Program - November, 23rd

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Industrial Engineering Building [MAP]



08:00 to 10:00


10:00 to 10:30

Opening Ceremony


Anton Basson

Stellenbosch University


Joubert van Eeden

Head of the Department of Industrial Engineering

Stellenbosch University


Imke de Koch

Stellenbosch University


Biagio F. Giannetti

Paulista University

and Founder of

Advances in Cleaner Production Network


10:30 to 12:00

Opening Conference


Rethinking the financing of the green industrial transformation in Africa

Mark Swilling

Centre for Sustainability Transitions

Stellenbosch University


Chair: Imke de Koch (Stellenbosch University - South Africa)


Official Picture


12:00 to 13:30



13:30 to 15:00

Plenary Presentations

Ecoinnovation to Achieve a Sustainable Planet


Massimiliano Mazzanti

University of Ferrara


Ubiratã Tortato

Pontifical Catholic University from Paraná


Chair: Philani Zincume

(Stellenbosch University - South Africa)


15:00 to 16:30

Oral Presentations - Session 1A

Venue: Incubator

Chairmen: Gisele Chaves (UFSC - Brazil); Andrew Earl (Stellenbosch University - South Africa)
Comparative techno-economic and life cycle assessments of single and intercropped-mixed feedstock based biorefineries for production of energy - MSISKA, S. C. (Stellenbosch University - South Africa); PADI, R. K. (University of Ghana - Ghana); CHIMPHANGO, A. F. (Stellenbosch University - South Africa)
Expansion of photovoltaic module production in South Africa - KANHUKAMWE, T. N.; ZINCUME, P. N. (Stellenbosch University - South Africa)
Stakeholder management and engagement in Sustainability Reports - KOKETSU L.; CARPEJANI, P. (PUC-PR - Brazil); PINHEIRO DE LIMA, E. (UTFPR - Brazil); TORTATO, U. (PUC-PR - Brazil); GOUVEA DA COSTA, S. (UTFPR - Brazil); DALLABONA, I.; GIL, I. (PUC-PR - Brazil)
Life cycle assessment of concrete blocks production from fiberglass residues: an industrial ecology application - ORTEGA, R. A.; AGOSTINHO, F.; ALMEIDA, C. M. V. B. (Paulista University-UNIP - Brazil)


15:00 to 16:30

Oral Presentations - Session 2A

Venue: Birga

Chairmen: Ubiratã Tortato (PUC-PR - Brazil); Devon Hagedorn-Hansen (Stellenbosch University - South Africa)
Deep Learning-Enabled Temperature Simulation of a Greenhouse Tunnel - JOGUNOLA, O. (Manchester Metropolitan University - UK); HULL, K. J.; MABITSELA, M. M.; PHIRI, E. E.; ADEBISI, B.; BOOYSEN, M. J. (Stellenbosch University - South Africa)
Unveiling Opportunities for Local Circular Bioeconomy Systems Using an Open Innovation Approach - SALVADOR, R.; BACH, S.; ERIKSEN, L.; HEDEGAARD, M.; KJÆRSGAARD, N. C.; KNUDBY, T.; LUND, V.; LARSEN, S. B. (Technical University of Denmark - Denmark)
Power Distribution Maintenance Operations and Carbon-Neutral Operation - DESUÓ N., L.; CAETANO H. O.; FOGLIATTO, M. S. S.; MACIEL, C. D. (USP - Brazil)

Comprehensive Evaluation of Urban Greenspace Value through the Spatial Relationship between Housing price and Ecosystem Services - CHEN, Y.; LIU, G. Y. (Beijing Normal University - China); YAN, N. Y. (Guandong University of Technology - China); YANG, Q. (Beijing Normal University - China); SANTAGATA, R. (Parthenope University of Naples - Italy)


15:00 to 16:30

Oral Presentations - Session 3A

Venue: 5th floor boardroom

Chairmen: Jesse Marques da Silva Junior Pavão (CESMAC - Brazil); Muleleki Bhebhe (Stellenbosch University - South Africa)
Recovery of Rare Earth Elements from NdFeB Waste Magnets - DURSKI, M.; MANILAL, N. (University of KwaZulu-Natal - South Africa); NAIDOO, P. (Stellenbosch University - South Africa); MOODLEY, K. (University of KwaZulu-Natal - South Africa)
Pb(II) Adsorption Utilizing Untreated Mining Influenced Water (MIW) Sludge - NCHABELENG, N. N.; BRINK, H. G. (University of Pretoria - South Africa)
Hyperspectral imaging for sustainable space debris recycling - BONIFAZI, G.; D’ADAMO, I.; PALMIERI, R.; SERRANTI, S. (Sapienza University of Rome - Italy); AVERSANO N.; SIMONE A. (Thales Alenia Space Italia - Italy)
Industry 4.0 Technologies in Effluent Management: Advancements and Opportunities - ALVES, J. P.; SILVA, M. T.; GONÇALVES, R. F. (UNIP - Brazil)


15:00 to 16:30

Oral Presentations - Session 4A

Venue: BMW Hub

Chairmen: Mário Canever (UFPel- Brazil); John Paul Kulumba (Stellenbosch University - South Africa)
Towards a forecasting framework for strategic electricity demand forecasting in a rapidly evolving power system environment: A set of requirements - BREEDT, J.; LOUW, L.; DE KOCK, I. H. (Stellenbosch University - South Africa)
Methodological Model to Evaluate Eco-efficiency in Photovoltaic Systems - MEJIA, N. N.; HERRERA, I. (Universidad de la Guajira - Colombia); VERA, L. D. (CIEMAT - Spain)
Power Dynamics of Sustainable Business Networks in a Circular Economy – A Governance Perspective from Africa - MUZAMWESE, T. C.; HELDEWEG, M. A.; FRANCO-GARCIA, L. M. (University of Twente - Netherlands)
Photovoltaic Solar Panels End-Of-Life: A Comparative LCA For a Gate-To-Grade Approach - FIORI, B. A.; DE SOUZA, S. G.; MACENO, M. M. C.; BELALCAZAR, P. A. R. (UFPR - Brazil)


16:30 to 16:50

Coffee Break


16:50 to 18:30


Action or Reaction to Save the Planet?

Africa as a New Player on Strategies for Ecological and Societal Transition 


Jana Breedt

Thinus Booysen

Stellenbosch University


Chair: Feni Agostinho

(Paulista University-UNIP - Brazil)


18:30 to 19:30




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