1st International Workshop | Advances in Cleaner Production
Trabajos Presentados

"Additional Step in PET Recyling to Enhance Properties" - Presentador: Sandro Donnini Mancini (UNESP) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Adequacy to environmental law and to economic production: a study of Missal municipality (PR) - 2005-2007" - Presentador: Loana Bergamo dos Santos (UTFPR) [abstract] [resumen ext.][presentación]

"Advantages of Cleaner Production Implementation" - Presentador: Geraldo Oliveira Neto (UNIP) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Air Pollution Emissions Trade of State of São Paulo" - Presentador: Fabricio Dorado Soler (Pedro Pinheiro Advogados) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Alternative Fuels and Cogeneration for Reducing CO2 Emissions" - Presentador: José Antonio Perrella Balestieri (UNESP) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Analysis of the Influence of Evaporation Temperature and Condensation Pressure, at the Coefficient of Effectiveness of an Absorption Cycle Designed to Produce Ideals Conditions to Store Fishes Using as a Hot Source the Heat from Burned Biomass" - Presentador: Carvalho. Paulo Sergio G. (UNIP) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Application of the Methodology of Cleaner Production in the pré-Printing and Printing Phase in the Graphical Industry in the State of the Rio de Janeiro - Brazil" - Presentador: Fátima de Paiva Canesin (UFF) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Are Sustainability Management Systems (SMS) really promising?" - Presentador: Javier Esquer-Peralta (University of Sonora - Mexico) [abstract][resumen ext.][presentación]

"Assessment of the Environmental Sustainability of a Coffee Farm" - Presentador: Ogura, Y. (UNIP) [abstract][resumen ext.][presentación]

B - C

"Biopaper obtained from microorganisms" - Presentador: Pierrre Basmaji (Inovatecs) [abstract] [resumen ext.]

"Bottle-to Bottle PET recycling" - Presentador: Alexandre Formigoni Formigoni (UNESP) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"BSH and 20 years of Montreal Protocol" - Presentador: Ivana Ribeiro (BSH Continental) [abstract] [resumen ext.]

"Challenges in the integrated management of health and the environment: the case of a university campus" - Presentador: Miranda, Zoraide Amarante I. (SENAC) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Cleaner Production and Ergonomics: a case of waste minimization and improvement of work conditions" - Presentador: Eduardo Concepción Batiz (SOCIESC) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Cleaner Production Application in a Wood Industry in Amazon State" - Presentador: Bianca G. Pereira (INPA) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Cleaner Production in Construction Sector" - Presentador: Liana Sampaio Goron (PPGEM) [abstract] [resumen ext.]

"Cleaner Production on Bakeries: Perspectives and Oportunities" - Presentador: Erly M. M. A. Nóbrega (CEPIS) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Cleaner Production Program in the cut sector of a textile industry" - Presentador: Flávia F. Rubino (UFF) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Cleaner Production: the report of an experience" - Presentador: Clementino, F. C. F (SEBRAE) [abstract] [resumen ext.]

"Continuous Improvement of Processes on the Electronic Sector: obtaining Environmental Indicators using Software" - Presentador: Maria Lúcia Pereira da Silva (USP & FATEC) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

D - E

"Decrease Environmental Impact in Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Process" - Presentador: Givaildo Alencar Costa (Tecnel Eletrônica) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Detailed Evaluation of Cleaner Production in a Red Ceramic Industry in the State of Paraíba" - Presentador: Erly Maria Medeiros de Araujo Nóbrega (CEPIS) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Determining CO2 emissions and storages in a commercial bamboo plantation" - Presentador: Luiz Ghelmandi Netto (UNIP) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Development of Pro Active Sustainable Positions in Activities of Ambient Management in Busca of the Profitability. Application and Development of the Concept of Cleaner Production in Company of Casting in the Rio Grande Do Sul." - Presentador: Marcelo Carlotto Nehme (UCS) [abstract] [resumen ext.]

"Diagnosis of the Cleaner Production in Amazonas State" - Presentador: Bianca G. Pereira (INPA) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Disrupting the Business of Producing Automobiles: Technologies for Cleaner Production" - Presentador: Clovis Zapata (ESRC BRASS Centre - Cardiff University & University of California - UK) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Dissemination of Cleaner Production Tool In the Brazilian Public Universities" - Presentador: Flávia pinheiro Faria (UFRJ) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Eco Industrial Park Development in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Paracambi EIP" - Presentador: Lilian Bechara Elabras Veiga (UFRJ) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Ecodesign and Cleaner Production: Production Inovation at the Furniture Sector" - Presentador: Marzely Gorges Farias (UDESC) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Ecodesign in productive chain of sugar cane: cooperative mobilizations" - Presentador: Ieda Kanashiro Makiya (UNIP) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Ecodesign Methods focused on Remanufacturing" - Presentador: Evelyn T. Zanette (USP) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Ecological Construction a Model for the Sustainable Development" - Presentador: Rodrigo Cézar Kanning (UTFPR) [abstract] [resumen ext.]

