Welcome Speech


Anton Basson

Joubert van Eeden

Imke de Koch

University of Stellenbosch


Biagio Fernando Giannetti

Paulista University-UNIP and Founder of ACPN


Opening Conference


Mark Swilling

Stellenbosch University


Plenary Presentation


Massimiliano Mazzanti

University of Ferrara



Ubiratã Tortato

Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná




Jana Breedt

Stellenbosch University


Thinus Booysen

Stellenbosch University

Oral Presentations

Special Mentioned Papers


Rodrigo Salvador

Unveiling Opportunities for Local Circular Bioeconomy Systems Using an Open Innovation Approach


Henrique Caetano

Power Distribution Maintenance Operations and Carbon-Neutral Operation


Henrique Soares

Contribution of family farming practices to a social FEW Nexus from the perspective of Actor-Network Theory (ANT)


Tiziano DiStefano

SDGs and material footprint: the challenges of a full circular economy in EU


Ana Maria Cáceres Ruiz

Towards a Cleaner Agricultural Production through Sustainable Plastic Mulching Substitutes: The Case for Kenya


Joel Alves

Industry 4.0 Technologies in Effluent Management: Advancements and Opportunities


Claudio Castiglione

A systematic review of the barriers and drivers of implementing Industrial Symbiosis



Marcell Maceno

Photovoltaic Solar Panels End-Of-Life: A Comparative LCA For a Gate-To-Grade Approach



Mario Canever

Methodological Proposition to the Broiler Farmers Payment Considering Local Socioenvironmental Services Perspective



Artur Saraiva

Strategies for Carbon Footprint Reduction of Wine Production

Technical Report 11th

Technical Report

Proceedings 11th

Proceedings Book



Special Session


Clare Brown

Journal Manager of Frontiers in Sustainable Cities



Workshop for Collaborative Projects


Nayeli Naidee Majia Rivera

Mario Canever

Bankole Awuzie

Gengyuan Liu


Closing Conference


Alan Brent

Victoria University of Wellington




Oral Presentations

Special Mentioned Papers


Brendan Pretorius

Simulating The Driving and Charging of Electric Minibus Taxis: A Case Study for Stellenbosch


Mirella Almeida

The Evaluation of Centrifuged Water Treatment Plant Sludge Without Thermal Treatment as an Adsorbent for the Removal of Nutrients and other Physicochemical Elements from Wastewater


Mabitsela Mosima

Towards a Cleaner Production of an Underutilised Legume, Bambara groundnut


Nokuthula Nchabeleng

Pb(II) Adsorption Utilizing Untreated Mining Influenced Water (MIW) Sludge


Vanessa Rezende

Emergy-based sustainability assessment of beef cow-calf operation system


Tamara Fonseca

Life in Plastic is not Fantastic: Preliminary Results of a Review on the Solutions for Marine Plastic Pollution


Roberta Palmieri

Hyperspectral Imaging for Sustainable Space Debris Recycling


Benjamin Gazeau

From Ghost Gears to Green Solutions: Innovating Against Plastic Fishing Gear Loss


Claudia Viegas

Can smaller be more sustainable? Comparative outcomes of Brazilian medicines reverse logistic systems based on a local benchmarking


Kate Ringvall

There’s Plastic and then there’s Bioplastic: Seeking Alternatives to Petroleum-Based Plastic in Food Packaging through a Circular Economy Lens

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