Program - November, 24th

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STIAS Wallenberg Research Centre [MAP]



09:00 to 10:40

Oral Presentations - Session 1B

Venue: Auditorium 1

Chairmen: Rodrigo Salvador (Technical University of Denmark - Denmark); Andrew Earl (Stellenbosch University - South Africa)
Bulk recycling of c-Si solar panels to aid in sustainable waste management strategies - LEWIS, C. A.; NAIDOO, P. (Stellenbosch University - South Africa)
Enhanced Hexavalent Chromium Removal using Nanocomposite PANI-NSA@Ni0: Mechanisms and Kinetic Insights - LOHRENTZ, L.; BHAUMIK, M.; BRINK, H. G. (University of Pretoria - South Africa)


09:00 to 10:40

Oral Presentations - Session 2B

Venue: Auditorium 2

Chairmen: Nayeli Naidee Mejia Riveira (Universidad de la Guajira - Colombia); Devon Hagedorn-Hansen (Stellenbosch University - South Africa)
Simulating The Driving and Charging of Electric Minibus Taxis: A Case Study for Stellenbosch - PRETORIUS, B. G.; STRAUSS, J.; M. BOOYSEN, M. J. (Stellenbosch University - South Africa)
Feasibility of the production of Refuse-Derived Fuel in Brazil: a case study in the state of Espírito Santo - BIANCHI, K. S. B.; TOSTA, M. C. R. (UFES - Brazil); CHAVES, G. L. D. (UFSC)
SDGs and material footprint: the challenges of a full circular economy in EU - BIGGERI, M.; DISTEFANO, T.; FRANCESCUTTO, A.; LODI, L. (University of Florence - Italy)


09:00 to 10:40

Oral Presentations - Session 3B

Venue: Breakayaw 1

Chairmen: Stanley Msiska (Stellenbosch University - South Africa); Muleleki Bhebhe (Stellenbosch University - South Africa)
Innovative Antimicrobial Composites for Sustainable Infrastructure Enhancement - AINA, S. T.; KYOMUHIMBO, H. D.; DU PLESSIS, B. J.; MJIMBA, V.; BRINK, H. G. (University of Pretoria - South Africa)
An analysis of waste management in Italian cities: performance measurements and policy implications - D’ADAMO, I. (Sapienza University of Rome - Italy); GASTALDI, M. (University of L’Aquila - Italy); LOMBARDI, G. V. (University of Florence - Italy); RAPOSELLI, A. (University of Chieti - Italy); ROMANO, G. (University of Pisa - Italy)
Life in plastic is not fantastic: preliminary results of a review on the solutions for marine plastic pollution - FONSECA, T. (UNIMES - Brazil); PAVÃO, J. M. S. J. (Centro Universitário CESMAC - Brazil); AGOSTINHO, F.; SULIS, F.; ALMEIDA, C. M. V. B. (Paulista University-UNIP - Brazil)
A Study of Mixed Plastic Waste Pyrolysis under Low-Pressure - MOODLEY, K. ; NAIDOO, B.; DURSKI, M. (University of KwaZulu-Natal - South Africa); NAIDOO, P. (Stellenbosch University - South Africa)


09:00 to 10:40

Oral Presentations - Session 4B

Venue: Breakaway 2

Chairmen: Tawanda Muzamwese (University of Twente - Netherlands); Philani Zincume (Stellenbosch University - South Africa); John Paul Kulumba (Stellenbosch University - South Africa)
A Study of Mixed Plastic Waste Pyrolysis under Low-Pressure - BANDEIRA, G. L.; GUERREIRO, O. I.; TORTATO, U. (PUC-PR - Brazil)
Can smaller be more sustainable? Comparative outcomes of Brazilian medicines reverse logistic systems based on a local benchmarking - VIEGAS, C. V. (UFRGS - Brazil); BOND, A. (University of East Anglia - UK); BORDIN, R.; ROSA, R. S.; COIMBRA, M. A. (UFRGS - Brazil); BERTOLO, R. J. (La Salle University - Brazil)
Strategies for carbon footprint reduction of wine production - SARAIVA, A. (Instituto Politécnico de Santarém - Portugal); PORTUGAL PEREIRA, J. (UFRJ - Brazil); MELO E ABREU, J.; OLIVEIRA, M. (Universidade de Lisboa - Portugal)


10:40 to 11:00

Coffee Break


11:00 to 11:30

Special Session

Frontiers in Sustainable Cities: High Quality Research to Inform and Promote Urban Sustainability

Clare Brown

Journal Manager of Frontiers in Sustainable Cities


Chair: Feni Agostinho (Paulista University-UNIP - Brazil)


11:30 to 12:30

Workshop for Collaborative Projects

Nayeli Naidee Majia Rivera

Mario Canever

Bankole Awuzie

Gengyuan Liu


Chair: Cecília Almeida (Paulista University-UNIP - Brazil)


12:30 to 13:30

Closing Conference

Materials Cycles and Our just Transition to Net Zero Carbon Economies: Status Quo, and the Way Forward

Alan Brent

Victoria University of Wellington


Chair: Ubiratã Tortato (PUC-PR - Brazil)


13:30 to 14:30

Lunch and Closing Ceremony

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