"Environmental accounting: the change of zinc plating for organometallic coatings to enhance performance and to minimize emissions" - Presentador: J. F. Faro (UNIP) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Environmental efficiency as generating factor to enhance productivity - Presentation of the results obtained in a ceramic industry from Ceará State" - Presentador: Rossana B. Silveira (SENAI-CETAE) [abstract] [resumen ext.]

"Environmental Impacts Assessment of Biodiesel Production from Soybean in Brazil" - Presentador: Otávio Cavalett (UNICAMP) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Environmental labelling - a study on NR's" - Presentador: Maria Fernanda Preussler (UNISC) [abstract] [resumen ext.]

"Environmental Management Promotion through Collaborative Activities: the Project Quatro+ Experience" - Presentador: Carina Henkels (FURB) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Environmental Performance Evaluation as a Tool for Environmental Management" - Presentador: Marcelo Montaño (COC) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Environmental sustainability in small enterprises: interactive implementation of cleaner production. Study in an automotive section company" - Presentador: Marlúcio de S. Borges (UNICAMP) [abstract] [resumen ext.]

"Evaluate the Quality of the Nickel Sulfate Obtained from a wastes of Hydrogenation of Vegetable Oils" - Presentador: Fatima de J. Bassetti (UTFPR) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Evaluation of Aerobic Biodegradation from Polymers Poli(3-hidroxybutirate) and Synthetic Based on Additives by Action of Activated Sludge" - Presentador: Fernanda S. M. de Souza (UTFPR) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Evaluation of the Environmental Management System at Industry of Leather" - Presentador: Charles Schimuneck (UNISC) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Experience of Recycled Paper Use in Certification Exams: on the Impacts of Convincing Suppliers to Improve Environmental Management" - Presentador: Luiz Roberto Calado (Rheinischen Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität - Germany) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

F - Q

"Financial analysis of the substitution of the electric shower for the heater under the optics of the final user" - Presentador: Silva, C.C. (UNIP) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Firewood Consume Reduction Trough Cleaner Production: A Red Ceramic case" - Presentador: Erly M. M. A. Nóbrega (CEPIS) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Improving Product's Environmental Performance by Integrating Ecodesign Methods into a Reference Model for Product Development Process" - Presentador: Daniela C. A. Pigosso (USP) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Indicator of Environmental Development as auxiliar instrument of controlling in the program of Clean Production of the Painting Sector in a company of the wood furniture local productive arrangement" - Presentador: Marzely Gorges Farias (UDESC) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Industrial Ecology in the Environmental Public Policies Context" - Presentador: Alcir Vilela Junior (SENAC) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Industrial Ecology, Production and Environment: a discussion about interconnectivity of production" - Presentador: Alessandro Sanches Pereira (UNICAMP) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Industrial Ecology: are there companies without symbiosis possibility?" - Presentador: Valéria Madeira (UNICAMP) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Inertialising Thermal Reactor" - Presentador: Rojas Veloso, Emilio Arturo (Super Zinco) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Instruments for environmental management in Espírito Santo do Pinhal, SP" - Presentador: Amires Antenesca Fusco da Silva (Geosystec) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Management of Aspects and Environmental Impacts in the Production and Transport of Chemical Products: Study of Case" - Presentador: Sara Regina Allebrandt (UNISC) [abstract] [resumen ext.]

"Organizational Experience Report on the Industry Butzke" - Presentador: Marina Otte (FURB) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Performance Assessment of a UASB Reactor of an Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant" - Presentador: B. I. Silveira (UFPA) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Perspectives of the Treatment of Swines Manures Using Bio Digestion in Carbon Market" - Presentador: Fernando Mario Rodrigues Marques (BSP) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Practice and Procedures in Agroecology" - Presentador: Leitão, M. R. F. A, (UFRPE) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Product Ecodesign model based on Life Cycle Assessment" - Presentador: Jurgis Staniskis (Kaunas University of Technology - Lithuania) [abstract] [resumen ext.]

