Mexico); OMETTO, A. R. (USP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Ecodesign Integration Models: Systematic Literature Review with a Systemic Focus - BRONES, F. A.; CARVALHO, M. M.; AMATO NETO, J. (USP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Contributions of Knowledge Management Tools Applied To Sustainability Based on a Systematic Review of Literature - MUÑOZ, D. L. C.; COELHO, C. C. S. R.; STEIL, A. V. (UFSC) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

International Workshop Advances in Cleaner Production: Bibliometric Analysis of the Years 2007, 2009 and 2011 - OLIVEIRA NETO, G. C. (UNINOVE/UFSCar); SHIBAO, F. Y.; GONÇALVES, A. C.; MORA, R.; LAMDIM, F. C. S (UNINOVE); GODINHO FILHO, M. (UFSCar) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

09:40 to 10:00
10:00 to 12:00


Room 1: Emergy: Integrating Biophysical and Economic Values - Mark Brown (University of Florida)

Room 2: Modelling Approach for Sustainable Management - Kannan Govindan (University of South Denmark-Denmark)

Room 3: Eco-Design as a Stepping-Stone towards Sustainable Business Models in the Circular Economy - Arne Remmen (Aalborg University - Denmark); Gert Hansen (Danish Ministry of Environment) [supplementary material]

Room 4: ¿Cómo Identificar Oportunidades de Producción más Limpia en las Pequeñas y Medias Empresas? - Andrea Zavala (UNISON-Mexico) [supplementary material]

12:00 to 13:30
13:30 to 15:00


"Unsustainability: A Syndrome of Human Systems"

Simone Bastianoni (University of Siena-Italy)

15:00 to 16:30

Oral Presentations - Session 6B - Room 01

Chairmen: Dalton Buccelli (UNIP); André Di Salvo (IFSULDEMINAS/UNIP); Fernando Cutrim Demétrio (UEMA)

Proposal for more Sustainable Re-Moisturizing Tobacco Leaves - GOUVEA, C. A. K.; BÓRZIO, R. F.; HURTADO, A. L. (IST/SOCIESC) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Alternatives Reuse for Waste of Treatment Plants Water and Sewage: The Brazilian Situation - NASCIMENTO, C. M. S.; EL-DEIR, S. G. (UFRPE) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Cleaner Production with Emphasis on Environmental Sustainability and Organizational Performance: An Empirical Study in Southern Brazil - SEVERO, E. A.; GUIMARAES, J. C. F.; DORION, E.. NODARI, C. H. (UCS) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

15:00 to 16:30

Oral Presentations - Session 6B - Room 02

Chairmen: Pedro Luiz O. Costa Neto (UNIP); Roberto Coelho (UNIP); Fábio Vieira do Amaral (UNIP)

The Adoption of Green Supply Chain Management Practices in the Brazilian Automotive Industry - LOPES, L. J. (UNIMEP); SACOMANO NETO, M. (UFSCar); SILVA, E. M. (UNIMEP); LOPES, F. C. C. (Center of Sugarcane Technology) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Green Supply Chain Management: A Study on Criteria Selection and Collaboration with Suppliers - AGUIAR, J. A. (IFRN); PIMENTA, C. D. (IFRN/Cranfield University-UK); BALL, P. D. (Cranfield University-UK) [abstract] [paper]

Implementing Sustainability Strategies in Emerging Economies: Challenges and Opportunities for Supply Chain Management - SILVESTRE, B. S. (University of Winnipeg-Canada) [abstract] [paper]

Energetic-Environmental Assessment of Milk Production Systems in South of Minas Gerais State: Traditional Small Family-Managed Versus “Minas Leite” Program - OLIVEIRA, M. W. (UNIP/IFSULDEMINAS); AGOSTINHO, F. (UNIP) [abstract] [paper]
15:00 to 16:30

Oral Presentations - Session 6B - Room 03

Chairmen: Daniel Lupinacci (IFSULDEMINAS/UNIP); José Hugo de Oliveira (IFSULDEMINAS/UNIP); Geslaine Frimaio (UNIP); Javier Esquer-Peralta (UNISON-Mexico)

Growth of Basil from Inoculated Organic Household Solid Refuse - LEDESMA, A.; CABANILLAS, C.; STOBBIA, D.; VIERA, B.; TABLADA, M. (National University of Córdoba-Argentina) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Performance of a Bioreactor Using Organic Compound and Pall Ring Media for the Treatment of BTEX Vapors - SIQUEIRA, L. C. G. (CETESB); DE ASSUNÇÃO, J. V. (USP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Application of Electrochemical Oxidation in the Treatment of Landfill Leachate and Evaluation of Toxicity in Allium cepa - KLAUCK, C. R. (Feevale University); BENVENUTI, T. (UFRGS); SILVA, L. B.; RODRIGUES, M. A. S. (Feevale University) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

15:00 to 16:30

Oral Presentations - Session 6B - Room 04

Chairmen: Eduardo Miguel Talmasky (UDESC); Luiz Cláudio de Oliveira (UNIP); Marcelo Nogueira (UNIP); Celso Tassinari (UNIP)

Environmental Study of Disorder and Social Vulnerability of Santos City after the Arrival of the Production Chain of Oil and Gas - PRANDO, G. (FATEC); VENDRAMETTO, O. (UNIP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Initiatives of Cleaner Production in the Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Industry - ZAMPOLLO, D. M.; NEDER, L. T. C. (PETROBRAS) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

The Impact of the Cleaner Production Technologies in the Mining Productive Chain: The Case of Padua-RJ - SILVA NETO, R. (IFF); SILVESTRE, B. S. (University of Winnipeg-Canada); BALLONI, F. (IFF) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Environmental Accounting in Emergy of Limestone Rock Processing for Agricultural Use - CORSINI, I.; SILVA, C. C.; TAGLIAFERRO, K. (IFSULDEMINAS); RODRIGUES, G. S. (Embrapa); LABIGALINI, I.; FRIMAIO, A. (IFSULDEMINAS) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

15:00 to 16:30

Oral Presentations - Session 6B - Room 05

Chairmen: Mario Mollo Neto (UNIP); Fábio Sevegnani (UNIP); Angelo Iannuzzi (UNIP); Maria de Fátima Bueno (IFSULDEMINAS)

Eco-Innovation and Knowledge Management: How Are These Practices Related? - MADEIRA, L. M. M.; VICK, T. E.; NAGANO, M. S. (USP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Decision Criteria for the Implementation of Cleaner Production - GUIMARAES, J. C. F.; SEVERO. E. A. (UCS); ROCHA, J. M. (UNIPAMPA); OLEA, P. M. (UCS) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Innovation Management as a Factor in Small Business Competitiveness - MORAIS, K. M. A. (SENAI-CE); GOMES, J. A. (UFCE) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

15:00 to 16:30

Oral Presentations - Session 6B - Room 06

Chairmen: Luciana Faria (IFSULDEMINAS/UNIP); Mirtes Mariano (UNIP); Nilson Carvalho (UNIP); João Gilberto Mendes dos Reis; (UNIP); Douglas Wittmann (USP)

Pollution Prevention Opportunities in the Brazilian Auto Refinishing Industry - ZAVALA, A. (UNISON-Mexico); VELÁZQUEZ, L. (UNISON-Mexico/Lowell University-USA); GIANNETTI, B. (UNIP); Y MONTES, A. (UNISON-Mexico) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Relationship Time Sintering on Densification and Electrical Conductivity in a Fuel Cell - MELO JÚNIOR, A. S. (USP/UNIP); MUCCILLO, E. N. S. (USP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Critical Analysis of Large-Scale Integration of Electric Vehicles in Brazil - WITTMANN, D.; BERMANN, C. (USP); WITTMANN, T. F. (Professional of the Private Sector) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Vehicle Emissions of Greenhouse Gases(GEE) in Automotive Diesel Powered - MELO JUNIOR, A. S (USP/UNIP); GATTI, L. (USP); FERREIRA, P. G.; FRUGOLI, A. (UNIP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

15:00 to 16:30

Oral Presentations - Session 6B - Room 07

Chairmen: Jorge C. Demétrio (UEMA); Lilian Vendrametto (UNIP); Marinalva Barboza (UNIP)

Analysis of the Efficiency between Different Adhesives for the Manufacture of Laminated Bamboo Panels - KRAVCHENKO, G. A. (PUC-GO); FERREIRA, E. M. (PUC-GO/UFG); PASQUALETTO, A. (IFGOIAS) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Verification of Applicability of the Adhesive of Castor Oil in the Manufacture of Glued Laminated Bamboo - VENTURA, F. C. (UNESP/FATEC); RAMOS, B. P. F.; PEREIRA, M. A. R. (UNESP) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Best Management Practices and Environmental Management in Aquaculture – Indicators for Monitoring in Multiple Scales - RODRIGUES, G. S.; QUEIROZ, J. F.; FRIGHETTO, R. T. S.; SAMPAIO, F. G. (Embrapa); FRASCA-SCORVO, C. M. D. (APTA); COUTO, K. R.; RODRIGUES, I. A. (Embrapa) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

Determination of Moisture in Tobacco Leaves through The Microwave Technique - GOUVEA, C. A. K.; FOLLETTO, M. A.; HURTADO, A. L. (SOCIESC) [abstract] [paper] [presentation]

16:30 to 16:50
Coffee Break
16:50 to 18:50

Closing Conference

"Environmental Management Systems: Providing the Best Opportunity to Integrate Cleaner Production into Sustainability Strategies"

Jeffrey Burke (National Pollution Prevention Roundtable - USA) [conference]

18:50 to 19:50

Closing Ceremony and Cocktail

organizado por
Universidade Paulista - UNIP
com a participação de
National Prevention Polution Roundtable - USA
Universidád de Sonora - México