"Quantitative and Qualitative analysis in a Study-Case for the use of agricultural and animal waste, production of sugar and alcohol, generating electricity in Araçatuba - São Paulo" - Presentador: Silva, C.C (USP) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

R - W

"Reasons for introducing Ecodesign: a case study in the automotive industry" - Presentador: Miriam Borchardt (UNISINOS) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Simulation of the Use of the Methodology of Cleaner Production for the Minimization of the Emission of Organic Volatile Products in the Printing Sector of a Graphical Industry" - Presentador: Maria Bernadete Pinto dos Santos (UFF) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Sludge Composting" - Presentador: Hidejal Santos (Rhodia) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Stakeholder Management and Organizational Sustainability Process: A Brazilian Case Study from Forestry Sector" - Presentador: Mariana Galvão Lyra (FGV) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Study of Case of Systems of Treatment of Effluent Domestic servants with the Use of Ambient Index" - Presentador: Silva, C.C (USP) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Study on Hídrica Economy in a based University Campus in the principles of Reduction in the Source" - Presentador: Rômulo Rondinelli Mendes Freitas (Uniminas) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Study on the Implementation of Cleaner Production in a Company of Sector of Reinforced Plastic with Fiberglass" - Presentador: Gabriel Sperandio Milan (UCS) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Sustainability Assessment of Ethanol Production from Sugarcane" - Presentador: Consuelo L. F. Pereira (UNICAMP) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Sustainability in the Bioenergy Industry" - Presentador: Lopes, José Rafael Nascimento (SENAI) [abstract] [resumen ext.]

"Sustainability tools using as support to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) elaboration" - Presentador: Cláudia Viviane Viegas (UFSC) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Sustainable Development and Utilization of coal-fired power plant residues" - Presentador: Juliana C. Izidoro (IPEN) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Sustainable Development Under the Optics of the Vectors of the Sustainability: Case Study in an Company of Perfumery and Cosmetics" - Presentador: Marcos Macri Oliveira (UFPB) [abstract] [resumen ext.]

"Sustainable Logistic: An Amplified Concept in behalf of Sustainable Development" - Presentador: Eliane Martinez Mota Fukunaga (SENAC) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"System BACON" - Presentador: Jorge Galgaro (Rhodia) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"The Development of Cleaner Production Actions Through an International Agreement Sealed Between Brazil And Switzerland" - Presentador: João Batista de Freitas (UFPB) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"The Environmental Accounting in the Methodology of Ecodesign: Using Emergy as a Quantitative Measure of the Evaluation of Environmental Stress. The Case of the PET Packages." - Presentador: Antônio José Monteiro Rodrigues (UNIP) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"The Environmental and the Productive Process, the Worried About the Energy Managemant and the Productives Resources in São Paulo Organizations" - Presentador: Cristiane Jaciara Furlaneto (IMES) [abstract] [resumen ext.]

"The Function of the University and the Cleaner Production as generating of innovation in Local Productive Arrangement - Furniture Sector" - Presentador: Marzely Gorges Farias (UDESC) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"The Implementation of a Cleaner Production Program in a ISO 14001 certified Steelmaking Company" - Presentador: Lisiane Kleinkauf da Rocha (UNISINOS) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"The Industry and Environment" - Maria da Graça Saraiva Nogueira (UFPel) [abstract] [resumen ext.]

"The Influence of Human Labor on the Environmental Sustainability of the Commercial Cultivation of Bamboo" - Presentador: Rodrigo Luiz Guarnetti (UNIP) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"The International Impacts of Environmental Requirements of the European Union on the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Sector" - Presentador: Stela Luiza de Mattos Ansanelli (UFRRJ) [abstract] [resumen ext.]

"The System for Cleaner Production Innovations Development and Implementation in Industry (APINI - SPIN)" - Presentador: Jurgis Staniskis (Kaunas University of Technology - Lithuania) [abstract] [resumen ext.]

"The valuation of auto-sustain of the company through G.A.I.A Tool" - Presentador: Maria Fernanda Preussler (UNISC) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"The Water Reuse at the context of the Industrial Ecology" - Presentador: Fabíola Maria Gonçalves Ribeiro (UNICAMP) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Urbanistic-Environmental Regularization of Anthropic Occupation in Water Source Protection Area of the Billings dam: A Public Policy Proposal" - Presentador: Luiz C. Ribas (UNESP) [abstract] [resumen ext.] [presentación]

"Waste Zero - 3R" - Presentador: José Faria Moraes (Rhodia) [abstract] [resumenext.] [presentación]

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